What Is Tiffany Cross Net Worth?

What Is Tiffany Cross Net Worth?
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Tiffany Cross is a popular television personality, political analyst, journalist as well as an author. As being successful in every field Cross’ is involved in, people might be curious to know her net worth.

Cross’s popularity rose through a morning show, The Cross Connection. That’s from where the TV analyst might have started to generate a good income. So, is Tiffany a millionaire?

Read further to know about her wealth.

Tiffany Cross’s Net Worth in 2023

With her all struggles and hard work, in the year 2023, her net worth is over $7 million. She has spent more than two decades in the field of television, media, and politics. From a reporter at an Atlanta radio station, Tiffany made her way all along to the most famous channels in the nation.

Tiffany Cross, Journalist, TV personality, author, The Cross Connection, net worth
Recent Picture of Cross has a net worth of $7 million Source: Her Instagram

It is an accepted fact that the one who’s honest and works hard gets success everywhere. Tiffany is the perfect example of it. Although she was fired from her most famous TV show at MSNBC, she is now an established author. Her writings are read and appreciated by many and are a good source of income for her too.

Tiffany Cross’s Salary At MSNBC: Why Was She Fired?

Tiffany got her first break in TV production with CNN in the early 2000s. She was one of the guests at MSNBC before she officially joined as a host. The 44-year-old millionaire an estimated amount of $500k at MSNBC through her sensational show Cross Connection.

The show Cross Connection was part of an effort by MSNBC to bring diverse voices to its programming. Cross played a very great role as the host as she brought out Black History and heritages which was an interesting topic for the viewers as well.

She made a few outrageous comments and statements during the shows, until in a talk about Florida. Appearing on Comedy Central’s Hell of a Week with Charlemagne, Cross was asked which state Democrats could afford to lose in the upcoming mid-term elections. Cross said that Florida looks like the d—k of the country, so she wanted to castrate Florida. This is the most possible reason that Cross Connection was called off.

Tiffany Cross, The Cross Connection, Author, journatlist
Host Tiffany Cross during her show The Cross Connection. Source: Getty

Tiffany’s highest-rated show was then officially canceled. In response to her being fired, she said,

 “I am disheartened to learn of MSNBC’s decision to cancel my show, The Cross Connection, at such a crucial time — four days before the midterm elections… With a rapidly changing media landscape, I look forward to maintaining a platform that continues to reflect the changing demographics of the country.”

Tiffany’s Income As A Political Analyst and A Author

The MSNBC firing of Tiffany and canceling her best show was one of the very controversial and attention-grabbing in the history of television. Support from several sources and famous personalities brought out the influential political analyst of Tiffany.

Showcasing her smartness, Tiffany used all those attention towards sharing in the field as a strong Black woman engaging in political campaigns and movements. Her net worth drastically increased by $2 million in less than a year.

Tiffany Cross, Author, Say It Louder, political analyst
Her selling book, Say It Louder. Source: Shondaland

Tiffany worked along several campaign trials, working on several local, state, and federal campaigns. Following her interest in politics, she also co-founded a national platform that intersected politics, policy, business, media, and people of color, The Beat DC.

Her Income Sources

Besides being a veteran television personality, Tiffany is also involved in several other occupations and fields. Her income sources are given below:

  • Television shows (Host)
  • Political Analyst/Commentator
  • Journalist
  • Author (Books)

Does Tiffany Belong To A Wealthy Family?

Most of us might believe that to be a wealthy person, you need to belong to a wealthy family, but it is not the case for Tiffany. She is a self-made lady.

Tiffany is the youngest daughter of a single mother, Ramona Cross. Ramona raised Tiffany and her elder brother Jason all alone with a lot of struggle and hardships. Watching her mother wrestle with all the difficulties in her life to raise her children in the absence of their father, Tiffany is also motivated to work on her own.

Tiffany Cross, journalist, author, Tiffany Cross's mother
Tiffany Cross with her mother, Ramona Cross Source: Tiffany’s Twitter

Tiffany who is yet to be married to a husband is in her mid-40s today and still working hard for her passion and interest. By now we all know that she has given much more priority to her professional life and career than her personal life. Hence, there is also no clue about her love life in the media.