What Happened To Klay Thompson?

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What Happened To Klay Thompson?
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Since Klay Thompson faced a couple of serious injuries, most of his fans have questioned what actually happened to a professional basketball player. The 33-year-old basketballer is the star of the Golden State Warriors of the NBA with the position of a shooting guard. Hence, if you follow American basketball, you’ll know exactly who he is. Thompson is a 4-time NBA Champion and a 5-time NBA All-Star player. 

However, his injuries became obstacles in his refulgent career. So, let’s know about Klay’s current health condition and his recovery. 

What Happened to Klay Thompson? Information On His Injuries

During the 2018-2019 NBA season, Thompson faced not one but two, tragic injuries. So, what had actually happened? Apparently, during Game 2 of the season, the player had strained his left hamstring. And, this was just the beginning – he could not take part in Game 3 against the Toronto Raptors, which would have been his first career playoff against the team.

Following this, Thompon returned for Game 4 and helped his team during Game 5 to stave off elimination. Sadly, he faced a major injury during Game 6; this changed the course of his entire professional basketball career.

Basketball player, Thompson
Thompson was injured during the 2019 game – the game that changed him

Game 6 of the 2018-19 finals was against the Toronto Raptors that took place on 13th June 2019. During the game, Thompson’s decision to run back into the court to make free throws really took an unexpected turn. The NBA champion faced an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear in his left knee. As sad as it is, his injury led his beloved team to lose that season as well.

Thompson Could Not Continue Playing For The Team For Almost 3 Years

18 days after his ACL tear injury, on 2nd July 2019, Thompson underwent a successful knee operation. However, the recovery time was long and he had to miss the entire 2019-2020 season. For over a year, the basketball champion did not return to the court, yet he still had a signed agreement with the Warriors. Moreover, finally, in September 2020, Klay returned to practice with his team. Unfortunately, this return was short-lived as well.

After just 2 years of his return, Klay faced yet another injury. This time, he suffered from an Achilles Tendon Injury on 19th November 2020 during a pickup game in LA – this was Thompson’s 2nd fallout in a span of just a year. Following this, he had to let go of his team for the entire 2020-21 season. Thus, not returned for almost 3 years!

Coach Steve Kerr Announced How His Star Player Will No Longer Be Playing For The Team 

Klay Thompson was the star player for the NBA team, Golden State Warriors. Het set many records for the team, including one with his teammate, Stephen Curry the son of, Sonya Curry, with 484 combined three-pointers in one single season. Hence, it is safe to say that Thompson was a very valuable asset to his team.

Player, Klay faced another tendon injury in 2020
The NBA champion, Klay Thompson – he could not return to his game for almost 3 years

Unfortunately, due to the two major injuries faced by the athlete subsequently, he had to give up almost 2 seasons. Klay did not return for a total of 31 months. Furthermore, it was before the beginning of the 2022 season, that the basketballer returned to the court. Sadly, he was not in the clear yet.

With a heavy heart, the head coach for the Warriors, Steve Kerr had to notify the news about how Thompson will not be able to play continuously with the team for quite some time. In his exact words, he said,

“Klay may not play back-to-back all year. He didn’t last year because of two straight season-ending injuries.”

This was extremely devastating news for all of Klay’s admirers.

The Champion’s POV Regarding His Situation

Following his first injury in 2019, Klay was interviewed by ESPN to know more about his feelings toward the whole situation. That is when he expressed his sadness and said he did not “feel like himself” after what had happened.

According to the basketball champion himself,

The best I ever felt was in 2019. I know I can’t get back there, but even if I get to 90 percent of that — still hell of a player. Still a hell of a championship team.”

After suffering an ACL tear in his knees, he could not return back to his game for almost an entire season. Following this, he suffered another great fallout in 2020 as well with his tendon injury and had to lose yet another year with his team. Therefore, we can only imagine how hard it must have been for Thompson to be dealing with problems – both physical and mental. Furthermore, despite everything, he was still hopeful that he would return; this is more important.

The Warriors Star Returned With A Bang In 2022! Klay’s Return Broke The Internet And The Fans Went Crazy

Thompson’s belief in himself really paid him off! He returned to the team with a bang in January 2022 after proving everyone wrong. During a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Klay showed how he still has not lost his magic. He thus made a long-awaited return to the court and scored 17 points in just 20 minutes – a 92-82 win over the Cavaliers. It was a massive hit!

Thompson's dad is a former NBA player
Thompson returned with a BANG at the beginning of the 2022 season!

Furthermore, Klay even appreciated all his fans who welcomed him back to his game and supported him throughout his journey of recovery. He said,

“I will never forget the reception that Warriors fans gave us, especially myself. Gosh it was fun and it was worth every single day of being away and in that squat rack or on that shuttle board and all the conditioning days. It was worth every single moment. I am not going to say equivalent to winning a championship. But man, it was pretty freaking close.”

Moreover, without even realizing it, Thompson went on to help his team secure a 4th championship after defeating the Boston Celtics during the 2022 season – looks like he really made history.

Does He Plan On Continuing His Career As An NBA Champion?

After his two devastating fallouts, Klay Thompson, the NBA All-Star player, plans on continuing his game with the team. In fact, he is better than ever and has led his team to win against teams like Atlanta Hawks in January 2023, and Oklahoma City Thunder in February.

Not only this, but the recent NBA season has led him to become the only player in NBA history to record multiple games with 12 or more 3-pointers in a season. Therefore, everything is going well and working in Thompson’s favor in recent days – we wish him all the best for the further games!


For how long did Thompson not play basketball?

After facing two unfortunate injuries, Klay did not return for almost 3 seasons i.e., 3 years.

When did he return to the court?

He returned with a bang in January 2022 during a game against Cleveland Cavaliers.

Which NBA team does Thompson play for?

Thompson is the star player of the NBA team, the Golden State Warriors.

Does Thompson plan to continue his professional basketball career?

Yes, Klay plans to continue with his professional basketball career in NBA after facing 2 major fallouts in the past.

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