Donna Vekic Is Seemingly Dating Borna Coric; Are They Married?

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Donna Vekic Is Seemingly Dating Borna Coric; Are They Married?
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Donna Vekic is a Croatian professional tennis player. She falls under the top 20 list of the world’s most well-accomplished female tennis players. So far, in her professional journey as an athlete, Donna has attained incredibly great heights. With that being said, her life has always been a topic of wonderment for the fans; most typically, the young sportswoman’s love life and finances.

Furthermore, many of her fans wonder if the 26-year-old is married. Even more so, who is Donna Vekic’s husband, or does she have a boyfriend? In addition to this, what is her net worth? In this article, we will be giving answers to all these questions.

So, let’s get right into it!

Who Is Donna Vekic boyfriend In 2023?

Her relationship status has had a huge question mark for a long time. Despite being a world-renowned athlete, Vekic hardly ever speaks about her private affairs with the public. Therefore, it is very hard for us to confirm if she is single or taken in 2023.

Now, while many believe she is in a relationship with another Croatian tennis player, Donna is yet to confirm the rumors. As you read further, you will know who we’re talking about.

Regardless of what might be, it is good to see the young and talented Donna working hard to get to the top. Hopefully, in the days to come, she will reach great heights as a tennis player. All the best to her!

Is the Tennis Player Married? Who is Donna Vekic Husband?

So far, as of 2023, no news hints at her marriage. Thus, in her current day and age, she is an unmarried woman and does not have a husband yet. As far as we can tell, the young tennis player is determined in what she is doing at the moment. In other words, she is more focused on making her professional tennis career an even more grand one than it is today.

Therefore, we speculate that Vekic does not have time to commit to marriage just yet. In addition to this, she is just 26 years old so she also has a lot to learn, and a lot to accomplish before she decides to settle down.

Rumored Affair Between Donna and Borna Coric

As mentioned above, a rumor broke out, indicating a love affair between Vekic and her fellow tennis player from Croatia, Borna Coric. Although the alleged couple is yet to come forth with the truth, the fans are already going crazy speculating about a relationship between their two favorite athletes.

Professional tennis players Donna and Borna in the picture
Donna and her “alleged” boyfriend, Borna Coric

Furthermore, this rumor first began to spread around November 2022. Apparently, Vekic was spotted enjoying Borna’s match, sitting in his box. In addition to this, the sportswoman also shared some pictures with her alleged lover on social media around the same time. Hence, fans began exploring their relationship which finally led them to the conclusion that the two players are dating.

However, to this date, neither parties have confirmed these allegations. Thus, the truth might be anything! Even if they are dating, we know that Donna and Borna will make a wonderful couple. Hopefully, we get to the truth very soon.

The Two Croatian Athletes Are Best Of Friends If Not Lovers

On the contrary, even if Vekic and Coric aren’t in a relationship, both of the tennis stars are definitely best of friends. In fact, these two have known each other for over a decade.

To further elaborate on that, during an interview, Donna revealed that she has known Borna since both of them began playing tennis. She said,

“I think it was almost 20 years ago, so I don’t remember a lot, but we’ve known each other basically since we started playing tennis. We’ve been together for our whole career.”

Moreover, the Zagreb-born sportsman also had something to add to his could-be girlfriend’s statement. Coric said,

“I remember her, we were playing under-10s in Zagreb. I didn’t like her much back then actually, back then she was very nervous, very arrogant as well, but now she changed. So, I’m just enjoying spending time here with her and the whole team.”

So, you see, these players go way back. Therefore, we will not be surprised if they decide to officially date either. Even more so, after going through the whole interview, we realize how “made for each other” Donna and Borna are for each other.

Vekic was Previously In A Relationship with Stan Wawrinka

Before the rumor of her relationship with Coric, many were well aware that Donna was in a relationship with Stan Wawrinka. Wawrinka, just like Vekic, is a professional tennis player but from Switzerland. Moreover, the former couple began dating around 2014. However, their time together was short as they decided to break up after 5 years.

Swiss tennis player, Wawrinka
The former couple, Vekic and Wawrinka

Now, talking more about their relationship, the two professional athletes never shared many details about their dating life with the public. As a matter of fact, fans confirmed that the two were in a relationship by spotting them together at many sporting events. Nonetheless, we want to believe that Donna and Stan really, in fact, loved each other and wanted their relationship to work out.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts, the relationship did not last long. Although the pair never released an official statement with the cause of separation, it is believed that they broke up somewhere around 2019.

How Much Is Donna Vekic Net Worth?

Now that you’re aware of Vekic’s love life, it’s time to learn about her finances. As of 2023, Donna has a massive net worth of $5 million dollars. For over 10 years, she has been working very hard as a professional tennis player.

With intense hard work, so far, Donna has also been the receiver of prize money of $6,064,774.

Donna, 26 y/o professional tennis player
Donna after winning an award.

Therefore, we are not surprised that Donna Vekic is a millionaire. As she dives deeper into this sporting business, we know that her net worth is bound to increase. Good luck!


Who is Donna’s boyfriend in 2023?

Although not confirmed, her boyfriend in 2023 might be Croatian tennis player, Borna Coric.

Are Donna Vekic and Stan Wawrinka still romantic partners?

No, the couple is not romantic partners. They broke up in 2019.

What is her net worth?

She has a net worth of $5 million.

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