Who Is Julian Ozanne? All About Gillian Anderson’s Ex-Husband

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Who Is Julian Ozanne? All About Gillian Anderson’s Ex-Husband
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Julian Ozanne is a former correspondent, documentary maker, and film producer. Ozanne is also famous as the ex-husband of the X-Files actress Gillian Anderson.

Ozanne and Gillian were together for a little more than a couple of years. While Anderson is now with her new boyfriend, it is somewhat unclear what has happened to Ozanne since his separation from the Sex Education actress. Know that in addition to all about his early life, his relationships, and others in the article ahead.

Julian Ozanne Is From Kenya; His Early Life and Family Details

Julian, fully, Julian V Ozanne was born on November 30, 1965, in Kenya. As of 2024, the former celebrity husband is 58 years old. His mother’s name was Patricia Ozanne. However, other details about his family background aren’t available much in the media.

He spent most of his childhood in the palace of King Moshoeshoe II of Lesotho. Ozanne later moved to London to study at the London School of Economics. He graduated in the year 1986.

Julian Ozanne Has An Impressive Work Resume

After college, Ozanne started covering war zones for the London Financial Times. He worked with the company for nine years.

Between 1987 and 1997, he served as a foreign correspondent with the ‘Financial Times,’ where he held pivotal roles as the Middle East correspondent and Africa bureau chief.

Gillian Anderson with her former husband Julian Ozanne
Julian Ozanne with his former wife, Gillian Anderson. Getty

Additionally, Julian worked with several British news agencies. From 1994 to 1999, Julian simultaneously lent his expertise as an advisor to various US and European investment banks, focusing predominantly on business and political risks within the African market.

In addition to journalism, his career included roles at the ‘World Economic Forum’ and ‘S.G. Warburg Group Plc,’ a prominent London-based investment bank. Ozanne’s repertoire also extends to service for a ‘Democrat’ congressman in Washington.

Further, Ozanne was a photojournalist during his relationship with Anderson.

He Is Also An Activist

Julian has also assumed the role of spokesperson for the ‘Zimbabwe Benefit Foundation,’ a UK-based charitable organization that helps in ameliorating the lives of impoverished Zimbabweans. His efforts contribute to empowering vulnerable communities within the nation.

Currently, Julian holds the positions of Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at ‘New Forests Company Holdings Limited.’ Anderson’s former husband leverages his extensive experience in Africa to navigate its political and geographical landscape.

His initiatives include transforming a barren region in central Uganda by planting over 14 million pine and eucalyptus trees, creating employment for more than 1,400 individuals.

Ex documentary filmmaker Ozanne with Anderson
Ozanne and his former partner Gillian Anderson. Shutter Stock

In the cinema career, Julian’s journey extends to his involvement with the production company ‘Bedford Square’ and directorial pursuits. He is known for the 2000 documentary ‘Giorgio Armani: A Man for All Seasons.’ In the same year, he produced the documentary ‘This is Not an Exit: The Fictional World of Bret Easton.’ Further works include the Netherlands with the 2002 documentary ‘Here to Where.’

Julian Ozanne And Gillian Anderson’s Marriage; The Two Met In The Early 2000s

Julian and Anderson met in 2002 at a dinner party of a mutual friend. The former was sitting next to the X-Files actress. After that, the two would see each other around London.

Julian Ozanne with actress Gillian Anderson
Ozanne and Anderson were together from 2004 to 2006. Splash

Talking about their wedding, Ozanne and Gillian got married in December 2004. Their wedding took place on Shella Island off the coast of Kenya. In fact, Anderson’s daughter Piper who was 10 years old at the time, served as her bridesmaid.

Afterwards, they started living in Notting Hill.

They Divorced in 2006

Gillian and Ozanne’s union ended in April 2006, the year they began their divorce proceedings. The couple never revealed the reason but did make a public statement about their separation stating that they were separating and that they were sad.

“Gillian Anderson and her husband Julian Ozanne are saddened to announce that their marriage is at an end and they are in the process of separating,” said their lawyer.

“At this difficult time they request that their privacy is respected. There will be no further comment,” their solicitor added.

Did Julian and His Ex-Wife Anderson Have Any Children?

When together, the two didn’t produce any children. Gillian, however, suffered two miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. The actress though already had a daughter from her first marriage to Clyde Klotz. She also has two sons with her other ex-partner, Mark Griffiths, a businessman.

Who Is Ozanne Dating Now; Is He Married?

His love life after his divorce from Anderson has been somewhat of a mystery. The media has hardly talked about Gillian’s former husband. However, three years after his divorce from Anderson, Ozanne reportedly started seeing an interior designer Kelly Hoppen though it is unclear in the present if the two are still together.

While some sources said they were pretty close together, neither Hoppen nor Ozanne publicly addressed the rumors.

Further, it is also unclear whether Ozanne is married and has a wife or not.

On the other hand, after separating from Ozanne, his former wife Anderson started a relationship with Mark Griffiths with whom she would have two kids, as mentioned above. The actress next went on to date The Crown actor, Peter Morgan. The relationship, however, ended in Dec 2020.

Just for your information, Ozanne is also a good friend of an American writer Carter Coleman.

Net Worth

Julian has a net worth of $2 million in 2024. He has racked his wealth up from his multiple works. On the other hand, Ozanne’s former wife Gillian’s fortune is $40 million.


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