Street Outlaws Memphis JJ Da Boss: All about His Wife, Children, and Other Facts

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JJ Da Boss became famous ever since he appeared in the show, Street Outlaws Memphis. The country boy often conjoins his personal life with the show which makes the Discovery series interesting.

Though many of you might already be aware of his personal life, his early life, and childhood are something which he rarely talks about. In addition, you might be surprised to know that the TV personality is not only a father but a grandfather as well.

Here today we’re going to take a close look at his life and find out all the intricating facts about JJ.

JJ Da Boss Wiki: Details on his Early Life and Parents

He was born on August 10th, 1973, at St. Joseph Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, the only child of Barbara Day and her husband David Day. His mother is a Pentecostal. His real name is Jonathan Day.

Da Boss spent his entire childhood in the small town of Joiner, Arkansas. Growing up, JJ didn’t have it all. His family lived in a rural suburb but regardless of their struggle, they were happy. They were always “Always country, poor & happy.”

JJ Da Boss Parents
JJ with his father and mother.

He studied at the local Rivercrest High School from where he graduated in 1992.

Talking about his mother and father, it looks like they were separated some time ago. His mother Barbara has a Facebook account wherein she has yet to share any picture of JJ’s father. Regardless, JJ is close to both of them. Their personal differences never came in the way of parenthood.

He loved cars since childhood: His Family influenced him

Whenever JJ appears in Outlaws, we can all see his undeniable love and passion for cars, especially muscle cars. At the mere age of 10, he started driving around the gravel and off-roads of Mississippi.

Apart from that, his dad and uncle also incited the fire of cars inside his heart. Both his father and uncle were streetcar racers and JJ’s mother would often bring him to one of their races.

Maybe it is because of his family’s influence in his life, he still rides the family truck, Ole Heavey, a 4,720-pound, 49′ Chevy pickup.

JJ Da Boss is happily married: Wife, Tricia is also a street racer

Life is really blissful when you and your life partner share the same passion. Likewise, Jonathan is leading a terrific life all thanks to his wonderful wife, Tricia Day. The couple has been married for several years.

Just like Da Boss, Tricia is a car and street race fanatic. Nicknamed ‘Midget’ due to her small frame, she often appears with her husband JJ in the show.

There is no information regarding when the two actually tied the knot. Judging by the amount of love and affection they have for each other, the duo is most definitely in a relationship for a long time.

What’s the age difference between JJ Da Boss and Tricia Day?

Since the day Tricia was introduced as Jonathan’s wife, many of us are still curious about their age difference. While Jonathan is [calculate_age birthdate=”1973-08-10″] years old, his wife looks relatively young. Now there are only two reasons for her looks, either her skincare routine is extraordinary or she is just young.

According to our research, she is in her 30s as of 2020. We can say they have more than a 10-year age gap between them.

How many children does he have? He is a grandpa as well

Hold on to your lily butts as this might come as a shocker. The [calculate_age birthdate=”1973-08-10″]-year-old is a father to a staggering eleven children. But let us make one thing clear, he doesn’t share all of them with Tricia. JJ and Tricia are a parent of only four, three daughters, Aubrey, Vada, and Annaline, and one son, Jonathan Jr.

JJ Da Boss with his wife and kids
The Outlaw star has four kids with Tricia.

As for his other seven children, well, not much is known about them except for his son, Josh Day who is known to the show’s fans as Doughboy, and daughter, Whitney.

Doughboy is also a racer just like his old man and drives a 1962 Impala which he calls Debo. Moreover, he is married to a woman named Chelsea. The pair is a proud parent of two kids, Kamden and Novaleigh. Hard to believe that at the mere age of [calculate_age birthdate=”1973-08-10″], Jonathan has become a grandpa as well.

Jonathan Day with Doughboy
In the picture, Doughboy is with his dad JJ Da Boss.

As for the identity of JJ’s girlfriend or wife with whom he shares seven kids is still behind closed doors.

How much is JJ Da Boss’ net worth?

If tabloids are anything to go by then JJ Da Boss’ net worth is over $1 million. He earns the majority of his income from his appearance in the show Street Outlaws and from the merchandise he sells on the side.

Talking about his salary, he rakes in over $20,000 per episode. Apart from that, he sells different products related to cars including Keychains, Decals, T-shirts, Heifer, Hoodies, and more. On average the price of this material ranges from $5 to $30.

Jonatha not only has a physical store for his product in Millington, Tennessee, but he also has an online store as well.


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