Meet Cassandra Leppan, Adam Rose’s Wife

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Meet Cassandra Leppan, Adam Rose’s Wife
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Cassandra Leppan is the ex-wife of the retired South African WWE wrestler, Raymond John Leppan popularly known as Adam Rose. Despite being a long-time wife of Adam, Leppan has, after her divorce from him, successfully kept her life out of the media radar.

But, here, we have come up with some interesting facts about Adam’s former wife Cassandra, including her current whereabouts and more.

Cassandra Leppan Comes From A Mixed Ethnic Background

Leppan was born on July 20, 1979, to her parents in the United States. The 44-year-old has not revealed any of the details about her family and her upbringing.

Cassandra Leppan is a mixed ethnic women born in the United States.
Leppan is the ex-spouse of wrestler Adam Rose.

Besides, regarding her ethnical background, Leppan is of American and South African descent.

Leppen Married Her Ex-Husband Adam Rose in 2010

Cassandra married the wrestler, Raymond aka Adam Rose on April 10, 2010. Many details about their relationship before marriage are yet to be out but we can assume that they might have been dating for a few years before tying the knot.

Marriage ceremony of Cassandra Leppan and Raymond Leppan.
They had a small wedding 13 years ago. Source: Facebook

The duo had a very small wedding at a local church. Leppen wore a knee-length white one-piece with purple flowers, whereas her hubby Adam was in a striped shirt and black formal pants. The two exchanged vows in the presence of a few of their close ones.

They Gave Birth To Two Sons

Cassandra and her then-husband soon decided to start a family. They gave birth to their first child, Maverick in 2011. After three years, they gave birth to another son, Levi in 2014.

Both of their sons share a very close bond.

Cassandra’s First Son Has Congenital Disability

The first child of the couple, Maverick was born with a defect in his abdomen. The defect resulted in the part of his liver and intestines to remain outside his body. Due to this, Maverick had to go through an immediate operation after his birth.

Cassandra and Raymond Leppan with their two sons.
Leppan couple with their two children, Maverick(right) and Levi.

He later also went through several other surgeries and had to be fed through tubes.

Cassandra Leppan’s Husband Raymond is A Popular WWE Wrestler

Raymond started his career as a WWE wrestler in the year 2010, the same year he got married to Cassandra. He initially performed for the Florida Championship Wrestling as Leo Kruger.

Soon, he achieved success as a two-time FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion in 2014. After this, he changed his stage name to Adam Rose.

Was He Suspended From WWE?

After only a few years of rapid success, Rose’s professional life was filled with controversies. In 2016, he failed the bar of the WWE drug test which was a result of his medication for ADHD.

As the officials shared that the wrestler had not been pre-informed about his use of medicines, he was suspended for 60 days.

Leppan Faced Domestic Violence From Her Husband

Following his suspension, Cassandra and Adam faced a lot of difficulties in their marriage. This eventually led the wrestler to be aggressive towards his wife in one of their arguments.

Wrestler Adam was arrested for domestic abuse in 2016
Rose had to lose his wrestling career after being arrested for a case of domestic violence.

According to her, during their confrontation, Adam violently grabbed her face which was threatening to Leppan. For this, she had to dial 911 to ask for help. Knowing that Adam also snatched the phone away from her. He was later arrested on the charge of domestic violence and witness tampering and ended up in jail for a while.

During the hearing of the case, Leppan decided to give yet another chance to her spouse and defended her. Thus, Adam was eventually released from jail soon after that.

Cassandra and Adam Divorced in 2019

With all the ups and downs in their nine years of marriage, the duo eventually separated by the end of 2019.

Cassandra and Adam divorced in 2019
Cassandra officially separated from her husband after 9 years of marriage.

As of today, the two might be co-parenting their children. Further, the ex-husband and wife have also not publicly been in any romantic relationships after separating from each other.

Cassandra Leppan Now Lives in Florida

Adam’s ex-wife is now living a secluded life. She today lives a private yet well-maintained life with her sons in Florida.