Debi Segura, Lou Dobbs Wife; What does she do?

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Debi Segura is popularly known as the wife of the famous American political commentator, Lou Dobbs. They have been married for over four decades. Despite being married for a long time, Segura and Dobbs still share a wonderful bond just like any new couple. The pair has a total of 4 children and live a happy life altogether!

So, who is Debi? Is she just a celebrity spouse or much more than that? Well, her life definitely has more stories to tell besides her love story with Lou Dobbs. Where does she come from? Was she also a TV personality like her hubby? And, is it true that Segura was arrested? Sit tight, because we have the answers to all these questions!

Therefore, to know more about Mr. Dobbs’ lovely wife, Debi Segura, read the article below. Where is she these days?

Early Life Of Debi; What Is Her Background?

Debi Segura’s birth name is, Debi Lee Roth-Segura. She was born on 29th September 1953. As of 2022, she is 69 years old – soon to be 70 in 2023. Talking about her parents, Segura is the daughter of Henry “Hank” Segura and Lee “Flores” Segura.

As per the sources, her dad Hank retired as a building inspector in NYC, along with being a cabinetmaker, having experience in all types of construction work. Similarly, her mother is believed to be a homemaker. Unfortunately, Debi’s dad is no more – he passed away on 12th June 2008 after a long-suffering.

Lou Dobbs' wife is a former journalist
A young picture of Dobbs’ wife, Segura.

Her mom and dad raised a total of four children, including Debi Lee in their home in Lake Oswego and McMinnville. Moreover, Debi grew up in a very lovely home with three brothers. Bill Segura, Tim Segura, and Elan James Segura are her siblings.

Lee’s family comes from Mexico. Sources believe that her family has lived there for ages, and hence Debi’s roots lie there. Therefore, she is of Mexican-American background.

Full Summary On Debi Lee

Full Name Debi Lee Segura 
Date of Birth 29th September 1953 
Age 69 years old 
Father Henry “Hank” Segura 
Mother Lee “Flores” Segura 
Siblings Bill Segura, Tim Segura, and Elan James Segura 
Background Mexican-American 
Husband Lou Dobbs 
Children Hillary Dobbs, Heather Dobbs, Chance Dobbs, and Jason Dobbs 
Occupation Former Sports Anchor for CNN 

Debi Lee Is A Former Sports Anchor; Details On Her Short-Lived Career

Before being known as the wife of Lou Dobbs, Debi Lee worked as a talented sports anchor for CNN. Although uncertain, we believe that she left this job to take good care of her family. Unfortunately, this is also the only known detail about her professional life – she is very secretive about herself.

Thus, intimate details like when was she recruited by CNN or when did she leave her job are very hard to dig up. Even more so, we have no idea what she was up to before joining this prestigious news channel. Regardless of everything, we believe that Debi Segura was an extremely accomplished sports enthusiast.

All You Need To Know About Her Husband, Lou Dobbs; What Made Him Famous?

Segura’s husband, Dobbs is an all-rounding political commentator, author, and former TV host. Previously, Mr. Dobbs had his own show, Lou Dobbs Tonight which began in 2003. His show continued till 2009 and again aired from 2011 to 2021. Following this, in 2023, he has been the host of The Great America Show on iHeart Radio.

Dobbs - famous US political commentator
Debi Lee’s husband, Lou – he is a famous political TV personality

Just like his partner, Dobbs worked at CNN. In 1980, he was a reporter as well as the network vice president for the channel. In addition, Lou even served as the host and managing director for the network’s business program, Monelyline – it was later renamed, Lou Dobbs Tonight in 2003. Moreover, Lou had an on/off relationship with CNN. He resigned from the network in 1999 but rejoined in 2001. This was later followed by his total resignation from the network in 2009.

Despite his successful career in TV, Lou is known for his controversial political views. He is the believer and promoter of Birtherism, which states that the former US President, Barack Obama is not a citizen of the country by birth. Not only this, but Dobbs also has anti-immigration views and is a great supporter of Trump.

Debi Segura and Lou Dobbs Relationship; Are They Still Together?

The couple has been married for over 40 years. Although we do not know the exact date of their marriage, it is believed that the couple married somewhere in 1982. Furthermore, sources suggest that Lou came across Debi Lee while working at CNN – although this is still uncertain.

Dobbs and Segura are together for 41 years
Mr. and Mrs. Dobbs pictured together during an event.

What is the age gap between Debi and her spouse?

Around the time of their marriage, news of how Debi was much younger than Lou spread across. That’s right, this husband-wife duo has a huge gap between them. In 2023, Dobbs is 77 years old, while his partner is just 69. Thus, the pair has a gap of 8 years between them.

However, the age gap has never interfered with their marriage and relationship. Despite a huge age gap, Lou and Mrs. Dobbs share a wonderful, loving bond with each other.

Debi Is Lou’s second wife; Who is his ex-wife?

Debi is not Lou’s first spouse. In fact, the political commentator was married once before marrying the love of his life. Previously, Dobbs was married to his high school sweetheart, Kathy Wheeler. The ex-pair was married from 1967 to 1981. The reason for their separation is not yet known. But, it did seem to work out for the best when Lou met Debi Lee.

The Lovely Couple Share 4 Kids Together

In the course of their four-decade-long marriage, Dobbs and Segura have been gifted with four children. In fact, the pair raised two sons and two daughters together. Hillary Dobbs, Heather Dobbs, Chance Dobbs, and Jason Dobbs are Debi Lee’s children.

Besides, from his first marriage, Lou became the dad of two kids – Buffle Dobbs and Michelle Dobbs. Who gained custody of the kids after their divorce is still a mystery.

Was Debi Dobbs Actually Arrested? What Was The Reason?

In 2003, Debi was arrested. So, what was the reason?

Apparently, Debi was unknowingly carrying a gun in her handbag when she was headed to Newark Airport to catch a flight to Florida. During a security search, she was found in possession of an unlicensed, fully loaded, 25-caliber, semi-automatic pistol. She was stopped by a baggage screener, along with her two daughters. Her little girls were asked to board their flight, while their mom was fingerprinted and photographed by port authority cops.

Soon enough, Lee Segura was released without bail after being charged with the criminal possession of a weapon. She was lucky enough to receive no punishment since a felony of such carries a maximum prison sentence of 5 years. Looks like, being the wife of a famous US TV personality really paid off!

When Dobbs was asked about his wife’s arrest, he explained that she needed the gun for her own safety.

Where Is Debi Lee Today? Her Life In The Present Day

In 2023, Debi Lee Segura Dobb lives a lavishly fantastic life with her darling hubby, Lou.  The couple together shares a massive net worth of $20 million dollars. They, as a pair, reside on a 300-acre horse farm in Wantage Township, New Jersey.


Who is Lou Dobbs’ Wife?

She is a political commentator.

Is Debi Segura An American?

She is of Mexican-American descent.

What Does Debi Lee do for a living?

She used to work as a sports anchor for CNN.

What is Lou Dobbs famous for?

He is a political commentator and a former TV host known for his controversial views on the American government and politics.

Are Lou Dobbs and Debi Lee Segura Still Together?

Yes, Debi Lee and her husband, Dobbs have been married for around 40 years.

Why was Debi Lee arrested in 2003?

Dobbs’ wife, Debi was arrested in 2003 for the illegal possession of a weapon. She was caught by airport security while boarding a flight to Florida.

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