Claude Akins’ Wife Therese Fairfield Is Also Dead

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Therese Fairfield was the wife of the late American character actor, Claude Aubrey Akins. Claude spent more than four decades in Hollywood and was a shining star in the television industry. Though, being the life partner of such a famous personality, the life of Therese has always been a matter of secret for all, especially after the passing away of her husband.

Here, we will get into the life of the well-known actor’s wife along with the relationship between them. Where is Therese Fairfield today? Is she alive?

Therese Fairfield: The Wife of Late Actor Claude Akins

Fairfield was born on 20 June 1929 in Indiana, USA. She was born a fourth child of her mother, Margaret Francis Noonan Fairfield, and father, Leonard Francis Fairfield.

Claude Akins' wife was born in Indiana
Actor Akins’ wife, Fairfield is a resident of Indiana. Source: Alamy

Therese’s dad was born in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, and passed away in 1962 at the age of 69. Similarly, her mom was from Ireland and passed away in 1988 at the age of 91. We do not have much clue about what her parents were into but the two might surely have given her a good life.

She Grew Up With Four Siblings

Along with Therese, her parents gave birth to four other children. They had three children ahead of Therese. Their first child, son Jeffry Leonard Fairfield was born in 1921 and passed away in 2005. Following him, their first daughter, Dorothea Ann Fairfield was born in 1926 and died in 2010. Soon in 1927, they welcomed their third child, Gerard A. Fairfield who passed away in 2017.

The youngest one born after Therese was Eugene L. Fairfield. He was birth in 1932 and passed away three years ago in 2020.

When Did Fairfield and Akins Marry?

Therese met the love of her life Claude when she was in her early 20s. The actor was then starting his career in Hollywood following which he gained immense success.

After knowing each other for quite a time, the duo decided to get married on August 30th, 1952. They had a very soothing marriage life and were very supportive of each other.

They Share Three Children

Therese gave birth to three children with her husband. They have a son, Claude Marion Akins Jr., and two daughters Michele Akins, and Wendy Akins. The life details about their children are quite private but we know that their daughter Michele Akins passed away on July 21, 2021.

Therese and Claude gave birth to three children.
Daughter of Fairfield and actor Akins, Michele is no longer alive. Source: Kern River Family Mortuary

Wendy at present works as a special Project Coordinator for Financial News in LA and is married to Jonathan D. Doniger. On the other hand, Akins Jr. looks after The Claude Akins Memorial Golf Classic. This organization provides monetary support for the Akins Scholarship and the Bedford Recreation Foundation Scholarship.

What Did Therese Fairfield Do For A Living?

Being married to a very successful artist, the professional life of Therese has always been under the shed. Talking about her occupation, Fairfield worked as a registered nurse. The details about her education are not yet but she surely might have received all of it in the States itself.

Therese made a pretty good income from her occupational life which was well enough for her to maintain a good life.

Fairfield’s Husband Started Acting since He Was 27

In contrast to Fairfield, her husband was in another field of work before entering into acting. He initially started working in the US Signal Army during World War 2. After that, Claude tried trying his luck in the glamorous television industry which was a huge success.

Claude Akins's wife Therese was a nurse.
Claude had a very successful acting career.

Akins’ first movie, From Here to Eternity released in 1953 and received much positive acclaimation. He is best known for his role as Sherrif Lobo in the 1979-1981 television series B.J. and the Bears and The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo. Claude continuously thrived for more than 40 years in the industry.

Therese Fairfield Lost Her Life Partner of 42 years in 1994

On January 27, 1994, Claude Akins passed away in Pasadena California at the age of 67 due to cancer. The couple was moving towards the 43rd year of their marriage which unfortunately ended then.

The actor was cremated in the presence of his other half, children, and other well-wishers. Akins’ ashes were returned to Altadena

Actor Akins Had His Stomach Removed Before He Died

Aubrey lost his life to stomach cancer which was initially treated by the doctors. Soon after being diagnosed with cancer, he underwent surgery that removed half of his intestine. The operation was a huge success as it removed 100% of cancer following which he spent most of his time in the ICU of Huntington Memorial Hospital.

Claude Akins suffered from Stomach cancer and had to remove half of his stomach.
Actor Claude died at the age of 67.

After a good sign of improvement, a sudden blockage was formed in his stomach which needed yet another operation to be opened. Sadly, Claude’s body could not bear yet another extensive surgery due to which he passed away.

Fairfield Lived A Quiet Life in California After Her Spouse’s Death

Therese was 65 years old when she lost her life partner. She never longed for another romantic relationship and spent the rest of her life in peace in Los Angeles County, California.

All her children were settled down and living their own respective lives till then.

Therese Fairfield Is No Longer Alive

Spending the last years of her life, Therese passed away on 12th June 2006 in her residence at Beverly Hills. The reason behind her death is unknown but she was already 77 years old at the time.

At present, two of the Akins’ children, Marion and Wendy are alive and handling the legacy their parents built all their lives.