Don Cheadle’s Daughter Imani Cheadle is a Script Writer

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Don Cheadle’s Daughter Imani Cheadle is a Script Writer
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Imani Cheadle is the daughter of the MCU’s War Machine actor Don Cheadle. Cheadle is one of two daughters between Don and his wife, Bridgid Coulter.

Imani doesn’t have as much of a big career as her actor father. She however has some public attention for being a celebrity kid. What’s more, Imani does have a profile of her own. Read her life with focuses on her upbringing, career, and personal life among others.

Imani Cheadle Was Born In The Mid-90s

Imani was born on October 11, 1996. Most of her early life has been shrouded in mystery. Her father hardly talked about her in the public space. Even in the present, the Hotel Rwanda actor talks as much less as possible about his daughter and his family.

However, it Is known that Cheadle was into drama clubs and participated in theater plays during high school. She additionally was a volleyball player. Cheadle graduated from high school in 2015. After high school, she attended Boston University where she graduated with a degree in Marine Sciences.

Imani Cheadle Ethnicity

Imani has various African ethnicities. From her father’s side, the young adult is of Cameroonian descent.

Imani's parents, Don Cheadle and Bridgid Coulter
Don Cheadle and his wife Bridgid Coulter. Getty

Among her African ancestry, one-third comes from the region from Senegal to Liberia, and over one-quarter comes from the Congo Angola region. The rest of Imani’s paternal ancestry comes from western Nigeria and Benin.

Imani Cheadle’s Parents Are In a Relationship for a Long Time

Imani’s parents, Don and Bridgid married after staying as partners very long time. They had been together for around three decades after first starting a relationship in 1992.

They also had two children including Imani and her sister before the union. Don announced the news of the marriage on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in July 2021.

Imani Has One Sisster

Imani has an elder sister, Ayana Tai Cheadle. She is a year older than Imani. Ayana apparently belongs to the LGBTQ community. Ayana uses the they pronoun. They came out as a trans man and changed their name to Beau Tai Cheadle. Ayana also works in filmography although mostly behind the scenes.

What Does Imani Cheadle Do?

Imani has been working as a Script Reader at The Radicle Act Productions, also her actor father’s company since 2020. She additionally works as the company’s production assistant and as an executive assistant. She was also the production assistant and set crew member for the 2021 docu-series The ME You Can’t See.

Script reader Imani Cheadle
Don Cheadle’s daughter Imani Cheadle. Instagram

Imani’s LinkedIn says she now works as Radicle’s script reader.

In addition to the script reader, Imani is also a model. While she isn’t associated with any modeling agency, Imani often does photoshoots with her close friends.

Imani Almost Babysat For Brad Pitt And Matt Damon’s Kids

Back when Imani was 12 in 2008, Don during his interview with People magazine, said he offered his Oceans co-stars, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon his daughters to babysit their kids. At the time, Pitt had just welcomed fraternal twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline with his then-wife, Angelina Jolie. Matt, too, had become a father to his daughter, Gia Zavala.

Don, at the time, said he, Pitt, and Damon were all texting back and forth, and since the latter two had just become fathers, he pitched them the idea of his daughters being some help with the baby duties. Don had also talked about his other daughter and Imani’s siblings, Ayana.

It however never came to light whether Imani and Ayana babysat the kids of two of Hollywood’s famous stars. They though very well may have had multiple rendezvous with the aforesaid celebrities’ kids and even other fellow celebrity sons and daughters.

Does Imani Cheadle Have A Boyfriend?

Imani doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend. That is quite apparent from her social media. Besides the celebrity daughter barely talks about her personal matters.

Script Reader and Don Cheadle's daughter Imani Cheadle
Don Cheadle’s daughter Imani Cheadle in April 2020. Instagram

Imani’s social media life offers a glimpse into the activities of a seemingly single woman. While her Ig resembles a vibrant storybook, brimming with adventures and smiles, the matters of her heart have always been a clandestine quest. The whatevs of her special someone is no less than a treasure hunt devoid of any hints.

Although Imani loves to share fragments of her life, she still maintains an air of mystery, keeping details under wraps and consequently leaving everyone intrigued about the enigmatic figure in her romantic tale.


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