Who is Randall Cobb wife Aiyda Ghahramani?

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Who is Randall Cobb wife Aiyda Ghahramani?
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Aiyda Ghahramani is better known as the wife of the football team, Green Bay Packers’ player, Randall Cobb. The NFL footballer and his girlfriend have been married since 2017. To this day they are still head over heels for one another.

So, who is Aiyda? Although she is famous because of her footballer hubby, her life has a lot more stories to share. Is she just a great wife to Cobb or has a successful independent career on the side? You won’t believe us, but she’s both! Mrs. Cobb is an all-rounding woman – a great partner and an even greater attorney at law.

Therefore, to know more about Randall Cobb’ wife, Aiyda, we suggest you read the article below. What is her background and how did the love birds meet? It’s all mentioned here. So, let’s dig in!

Is Aiyda Ghahramani Persian? Details On Her Background And Early Life

She was born on 22nd August 1989 in the city of New York. In the August of 2023, she will be turning 34 years old. She is the darling daughter of Bahanor Gharamani and Shahla Ghahramani.

Aiyda and her family
Randall Cobb in a happy picture with his wife, Aiyda’s family.

By birth, Aiyda is a Persian. She grew up in the United States of America but is very fond of her own unique culture. Moreover, she grew up in a household where her family introduced her to rich Persian cultural practices. Sources have even confirmed that this celebrity spouse is fluent in Farsi – the Persian (Iranian) language.

Looking at her extremely different cultural background, we guess that Ghahramani’s parents are immigrants who came to the USA for a better living. Thus, her life in the earlier days could not have been that easy.

Did Aiyda Grow Up With A Sibling Or Is She A Single Child?

Aiyda did not keep her Persian roots all to herself – she grew up in her home in NYC with an older brother. Her sibling is none other than the actor, Ariya Ghahramani.

Ariya is one of the renowned actors in Hollywood. He has starred in the HBO series, The Night Of, along with Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship. He and his little sister, Aiyda grew up together and shared their Persian background. They share an age gap of just 2 years.

Facts About Ghahramani

Date of Birth22nd August 1989
Age33 years old
FatherBahanor Ghahramani
MotherShahla Ghahramani
SiblingsAriya Ghahramani
EducationThe State University of New Jersey and New Hampshire School of Law
SpouseRandall Cobb
ChildrenCaspian Cyrus Cobb and Cade Rumi Cobb

Ghahramani Is An Extremely Intelligent Woman; What Is Her Educational Background?

The NFL player’s partner, Aiyda is quite intelligent. After graduating from high school, she attended Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. She was with the university from 2007 till 2011. After 4 years, Ghahramani completed her undergrad program in science and thus, graduated with honors in Biochemistry.

However, later on, she realized that she was meant to do something else – something bigger! So, the celebrity spouse changed her career path and pursued a law degree at the New Hampshire School of Law. Subsequently, in 2014, she graduated and got her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree.

Is It True That She Was Into Sports During Her College Days?

In addition to being one of the brightest students at school, Aiyda Cobb did very well in extracurriculars as well – she was an athlete! As per the sources, she ran track and took part in cross-country championships. Moreover, following her graduation day at Rutgers, she ran a 400-meter race.

What Does 33-Year-Old Aiyda Ghahramani Do For A Living? Information On Her Successful Professional Life

Immediately after graduating with a degree in law in 2014, Cobb’s life partner started working at Sughrue Mion PLLC. Initially what began as an internship, later became a permanent job. Moreover, in the beginning, she was just a summer associate at the firm. However, later on, she was given the chance to work as a permanent attorney at law because of her marvelous work.

NFL player, Cobb and his wife Aiyda Ghahramani
Mr. and Mrs. Cobb – always happy together!

Furthermore, she used to look after Intellectual Property Law in the initial days of her journey as an attorney. Today, she is working with the same law firm, Mion, as an advocate for human rights. It has been over 8 years since Aiyda started working with Sughrue Mion PLLC, yet, she has not failed once – she has been climbing the ladder of success since she joined the firm.

In addition to her job as a lawyer, 33-year-old Ghahramani has not yet forgotten about her science background. Although uncertain, we believe that she is still indulged in the field of biochemistry. On top of this, she also works as a counselor.

Her Husband, Randall Cobb Is An Athlete; Why Is Cobb So Famous?

Ghahramani’s handsome hubby, Randall Cobb is an NFL player. Presently, he plays for the team, Green Bay Packers. In the team, he is a wide receiver and is better known for holding this position.

Before joining in with the team of Green Bay, Cobb used to play for his college at Kentucky. Not only this, but he has also played for Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans for one season each. Furthermore, in the 2011 NFL Draft, the athlete was selected by Green Bay Packers – in 2023, he still plays for the team and is an excellent footballer.

