Jess DeSanto-The Untold Facts of Janelle Pierzina’s Husband

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Jess DeSanto-The Untold Facts of Janelle Pierzina’s Husband
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Jess DeSanto, 43, is the husband of former American TV personality and Big Brother star, Janelle Pierzina. The couple is together for 12 years and shares three wonderful kids together. At present, the family of five live happily in Minnesota.

Besides being a sweetheart to a TV star, did you know that DeSanto owns two very successful businesses? Yes, DeSanto is the co-owner of AmericInn and DeSanto Investments and is doing pretty well for himself and his family.

Therefore, in this article, we will look closely at the life of Jess. Did DeSanto and Pierzina date before getting hitched? Sit tight, because we will have the answers soon.

Jess DeSanto is from Duluth, Minnesota: Details on His Date of Birth and Parents

The businessman, Jess DeSanto was born on January 10, 1980. He spent his entire childhood in Duluth – a small city in Minnesota with his family. His father, Bill DeSanto, and mother, Barbara Jamme DeSanto have two children together, including him. Jake DeSanto is Jess’s brother. His mother is a well-educated woman who went to Cathedral High School in Duluth. On the contrary, little is known about his dad.

DeSanto and Pierzina
Young photo of Jess DeSanto with Janelle Pierzina. Source: Instagram

Besides this, information on Jess’s early life isn’t quite available. However, we believe that DeSanto had a pretty decent childhood growing up. He also seems to have a good bond with his brother since Jake is his present business partner.

His Education

After graduating from high school, Jess pursued his undergrad at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. This is also where the businessman met the love of his life, Janelle.

DeSanto and His Wife Janelle Pierzina Are College Sweatheart; Their Engagement

As mentioned above, Jess and Janelle first met at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Back then, they were just a bunch of 18-year-olds, pursuing their undergrad. Initially, they started off as friends but ended up tying the knot in 2010. So, did they actually date before that?

Janelle has a 12 year long marriage with Jess DeSanto
Jess and Janelle – the power couple! Source: Instagram

Apparently, not. The power couple stayed friends for a long time and without even knowing it, became husband and wife years later. We do not know for sure but maybe the couple did date each other for some time in secret before getting engaged.

Jess and his then-girlfriend Janelle got engaged in September 2009. The excited bride-to-be made an announcement of the HUGE news through her Twitter account.

Jess and Janelle Married In 2010 And Are Together Since

Following their engagement in 2009, Jess and his partner Janelle vowed to be together forever in June 2010. They had a low-profile wedding ceremony surrounded by their loving family and friends.

Pierzina is the mother of 3 kids
Jess and his lovely family. Source: Instagram

As of 2022, these college sweethearts have been married for 12 years. And even after such a long time, Jess and his spouse Janelle share a great bond and love each other unconditionally. In 2018, his life partner also posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption,

“I know I’m a day late, but #happynationalspouseday ❤️ I met my husband when I was 18 so I’ve known him longer in life than I haven’t! 😊”
Jess even has a profile picture of him and his wife on his Facebook account. They never seem to make each other unhappy and surely are an inspiration to younger couples.

Jess and Janelle Are Parents To 3 Beautiful Children

DeSanto and his wife wanted to start a family right away following their marriage in 2010. And so they did! On December 14, 2011, the married couple welcomed their first daughter, Violet Anne DeSanto. Janelle seemed pretty excited with her first child on the way; the Big Brother star was very open about the whole pregnancy and the birth of her baby girl.

Similarly, two years later, on August 10, 2013, the couple welcomed their second child and their only son, Lincoln William DeSanto. This was then followed by the arrival of their youngest daughter, Stella Rose DeSanto in September 2014.

Both Jess and Janelle endlessly love all three of their children. Even more so, they have given them a life we all dream to have for ourselves. Violet, Lincoln, and Stella even appear frequently on their mother’s social media handles.

However, the couple faced a tragedy in 2018 with Pierzina’s 4th pregnancy. It was reported that Janelle had to terminate her pregnancy after finding out about some deadly complications related to it. It wasn’t a good time for the couple and they surely fought through it together.

The Big Brother Star Janelle’s Husband Jess DeSanto Is A Successful Businessman

Jess DeSanto, unlike his famous partner, is a Duluth-based businessman. He co-owns a company named AmericInn in Apple Valley with his brother, Jake. This duo of brothers bought the company from John Voss in 2012 and has been pretty accomplished with its great success. The company runs under his investment group, DeSanto Investments.

DeSanto Investments was started a long time ago from scratch by Jess’s dad, Bill. It has come a long way today since Jess and his brother, Jake started running the company.

Jess Co-Owns DeSanto Investments With His Brother, Jake DeSanto

It has nearly been 10 years since Jess and his brother, Jake bought AmericInn in Apple Valley, Minnesota. The sole owner of the company is Jake and Jess moved to Apple Valley after its purchase to become the General Manager. The duo overtook the property and spent almost over $5ooK on its reconstruction.

This was the best idea made by Jess and Jake. Since 2012, the brothers own three other hotels and seven rental properties in Minnesota and Wisconsin under the name of DeSanto Investments.

Jess’s partner Was A Famous TV Personality And Now A Real Estate Agen

On the other hand, Jess DeSanto’s wife Janelle Pierzina is known as the Queen of the show, Big Brothers. Big Brothers is an American reality competition show in which Janelle showcased her talents multiple times.

She is also a former model and actress who appeared in The American Race. Besides this, Pierzina was the co-winner of the USA Network competition series, Snake in the Grass. Today, however, the TV star has left the fame behind and works as a proud real estate agent for Edina Realty.

Janelle Pierzina is a proud real estate agent today
From a TV Star to a Proud Realty Agent; Janelle. Source: Instagram

It is clear from her bio on the site’s website that Janelle is a workaholic and loves her present job dearly. Looks like Pierzina is highly influenced by the work of her business-owning husband!

DeSanto Lives A Comfortable Life With His Family In Minnesota At Present

By now, it is obvious that Jess and Janelle have a pretty luxurious and comfortable life with their kids in Minnesota. With his successful business and his wife’s real estate job, the couple shares a net worth of around $1 million dollars in 2022. They have a lovely home in DeSanto’s hometown and go on sumptuous vacations together.

Jess isn’t very active on social media. He has a Facebook account where the businessman sometimes posts pictures of himself with his wife and kids. However, it is also dormant for some time now. On the contrary, Janelle often keeps us updated with pictures of their great lifestyle on her Instagram and Twitter.

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