Dane Cook’s Sister-In-Law Erika McCauley: Where Is She Now?

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Erika McCauley is famous for her involvement in embezzling the money of her brother-in-law Dane Cook, an American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. In embezzlement, McCauley was involved with her husband Darryl McCauley who at the time was a business manager to Dane.

In 2010, Erika and her husband both were proven guilty of embezzling Dane’s property. They were sentenced to prison for larceny charges. Well, for how many years Erika and her spouse were imprisoned? Is Erika still in jail? If not, where is Erika now?

Today, here in this article, read everything about Dane Cook’s sister-in-law and Darryl McCauley’s wife Erika McCauley.

Who Is Erika McCauley? Details On Darryl McCauley’s Wife

Erika McCauley is a former make-up artist. But, McCauley only came to the limelight after her husband Darryl was arrested on the charge of embezzling the money of his half-brother Dane. So, besides this, almost null information regarding her personal life is known in the media.

However, the celebrity sister-in-law, Erika was born in December 1971 in the United States of America. As of 2023, McCauley is 51 years of age. Her birth name is Erika L Eberhardt.

As for her ethnicity, Erika belongs to the white ethnical race and holds American nationality.

Erika McCauley Was A Make-Up Artist

As mentioned earlier, Erika McCauley is a former make-up artist. According to IMDb, she first worked as a make-up artist in 2004 in a short video entitled I Love You.

Erika McCauley is a make-up artist
Darryl McCauley’s wife Erika McCauley

Further, McCauley also worked as a make-up artist in several other projects like A House Divided, Mighty Times: The Children’s March, The Lady Red Trio, and Diabolical Tales: Part I, II, and III. A decade later, McCauley also had a make-up boutique in her residence.

In addition to her make-up career, Erika also portrayed the character Miss Tessmacher in the 2006 video Diabolical Tales: Part I.

Erika McCauley Is Darryl McCauley’s Wife; What Did Her Husband Do To His Brother Dane Cook?

Erika McCauley is the wife of Dan Cook’s half-brother Darryl McCauley. The information regarding their marriage details and children is not available in the media. The husband and wife suddenly surfaced on the web when The Touch actor sued his half-brother Darryl in a case of embezzlement.

Erika McCauley is married woman
Erika McCauley’s husband, Darryl McCauley

In case you don’t know, McCauley’s better half was a business manager to his popular half-brother Dane. Since the 1990s, Darryl was working with the comedian as a manager. But, rather than being honest about his work, Darryl started stealing his own brother’s money. When the stand-up comedian discovered his betrayal in 2008, Dane didn’t hesitate to put the case against him in court.

McCauley Initially Came In Support For Her Husband, Darryl

For embezzling about $10 million money from his popular brother, Erika’s spouse was arrested in December 2008 from his home in Wilmington. As the case continue, Darryl remained in prison until the next year 2009. While investigating the case, McCauley was also questioned about the money to which the former make-up artist responded that all the money is from her make-up boutique.

Not only during the police investigation that Erika took the side of her husband but the woman fought back on social media as well for her fraud partner.

While her life partner was inside the jail, Erika from outside fully supported her husband Darryl. In February 2009, probably a fan of Dane Cook created a new Facebook page named Fan of Dan Cook’s Embezzler brother. Reacting on this page, Erika shared a status on her Facebook and wrote,

As Darryl McCauley’s wife, I THANK YOU for creating this group. I agree with Christian. My husband is a smart man and as we’ve said in open court, these transfers, etc were all previously authorized. He’s still in jail because we didn’t do it, and the courts have seized what money we did have. You think you’d be willing to help with bail so we can get my sweet hubby out??

Initially, Erika highly insisted that her husband is innocent.

Erika And Her Husband, Both Found Guilty In Embezzlement

In the year 2010, Erika’s spouse Darryl admitted in court that he stole his brother’s millions of dollars while working as his manager.

Erika McCauley and her husband pleaded guilty
Erika McCauley, her husband, and her brother-in-law

After his sentence to prison, Attorney General Martha Coakley stated,

“For several years, Mr. McCauley abused his position as a family member to gain Mr. Cook’s trust, and stole millions of dollars for his own personal gain,”

Initially, only Darryl was accused of a crime and remained inside the jail. But later Erika also proved guilty as she helped her husband in forging her brother-in-law’s millions of dollars. Prosecutors stated that Erika invested those forged money to buy jewelry, a home in New York, condominiums, and businesses in Maine and Florida.

Erika McCauley Was Sentenced To Prison For 3 Years; What About Her Husband?

After Erika pleaded guilty, she got three years of imprisonment for two counts of larceny charge and 13 years of probation. In addition, she was ordered to pay restitution of $12 million to the comedian and actor Dane Cook.

Erika McCauley was imprisoned for 3 years
Erika McCauley in the courtroom

On the other hand, her husband was sent to prison for five to six years on the charge of three counts of forgery, 27 counts of larceny over $250, embezzlement, and other charges. Further, after his release from prison, he was ordered to serve a probation period of 13 years.

Where Is Erika McCauley Now? 

As said earlier, Erika was sentenced to prison for three years. She was also ordered probation of 13 years after her release from jail. In this respect, at present, McCauley must be under the supervision of the court.

Talking about her social media, Erika has an account on Facebook. She last updated a post on her Facebook in 2009.

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