How Did Aiyda Ghahramani meet her husband? Their Relationship & Engagement

In the year 2011, Cobb and Ghahramani came across each other. They encountered each other at an EA Sports event held in Manhattan. At that time, both of them were struggling in their career – Randall had just been selected by his NFL team, while Aiyda was preparing for law school.

Cobb and Ghahramani kissing wearing their nupials dress
A beautiful picture from the Cobb-Ghahramani wedding day in 2017!

The love birds were brought closer by a mutual friend. However, their first meeting did not lead to their dating. In fact, after almost 3 years of knowing each other and becoming good friends, Cobb and the future Mrs. Cobb started dating. Thus, they only became boyfriend and girlfriend in 2014.

The pair was very careful with their relationship with each other. They took their time to figure things out for themselves – individually or as a couple. Moreover, after 2 more years of being romantic partners, Ayida and Randall decided to take their relationship to the next level – they got engaged in 2016.

The story of how Cobb proposed to his future lover is something out of a movie. He organized the whole proposal in the same place where the duo first met. Aiyda’s bf had decorated the whole area decorated with beautiful flowers and candles. Their engagement day was even more special since it was Ghahramani’s 27th birthday.

As he went down on his knees and asked her if she will make him the happiest man on the earth, she said yes, and the pair was set to marry the next year.

It Has Been 6 Years Since The Pair Tied The Knot

In April 2017, Randall and Aiyda tied the knot. They had a beautiful Persian wedding ceremony at the Pierre Hotel in New York. According to the pair themselves, they chose NYC to host their happily ever after, since the city held many great memories for them as a couple – it is the place where they first met and grew with one another. At their wedding, they invited a total of 250 guests including the quarterback, Aaron Rodgers to witness their marriage.

In 2023, the duo will be celebrating their 6 years of happy marriage. Despite such long years of knowing and being in each other’s lives, both Randall and his baby momma seem to be madly in love with each other.

The lovebirds are Parents To two Beautiful Kids

In the course of their 6-year-long marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Cobb have been gifted with two beautiful children. Just after a year of saying, “I do”, Cobb became a dad. His first son, Caspian Cyrus Cobb was welcomed into this world in 2018. Likewise, the couple welcomed their second child, Cade Rumi Cobb 2 years later in 2020.

In the present day, this family of 4 really seems to enjoy each other’s company – they are indeed a very happy family.

Aiyda’s Habit That Her Hubby Finds “Confusing” 

Ghahramani, like any other celebrity spouse, loves making reels for her fans to enjoy. Not only this, but she also takes the job of making one utterly serious. Moreover, this habit of hers has always confused her partner, Cobb, yet it has been “aged out”. 

Around early 2023, Randall took to Twitter to explain his wife’s reel-making process. He wrote, 

“I just watched my wife take 1hr+ to make a reel. 20+ on the caption. Only to decide not to post it. Then decide to post it. Edit a few things. Lose the edits. Post it. Then realize her edits weren’t there. Delete it. Repeat. I thing we have aged out of this Inta-age…” 

Apparently, Aiyda was making a reel for her youngest son, Cade’s 3rd birthday. Although it took her a great deal of time to perfect it, the fans truly appreciated her efforts for showing how much she loves her son. 

Furthermore, she also posted a screenshot of her hubby’s tweet on her Instagram story, saying, “Guys, that was my last reel. I’ve retired”. However, to this date, she continues to dazzle us with many beautiful reels that took more than an hour to complete. Now, that’s determination! 

What is Aiyda Ghahramani Net Worth? Is She As Rich As Her Hubby?

Being a wide receiver for an NFL football team, Randall Cobb is a multi-millionaire. He stands at a whopping net worth of $25 million dollars. Now, what about his lawyer spouse?

Green Bay Packers player Randall and Aiyda is a parent of 2 kids
The happy, healthy family of 4 – Mr. and Mrs. Cobb with their 2 sons.

Ayida Ghahramani is a successful advocate at a renowned law firm. Thus, she earns around $1 million dollars a year.


Who is Aiyda Ghahramani?

A lawyer by profession, she is the wife of NFL player, Randall Cobb.

What is Ghahramani’s birthdate and age?

Aiyda was born on 22nd August 1989 and she is 33 years old as of 2022.

Who is Aiyda’s Sibling?

Ariya Ghahramani, an underrated Hollywood actor, is the brother of Aiyda.

When did Aiyda meet her husband, Randall?

In 2011, Randall and Aiyda met for the first time at an EA Sports event held in Manhattan.

When Did Cobb and Ghahramani tie the knot?

Randall and his partner married in 2017.

How many kids does the NFL player, Randall Cobb have?

Cobb has 2 sons with Ghahramani. Caspian Cyrus Cobb and Cade Rumi Cobb are the NFL player’s kids.

Are Aiyda and Randall still together?

Yes, Cobb and Aiyda Ghahramani are still together in 2023. They have been married for 6 years.

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