Ian Anderson’s Wife Shona Learoyd: Some Untold Facts About Her

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Ian Anderson’s Wife Shona Learoyd: Some Untold Facts About Her
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Shona Learoyd is a celebrity most famous as the wife of British musician, singer, & songwriter Ian Anderson. She gained media recognization only after she married her famous artist-husband.

From her years-long marital relationship with Ian, Shona is a mother of two kids, who have also established professionals in their respective fields. Well, as a celebrity wife, Learoyd is constantly a subject in the media.

So, in this article, we are going to explore some untold facts about her childhood, career, children, & much more.

Shona Learoyd Bio, Childhood

Well, Shona was born in the United Kingdom to British parents. Her father was a wealthy wool manufacturer, however, she has not revealed much about her mother.

As a child, Shona studied ballet for 10 years but eventually worked as a press officer at a record label named Chrysalis Records.

Shona Learoyd Is Married To Her Husband Ian Anderson

As we said earlier, Shona is most famous as the second wife of Ian Anderson. The couple married in 1976, in a private wedding ceremony with only close friends and family members attending the big day.

As of 2022, the husband and wife are married for over 46 years, and they seem to be going fairly well at present as well. But when and how did the duo first meet?

Shona Learoyd With Her Husband Ian Anderson And Kids When They Were Young
Young Shona Learoyd and Her Spouse Ian With Their Children

Well, Shona and Ian met for the first time back when Shona worked as a press officer at Jethro Tull’s record label named Chrysalis Records. Their first encounter soon turned into a love affair. They dated for over 10 years before they finally decided to tie the knot.

We wish them years of togetherness in the days to come.

Shona Learoyd Has Two Children From Her Marital Relationship

From her marriage with Ian, Shona is a mother of two kids a son named James Duncan Anderson and a daughter Gael Anderson. Like his father, James is also into music and has been playing drums since he was just 13. He even found a band named Chequered Rain, but unfortunately couldn’t achieve desired success.

Likewise, Shona’s daughter Gael works in the film industry. In fact, she is already married to the successful The Walking Dead actor, Andrew Lincoln.

Shona Has Two Children And Grandchildren
Shona’s Son In Law With Their Grandchildren

Further, Shona also has two grandchildren Matilda Clutterbuck & Arthur Clutterbuck, who are her daughter’s kids with Lincoln.

Her Spouse Ian Was Already Married Once Before Her

In case you didn’t know, Shona is not the only wife of Ian. Prior to her, he was married to his first wife Jennie Franks. She is a photographer by profession and also reportedly wrote a couple of verses of the famous Ian’s song Aqualung.

They married in 1970 but things didn’t work out between the two leading to their divorce. They reportedly divorced after four years of marriage in 1974. The former duo has not revealed the exact reason for their divorce.

Shona’s Hubby Suffered From DVT

Jethro Tull’s singer Ian reportedly had a condition named Deep Vein Thrombosis. He experienced DVT back in 2001 when he was traveling across three continents.

Jethro Tull Singer Ian Anderson
Jethro Tull Singer & Shona Learoyd’s Husband Ian Anderson

While he took medication and is doing fine at present, he has since been constantly raising awareness about the disease.

Shona Learoyd Live In a Massive House With Her Family

Undoubtedly, Shona is supremely rich and lives in a massive house in Wiltshire, England. The house spreads in 12 acres and features eleven bedrooms, a courtyard garden, an indoor pool with echoing acoustics, and also a spa. They reportedly moved to the house in 1994.

Prior to this, she lived in a 16th-century farmhouse in Radnage, England. The house spreads over 500-acre and featured all the modern facilities as well. Besides, she along with her husband also own a house in Montreux, Switzerland.

How Much Is Shona’s Net Worth?

As a celebrity wife, Shona has been living all the luxuries life can offer. Also, she undoubtedly has millions in net worth. However, she has not revealed the exact sum of her wealth so far.

On the other hand, her husband Ian Anderson is huge with $100 million in net worth. He primarily made his money from his career as a musician. Besides, he is also a businessman and adds to his wealth his income from several salmon farms in England.

She Is a Car Lover

Not many know but Shona Learoyd is a big car fanatic. She loves collecting and driving expensive cars. As per the reports, she has two cars, a beautiful Baby Lexus and a Mercedes AMG.

Besides, she also has a special love for jewelry and loves wearing new now and then.

Is Shona Learoyd On Social Media?

Unlike most celebrities, Shona is not on social media despite being so famous. Apparently, she does not like showcasing her life on social media platforms. That said, we would love to see her share her life on social.

On the other hand, his husband is active on Instagram with over 67k followers. Follow him on jethrotull_.