What Is John Piper Net Worth?

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John Piper has a net worth of $1 million in 2023. He is famous for wiring the book Desiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist. As of now, the elite author has written numerous award-winning books specializing in Christianity and Jesus. So, as an author, how much royalty does John get?

Further, Piper also is a founder and a senior teacher of desiringGod.org. Having been in multiple professions, it’s quite understandable that he has bagged quite a good amount of wealth. In that case, how much is his total worth in 2023?

To know in detail about his fortune, stick with us till the end.

What Is John Piper’s Net Worth?

Piper has a fortune of $1 million at present. But as per the article published by Denny Burk, a professor of Biblical Studies at Boyce College, his net worth is not in the millions. Though John has been the pastor, speaker, author, and chancellor for many years, he prefers to take less and give more.

Piper in a coat and shirt
John is not a millionaire.

In fact, John believes the concept of the desire in becoming rich is dangerous. So, he keeps very little for himself. And whatever he earns, he likes to give it for the sake of others.

Piper’s Salary; How Much Money He Makes? 

As previously stated, Piper is in multiple professions, So, having multiple sources of income, there’s no doubt that he earns a lucrative amount of money. Though his exact salary is yet to divulge in the media, as a Pastor, on average, he earns about $56,000 per year.

Further, as a Biblical Scholar, he is assumed to earn more than $51,968 per year. For 6 years, he taught biblical studies at Bethel University, so in that case, the average money he made throughout his lecture career is about $311,808.

But, on top of that, John is the author of more than 50 books which is his extra source of earnings.

John Piper Is An Author; Of How Much Royalty Does He Get? 

Coming up to 2023, the 77 years old John has authored more than 50 books, among which most of them have won awards as well. And his books Don’t Waste Your Life and The Passion of Jesus Christ have also been listed as the best-selling books of the year.

John Piper in library.
Piper in his library.

The best-selling author is believed to receive a royalty of 5-20% of the book price. But do you know, John is not interested in keeping royalty? Here’s why:

Why He Doesn’t Keep Royalties?

As of now, John who is married to his wife Noel has succeeded in selling millions of copies. But to date, he hasn’t taken the money he earns from his book. As per him, he is paid enough as a pastor. So, he really doesn’t need this royalty. Why? Have a look at the video.

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