Who is Jordana Lajoie? All About Her Dating Life, Boyfriend, Career, Age

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Who is Jordana Lajoie? All About Her Dating Life, Boyfriend, Career, Age
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Jordana Lajoie is a French-Canadian actress who has worked in several Hollywood movies. She rose to prominence after playing a role in the Amazon series The Boys. Her other movie and TV credits include Patrice Lemieux 24/7, A Gingerbread Romance, and Zoe as well. In addition to her acting career, Lajoie is also involved in film direction and music.

Despite being such a popular face in the media, the actress prefers to keep her love life lowkey. We are sure, many of you wonder to know about her dating life. So, let’s find out if Jordana is dating or married to anyone.

Well, In this article, we are going to explore more details about Jordana including her professional career along with her family and love life. Let’s take a look at Jordana’s complete bio!

How Old is Jordana Lajoie? Her Early Life and Family

Born on September 16, 1988, Jordana is currently 43 years old as of 2022. She was born in Montreal, Quebec Canada and her zodiac sign is Virgo. The actress is also known by her nickname Jay or Jordie.

Jordana Lajoie portrait picture
Portrait picture of Jordana Lajoie

Talking about her family, she was born to her immigrant mother who also worked as a lawyer and her father was an artist. However, she is quite tight-lipped about her family which is why she has not revealed her parents’ names yet. Likewise, there is no information about her siblings as well.


Jordana completed her primary education in her hometown, Montreal. Later, she joined different theater and acting classes. She was once also trying to enroll herself in law and political science. However, her destiny has some other plans.

In an interview with Greek Girl Authority in 2020, Lajoie further said,

 ‘Eventually, I took some acting classes as a hobby, but I was not set on becoming an actress. I didn’t think it was a possibility for me. I was going into law and political science. And I thought, “You know what, I’m just going to take some cool classes here on the side to help me with public speaking, especially if I want to get into international law and deal with really important people.”

Jordana’s Professional Career

As mentioned earlier, she started her career in theatres. Jordana got exposure to the entertainment world after involving herself in acting and theatre classes. She started her journey by working on some short movies and TV series in the French industry. Later, she was approached by an agent to work in Hollywood and it’s how her journey began there.

Jordana Lajoie with her co-star
Jordana started her career in theatres

In 2016, she starred in the movie “GunJack to End of Shift.” After that, Jordana played the role in the project, Zoe. Likewise, in 2019, she played in the series “The Boys” as Cherie which is one of her most popular roles to date. Lajoie appeared in the TV series for three years from 2019-22.

Her other acting credits are Heroes of the North Atmostopia Anthology, Crooked Laeves Grew on Trees, and more. She also featured in a couple of TV movies like Ride or Die and Terrified at 17.

Furthermore, Jordana worked in different movies and series as a producer and music co-producer.

Jordana Owns Her Own Theater Company: What Inspired Her To Start Her Own Company?

During the beginning years of her acting career, she was quite discouraged to move ahead in the film industry. She once expressed in the interview that students were cast down to start their own production companies. But, she wanted to contradict ahh the taboo created by society. She told,

‘It was because I wanted to try and touch upon subjects that were a little taboo at the time. Now, it seems like everybody’s talking about it, but at the time it still felt kind of like we should probably not get into these conversations, and I wanted to.’

Her company’s first project was kicked off in 2013 from The House of Yes. She wanted to work on an unspoken topic and she went along working on those types of projects.

Is Jordana Lajoie Married? If Yes, Who is Her Husband?

A lot of people are curious to know about Jordana’s love life. However, Jordana does not speak much about it.  As of 2022, she is not married to her husband.

However, many people assume that she is dating her co-star Tomer because of their on-screen chemistry. But, Lajoie revealed that she is not dating her co-star. She even expressed that they just had natural and organic chemistry.

In addition, Jordana does not have any kids yet. But, she revealed that she is fond of kids. So, it looks like, she will start her family soon.

Did Jordana’s Former Boyfriend Pass Away Due To Cancer?

In February 2019, Jordie shared a post with a picture of her with a man who seems to be her boyfriend. She captioned the picture “goodbye my wolf.” However, she has not revealed anything about his death, nor did she reveal that he is her boyfriend.

Jordana Lajoie with her former boyfriend
Her former boyfriend seemingly died of blood cancer

Subsequently, she started posting a lot about awareness regarding Leukemia which is a type of blood cancer. Due to this, people started assuming that her former boyfriend might have died of blood cancer.

Jordana is Actively Involved in Welfare Work

Lajoie is involved in different kinds of welfare activities. Through her social media, we can see that she is actively involved in charity works. Moreover, she is highly active in awareness programs regarding Health care and different diseases.

What is Her Net Worth?

Jordana Lajoie has been living a lavish life. Her estimated net worth is around $3 million. She mainly amasses a good amount of fortune by working as an actress, producer, and writer. Moreover, she makes a good amount of money through her production house.

Social Media Platforms

Jordana seems quite active on her social media handles. She has over 48.3k followers on her Instagram account with the name @jordanalajoie. Likewise, she is also available on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.