Boyd Black: Everything To Know About Top Gun Actress Kelly McGillis’ First Husband

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Boyd Black: Everything To Know About Top Gun Actress Kelly McGillis’ First Husband
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Boyd Black is famous as the first husband of Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis. His ex-wife Kelly is mostly recognized for playing Rachel Rapp in the 1985 movie Witness from which she even got nominations for Golden Globe Awards and BAFTA Awards.

Aside from being the first husband of McGillis, there is null information on the media portals regarding Boyd Black. However, being associated with an American actress, many people are curious to know who Boyd Black is.

Well, in this article, we will try our best to explore some unknown details about Kelly McGillis’ first husband, Boyd Black. Here, we go.

Boyd Black Age And Early Life

As said earlier, Boyd came into the limelight just by being the ex-husband of Top Gun star Kelly McGillis. Apart from that, no information regarding Black’s personal life is revealed yet, neither his age nor his early life.

On the other side, his ex-wife Kelly was born on July 9, 1957, in Newport Beach, California, the United States. In 2022, she is 65 years of age. If Kelly’s age is taken into consideration to assume Boyd’s age, he is probably in his 60s.

Boyd Black Was A Julliard Student: He Met His Future Wife At Julliard

In the late 70s, Boyd was studying at The Julliard School, a music school in New York, US. Well, it was there he met his future wife.

At the time, his future wife, Kelly had joined Julliard to study acting after dropping out of high school in 1975. Boyd’s now ex-wife had entered the acting school in 1979 and the same year they met each other and decided to get hitched.

Boyd Black Had A Short-Lived Marriage With His Wife Kelly McGillis

On April 14, 1979, Boyd walked down the aisle with the Julliard fresher Kelly. But, unfortunately, their marriage lasted for only one and a half years. The couple separated amicably in the year 1981.

Boyd Black Ex-Wife is an actress
Boyd Black Ex-Wife, a Top Gun actress

Apart from this, no other thing regarding their married life is revealed. However, the main reason for their short-lived marriage can be assumed to be Kelly’s real sexual identity, about which she opened up much later.

Why Did Kelly Marry Her First Husband Boyd Black?

Actually, Kelly always wanted to do acting and she was absolutely rebellious due to which she was kicked out by her parents when she was just 17 years old. About her rebellious nature, she once said,

“I thought I should be 18 and have all the privileges of 18 when I was 13. I was just out of control.”

After her parents threw her from their house, she moved to New York and enrolled at Julliard where she met Boyd Black. The same year, she tied the knot with him. As per the reports, the also reason she tied the knot was to win back her parent’s approval.

Boyd Black’s Ex-Wife Kelly Was Attacked Following Their Divorce

After getting separated from her husband Boyd, she started dating a woman in 1981. The two moved into an apartment in New York and started living in a live-in relationship. In the meantime, two men broke into their apartment and raped her. In this regard, she told People

“They kept switching and telling me they were going to beat me until I was dead, “At that point I thought I would die, and I had resigned myself.”

Prior to that, Boyd’s ex-spouse was gang-raped when she was just 12.

His Ex-Wife, Kelly Married Two Other People Later In Life 

As already known, Boyd is Kelly’s first husband. After dismissing the marriage with Black, she went through many ups and downs in her life. And eventually, she landed on marrying a Newport Yacht broker Fred Tillman in 1989. The couple, Kelly and Fred were together for almost 13 years and after that, the duo separated.

Boyd Black's Ex-wife married 3 times
Boyd Black’s Ex-wife Kelly McGillis with her 2nd husband Fred Tillman

In the year 2009, when Kelly publically revealed her being a lesbian, she then openly dated a woman named Melanie Leis. The two got married on September 15, 2010, but their marriage also didn’t last long. By 2013, Boyd’s ex-partner Kelly resolved her third marriage.

Does Boyd Black Have Children?

Boyd was married to his ex-wife for just a shorter period. So, Black didn’t become a father from his marriage with McGillis. We can assume that, after his marriage ended with McGillis, he probably got married again and have children. However, we cannot confirm anything since there are no reports about his whereabouts since his split.

On the other side, Black’s ex-partner Kelly McGillis is a mother of two. From her marriage with her second husband Fred Tillman, she gave birth to two beautiful daughters named Kesley Tillman and Sonora Tillman.

Career: What Does Boyd Black Do For A Living? 

At present, what exactly Witness actress McGillis’ husband does is not known. However, considering, Black was in Julliard school, it is obvious that he took forward his career in an artistic field. Though he never made a public appearance.

Besides, some media portals also stated him being a writer and whereas others claim him to be an actor. Whatever his exact profession is, until and unless Boyd himself comes out in the media and talks about it, it’s safe to assume that he is an artist, after all, he was a Julliard’s fellow student.

Boyd’s Ethnicity And Nationality

If his surname is put into account, Boyd is either of English, Scottish, Irish or French origin. As he was in New York, it’s possible that he was born and grew up in America and is  American as per his nationality.

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