Ian Bohen Gay Rumors, Wife, Marriage, & Girlfriend

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Ian Bohen Gay Rumors, Wife, Marriage, & Girlfriend
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Lately, there’s been a surge in people’s curiosity about Ian Bohen’s sexual orientation. Along with rapidly spreading gay rumors, people are also quite curious about his life, especially if he ever got married.

Well, talking of Bohen, he is known for his role as Peter Hale in MTV’s supernatural series Teen Wolf and Ryan in the Paramount Network’s neo-western drama series Yellowstone on the Paramount Network. Ian in addition has had roles in other projects including Cowboy Wrangler, Mad Men, and Midge Daniels.

Is Ian Bohen Gay? The Truth Behind The Rumors

Bohen has never expressed his sexual preferences. He, however, has only been seen dating women. One wherefore could safely say that Bohen is not gay and is rather a straight man.

Teen Wolf and Yellowstone actor Ian Bohen.
Mad Men actor Ian Bohen isn’t gay. Instagram

The association of Ian with gay rumors particularly started after the actor had admired Teen Wolf’s representation of LGBTQ+ characters. Still, for many it has begged the question of who he is dating or if he is single.

He Has Always Been Linked With Opposite Sex

Well as mentioned Bohen has had several relationships in the past. As such, he was in a brief relationship with his former girlfriend Holland Roden.

Ian Allrged girlfriend & Teen Wolf actress Holland Roden
36-year-old actress Holland Roden. Shutterstock

When Teen Wolf was in its early seasons, there were rumors that said Bohen and his then-costar Roden started dating during the show’s filming. There however is not much to say from Bohen and Roden’s alleged romance.

On Valentine’s Day 2018, the media and the people noticed some momentum in Bohen’s life. This was mainly after a model, Megan Irminger posted a picture of herself kissing Ian’s ear on her Twitter handle.

It is unclear what bond Bohen and Ian shared regardless but according to some reports the two met in 2013. In any case, Irminger happened to be the only woman who came closest to Ian.

Is Ian Married? Who Is His Wife?

Ian doesn’t seem to be married now. In fact, the actor has never even come close to being engaged with any one of his former girlfriends including Holland Roden.

Marriage is quite a mysterious aspect of Bohen’s life. For years, nothing solid has come up in this facet of Ian’s personal matters. Although Bohen is fairly active on Instagram, he has yet to talk about his marital font. Most of his Ig handle, for instance, mostly includes his modeling gigs, game time, a few brand promotions, his love for flying, and behind-the-scenes pictures, among others.

Does Ian Bohen Have A Girlfriend?

While not many relationship details of Ian are out in the open, as mentioned, Holland Roden is the only woman ever who was alleged to have been in a relationship with Bohen. Yet again, neither Bohen nor Holland ever addressed the rumors directly.

However, some reports say the two got close together on the set of Teen Wolf. According to the crew members the two were seen together frequently. Then again, these title-tattles never got to meet any rock-hard confirmations whatsoever.

Nevertheless, speaking of girlfriends, one other name also managed to gain quite the attention which was back in July 2016. And it was the English model, Eliza Cummings. When the rumors were spreading, the media and some people noticed Bohen and Cummings together quite frequently. In several instances, the two also made appearances on each other’s socials.

English model and Ian Bohen possible ex-girlfriend Eliza Cummings
Alleged ex-girlfriend of Ian Bohen and English model, Eliza Cummings.

However, this gossip was all back in 2016 and frankly, nothing much came directly from either of the names mentioned above. Eventually, this fling too turned out to be nothing but some lovesick fans’ daydreams.

In the meantime, some other names that reportedly were the girlfriends of Bohen at some point in the past are Gintare Sudziute, Adelaide Kane, Amila Ibragimova, Holland Roden, Haley Webb, Kelly Jakle, Laysla De Oliveira, and Sierra Love.


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