Homestead Rescue Star Misty Raney Happily Married to Husband: Share one son

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Homestead Rescue Star Misty Raney Happily Married to Husband: Share one son
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Misty Raney (aka Misty Raney Bilodeau) is famous for her work in the series, Homestead Rescue. She appears in the series alongside her father Marty Raney and brother Matt Raney. One of the most beloved characters Misty in the show is quite excellent in agricultural and hunting skills.

Besides, the TV star is happily married to her husband and is a mother of one kid. She and her spouse divide their time in Alaska and Hawaii.

Besides her personal life, let’s take a look at the life of Misty Raney and find out about her parents, siblings, net worth, and more!

Misty ‘Raney’ Bilodeau Parents and Upbringing

Born on November 9th, 1979, in Sitka, Alaska, Misty is the beautiful daughter of Marty Raney and Mollee Raney. As for her ethnicity, she is a caucasian. Her family traces their root back to old Scotland. Talking about her nationality, the 42-year-old is American.

Misty Raney Family
Misty with her brother Matt alongside mom and dad.

Her father Marty is a master stonemason, a hunter, and a mountain guide. Aside from this, he is also an accomplished singer and has released singles.

Meanwhile, Misty’s mother Mollee doesn’t really appear in public. In fact, she has rarely made any appearances on the show, Homestead Rescue. Despite that, she is a doting mother who successfully raised four well-adjusted kids.

She has three siblings

The Raney household has in total of four children, including Misty. She has one sister and two brothers, Melanee, Miles, and Matt Raney. Of all the four, only Misty and Matt appears in the show, Homestead Rescue, alongside their dad.

While Misty helps out in smaller-scale construction projects, Matt, on the other hand, is a hunter. Both of them help out their old man and we can say they are also a pivotal part of the show.

Misty was brought up in a tough Alaskan Environment

The TV star grew up in the harsh environment of Alaska. This US state is known as the coldest state. Since her early childhood, Misty Raney saw her dad working on the farm. Her dad used to teach all of his children the art of farming and other craftsmanship. And she didn’t disappoint.

Her Multiple Works

Misty Raney is a well-versed farmer. Additionally, she is also a carpenter, a certified mountain guide as well as logistic coordinator.

Moreover, Misty is also a musician just like her father and siblings.

Misty Raney Reality Show Homestead Rescue

She is like the backbone of the team. Her responsibilities are to secure water, reinforce falling structures, and take care of natural calamities in case something happens.

Her experience also helps her to find out the real weakness of any homestead and helps to recuperate on the shortcomings.

Misty explains her work as,

“I love to swing a hammer, and to construct things from a few simple materials. It’s weird, but I do. Anything to do with building, gardening, livestock, hunting, accessing water, and more, my family thrives in helping others get a handle on their own situation. Alaska keeps us tough.”

She is also an expert in keeping food predator-proof in the wilderness of Alaska. The show documents father, son, and daughter trio help save the homes of people living in isolated or dangerous parts of the country.

Misty Raney is married to the carpenter, Maciah Bilodeau: Their Wedding

Misty is happily married to her boyfriend turned husband Maciah since 2000. The two wed in a low-key wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, there is no information as to how did they first met but we don’t want to know about that. All we care about is how their marital life is going and truth to be told, it is smooth.


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Till now, there is no news of conflict between the two of them. Even if there are conflicts, they easily sort them out. Besides, after marrying Maciah, she also took up his surname and became Misty Raney Bilodeau.

Misty and her hubby Maciah are not the only ones living in their house. They have one adorable son, Gauge Bilodeau, born on April 14th, 2011. Their boy is already helping out his mother with her work.

Misty Raney Son
Misty is a mother of one son.

Furthermore, he loves surfing and usually does it whenever he is in Hawaii

What Does Misty Raney Husband Do? Her Current Residency

Her spouse Misty is a carpenter and surfer by profession. Misty and her hubby both split their times in both Alaska and Hawaii. Generally, they move to Alaska in the summer to run their family business and they spend their winters in Hawaii.

Misty and her husband also have their own 800-square-foot cabin on their own land, near their family home in Hatcher Pass, Alaska. She and her partner build their own home from the ground up.

Besides, both of them also do teaching in their spare time. Furthermore, they help people to homestead.

How much is Misty Raney Bilodeau net worth in 2022?

As of 2022, her net worth is easily over $500,000. She earns the majority of her income while appearing in the show, Homestead Rescue.

Apart from her earning from the show, she also earns money while working at the Raney family business, Alaska Stone and Log.

Her Social Media Presence

Misty is an active social media user who has an account on both Facebook and Instagram. She has over 58.8k followers on her Insta whereas her FB profile has amassed over 25k followers as of 2022.


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