Shawna Frank, Jason David Frank wife; Husband, Age

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Shawna Frank, Jason David Frank wife; Husband, Age
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Shawna Frank came to the limelight after marrying Jason David Frank – the actor from the Power Rangers TV franchise. It was almost three decades ago that the two tied the knot. However, life had other plans for this former couple and they had to separate just 7 years after their marriage.

So, who exactly is Shawna? Is she just famous because of who she was married to, or is there more to her side of the story? Well, you might not know this, but she is a very secretive person. Thus, in this article, we bring you all known facts about Jason David’s ex-wife.

Therefore, to know more about the life of the former Mrs. Frank, dig in the article below! Why did her ex-partner kill himself? And, where is Shawna these days? Let’s find out together!

Shawna Frank Life Before Meeting Ex-Husband, Jason David

As we have already mentioned, Shawna is an extremely secretive person. Details about her early life, including her former family name, her place of birth, and even her actual age are very hard to dig up. However, what we can do is make some assumptions.

We believe that the Late Mr. Frank’s former partner was born between 1973 and 1975. This means, in 2023, Shawna will be stepping into her fifties with her age around 50-52 years. Along with this, we also believe that she comes from a well-adjusted family and has received a proper education.

Unfortunately, this is all we have found so far. She is very protective of her identity. On top of this, after divorcing her famous partner, Shawna has lived a life off the radar. Thus, there is no chance of knowing who she actually was before she met Tommy Oliver – Jason David.

Shawna Frank Life Summary And Facts

Birthdatearound 1973-1975
Age50-52 years old
Famous ForThe ex-wife of actor, Jason David Frank
Ex-SpouseJason David Frank
Present SpouseNot known
ChildrenJacob Frank, Hunter Frank, Skye Frank 

Is She An Actress Like Jason David Frank? What Does The Former Mrs. Frank Do For A Living?

Similar to the details of Shawna’s early life, information on her career is also very hard to find. The ex-Mrs. Frank got hit by the spotlight after marrying the Green Power Ranger, Jason David – that is all it’s known about why and how she became famous. Thus, intimate details about her professional life, before and after the marriage, are unknown to this date.

The "Power Ranger" Star
Jason David – the Green Power Ranger

Furthermore, when she was Jason Frank’s wife, people did not have the Internet where they could talk about celebrities and their spouses. So, a lot of information on Shawna could be found in the newspapers. Sadly, after the divorce, even such information got buried under the sand.

Why Is The Late Jason David Frank So Famous?

Shawna Frank’s former partner, Jason is well-known to the people who deeply follow the TV franchise, Power Rangers. On this American live-action show, Jason played the role of Tommy Oliver – a Green Ranger. His character was one of the most beloved ones on TV.

Thus, what was just supposed to be a role active in 14 episodes of the series, later became Frank’s permanent job. Because of all the love he received from the fans, he was brought back again and again in more episodes. Even more so, he was also introduced as the White Ranger, along with being the leader of his team.

Furthermore, Jason was an important asset of the Power Rangers for almost 29 years. It was not until August 2022, that the actor announced that he retired from the show. Therefore, for almost 3 decades, his home lay with the beloved TV franchise.

In addition to being a top-class actor, Shawna’s ex-partner was a talented martial artist as well.

When Did Jason And Shawna Tie The Knot? Details On Their Short-Lived Marriage & Relationship

In the year 1994, Jason and Shawna decided to walk down the aisle and promise to spend the rest of their lives together. Although uncertain, the couple was around the age of 21-23 years at that time, hence, we believe that they were lovers during high school or college. Moreover, the pair was head over heels for one another at the very beginning of their journey.

Regretfully, they separated almost 7 years after tying the knot. In 2001, Jason and the ex-Mrs. Frank decided that they no longer matched with each other. Thus, they got officially divorced.

She Became A Mother Of 3 Kids From Her Marriage With Jason David; Who Are Her Kids?

Despite having a painful end to their marriage, Shawna was gifted with 3 great children during the course of her relationship with Jason. The former pair shared 2 sons and a daughter together. Jacob Frank and Hunter Frank are Shawna’s sons, while Skye Frank is her lovely daughter.

The late actor’s kids must have been really young when he separated from their mother. So, who got their custody? This is a mystery on its own. Based on our assumptions, it was Shawna who later looked after all 3 of her children on her own – but we could also be wrong.

Unlike Her, The Late Actor Moved On with His Life After Separation; Who Was His Second Wife?

Just 2 years after calling it quits on his first wife, Shawna, the late actor married his second wife, Tammie. They were married for 19 years before Jason Frank passed away in 2022. Together, the former couple shared a daughter named, Jenna Frank.

Actor, Jason Frank has been married twice
The late actor with his 2nd wife and daughter, Jenna

However, the Green Ranger did not quite have a smooth marriage the second time too. Sources have confirmed that Tammie had formally filed for divorce from Jason. Apparently, he was engaged in extra-marital relationships and adultery during the course of their time as a married couple.

Furthermore, Tammie herself also explained how the loss of her child from the previous marriage put a strain on her relationship with Frank as she gave birth to their daughter, Jenna. Eventually, the couple sorted this issue out and wanted to reconcile before Jason Frank ended his life.

What Was The Cause Of The Star Of Jason’s Death? Why Did He Kill Himself?

On 19th November 2022, Frank was found dead in a hotel room in Houston, Texas. He and his wife, Tammie planned to give their marriage another shot and were on a romantic getaway at that time. According to her, they talked and had an amazing time together. Sadly, when Tammie went out of the hotel room to get some snacks and returned, Jason did not open the door – he had killed himself by suicide.

Jason David was also a martial artist
The late actor, Frank – he passed away in 2022 at the age of 49

It was an extremely saddening incident that shocked millions of people worldwide. As per an interview given by Tammie, Shawna’s ex-husband had been struggling with severe mental health problems for some time. Furthermore, even she did not realize that he would take such a huge, unfortunate step that would end his life. In her own words, she said,

“I loved my husband, and we were trying to work through our problems. His death comes as much a shock to me as anyone else.”

May his soul rest in peace.

Where Is Jason Frank’s Ex-Wife, Sawna Frank In 2023?

As you can guess already, Shawna Frank lives a life buried deep, out of the media’s reach. She has always been this way; even before she was married to the Power Rangers star, Jason, during their marriage, or even after.

Thus, we do not have a definite answer to the above-mentioned question. Regardless of this, we do hope that Shawna is happy and living a healthy life with her 3 kids.


Why is Shawna Frank famous?

She is famous as the ex-partner of the famous Power Rangers’ actor, Jason.

Who is Shawna’s ex-husband?

Jason is Shawna’s ex-husband.

Is Shawna Frank an actress?

No, she is not an actress.

When did she and Jason Frank get a divorce?

In the year 2001, Jason and Shawna decided to get a divorce and officially separated.

Who did Jason David marry after divorcing Shawna?

Tammie Frank is the woman Jason David married after divorcing Shawna.

How many kids does actor, Jason have?

Late actor, Jason David has a total of 4 kids. Jacob, Hunter, and Skye Frank are his children with Shawna, and Jenna Frank is his daughter with Tammie.

Is Jason David Frank dead?

Yes, Jason David is dead. He died in 2022 by suicide after years of struggling with mental health.

Where is Shawna Frank today?

She has lived a secretive life after her divorce from Jason David.

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