Who Is Hazen Audel’s Wife? Is He Even Married? His Love Affairs, Girlfriends

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The wildlife adventurer, Hazen Audel is recognized as a famous artist for his National Geographic series, Primal Survivor. Along with being an artist, he is also a biologist, educator, and television presenter.

As Hazen’s professional life came to light, his love life and personal life was also a topic of interest to many people mostly his fans. So, if you are one of them, this is the perfect place for you. Here, we will dig into the information’s about Audel wife, and his married life including his love affairs and girlfriends, if any.

Hazen Audel Wife: Is He Even Married?

The [calculate_age birthdate=”1974-01-25″] years old fauna explorer does not seem to have any interest in sharing much about his personal life with the media. As of the year [write_year], Audel is not married.

He appears to be too busy to explore his love life. This might be the reason for the biologist has been shining in his professional career lately.

Primal Survivor Host Hazen Audel is not dating
Primal Survivor Host Hazen Audel is not married. Source: Hazen’s Instagram

Audel’s life is likely to be full of fun and adventure. He is active on Instagram and shares a lot about his trips for his Geographic Series.

Hazen’s Love Life: His Ex-Girlfriends

As you read earlier, the Primal Survivor host is not married until today. It is obvious for one to assume that Hazen might be in a committed relationship but is secretive about it. But that is not the case.

To your surprise, the handsome hunk does not have a girlfriend either. Reportedly, Audel is not in any romantic relationship or has any love affair. Hence, this too supports the fact that he is really busy establishing his career and maintaining his recently gained popularity.

Nonetheless, Hazen was in a long-term relationship earlier. So, why did they separate?

Audel’s Long-Term Girlfriend and Now Ex-girlfriend

All the information you read above about Audel’s love life might make you conclude that he has no interest in serious relationships, but this is not the case. He was in a six-year-old relationship with his now ex-girlfriend.

Hazen Audel with his ex-girlfriend.
Audel with his girlfriend of 6 years. They separated after six years of dating. Source: Pinterest

In an interview with DailyMail in July 2014, Hazen talked about the hard time he faced after ending the relationship. He mentioned that his love life resembled fatal attraction and attachment. It is very understandable how hard it can get for a person to get out of such a serious relationship. The trauma of his past love life might also be a key reason for him to be single today.

Where Is Hazen Audel Today?

The versatile television presenter is busy excelling in his career. The mixed-ethnic personality has achieved so much success since his initial days as a wildlife explorer.

Audel has a very outgoing personality and loves traveling to different places searching for several flora and fauna. Besides exploring he also has an art studio. Hazen is presently busy expanding his art studio and building his home from a century-old, historic barn. He is also busy working as an educator and well-trained biologist.

A picture of Hazen Audel from one of his adventures.
A recent picture of Hazen Audel, an artist, educator, and biologist.

Looking at Hazen Audel’s life at present, he has been exploring new interests in his career life and seems to be enjoying it. His love for wildlife and animals is unbeatable. Audel is living a single and blissful professional life along with a daring and prosperous professional life with the net worth of nearly 5 million.

Hope we will get to witness Audel’s love life in the upcoming years.