How Much Is Whit Johnson Net Worth?

How Much Is Whit Johnson Net Worth?
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The Good Morning America host Whit Johnson has a net worth of $1 million. He has gained immense popularity since starting serving on ABC News. Today, Johnson is one of the highest-earning journalists in America.

So, let’s take a closer look at his detailed fortune and salary.

Whit Johnson’s Net Worth in 2023

Johnson, the 40-year-old anchor has a net worth of $1 million. The flourishing increase in his wealth took place after Johnson became one of the prominent anchors at ABC.

The famous journalist served ABC News even during the period of the pandemic. After that, he got chances to cover several important news such as election week from Arizona as well as the Democratic primaries. Today, he gets a really well-paid and deserving salary from ABC.

How Much Is His Salary at ABC?

After being a part of several news channels and sharpening his skills in hosting, Whit joined the widely popular news channel ABC in the year 2018. At this time, he has an average annual salary of $100,000.

Whit Johnson, ABC news, anchor, host
Anchor Whit Johnson in the set of ABC News. Source: Whit’s Instagram

Johnson has been working at ABC for more than 6 years now. As mentioned earlier, he has covered news of several hot and trending topics. Including the covering Pandemic and Election, Whit has also held other special events for ABC, such as the death of the Iranian General.

Further, he was present at the Pittsburgh synagogue tragedy as both a news anchor and reporter. He also covered the volcano eruption on the Big Island of Hawaii and the crucial 2018 midterm election. Following all these, the then-34-year-old reporter also worked on criminal cases such as the case of disappearance and mysterious murder case of the University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbets and also the arrest of the alleged Golden State Killer.

With’s Life Before ABC; How Did He Get Into Journalism?

Johnson was born on the year 1982 in California to a middle-class family. Growing up, his interest gradually lined towards the media industry and then to journalism.

In follow to his very initial interest, Whit decided to make his future in the same field. He joined the Bachelor of Arts in television and radio broadcasting at the San Francisco State University. By the time of completing his bachelor’s degree, he had already developed a high passion for journalism.

Whit Johnson, old picture, journalist, anchor
An old picture of Whit Jhonson. Source: Whit’s Instagram.

He later worked for several TV channels before getting into ABC News. Following is the list of television channels Johnson has worked till today.

News Channels

 Time Period

KSL-TVAfter 2005
CBS News2009-2012
ABC News2018- present


Whit Johnson’s Wife Is Also An Anchor, Her Net Worth

Johnson has married someone from his very own field. He is married to a news reporter and part-time journalist wife, Andrea Fujii for the past fifteen years. Similar to her husband, Andrea has a net worth of $950,000 as of 2023.

Whit Johnson, Andrea Fujii, wife, journalist, anchor, host
Journalist Whit Johnson with his anchor wife, Andrea Fujii. Source: Whit’s Instagram

Both Whit and his partner have a well-settled professional life and a lovely family life as well. They have two young daughters together, Leah and Summer.