Who Is Eboni Nichols? Is She Gay? Relationship With Queen & More Untold Facts

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Eboni Nichols is a renowned American choreographer and television personality who has worked on many television shows. She was also a member of the Los Angeles Laker, where she was one of the cheerleaders.

Apart from her professional career, she also gained wide popularity following rumors of her relationship with American rapper Queen Latifah. Although the duo is seen together most of the time, they never openly spoke about their relationship. Well, with the rumors of their romance, there was also a lot of question about her sexuality. So, is Eboni bisexual? Did she really date Queen Latifah?

Well, we will reveal everything about Eboni Nichols in this article. Stay engaged to find out more about her including her personal life, career, net worth, and more!

Eboni Nichols Early Life and Family

Well, Eboni Nichols was born on May 12, 1978, in California. She was raised by her parents in Eagle, Ada County, Idaho. Her zodiac sign is Taurus and holds American nationality. Despite being a well-known celebrity, Eboni seems to keep her personal life quite private. She has not revealed anything about her parents and her siblings.

Although we don’t know details about her parents we do know that her parents were very supportive of her career from an early age. They let her take part and learn dance from the young age of eight.


Talking about her education, she started her schooling at Valley View High School. She had made her intentions very clear about appearing on television from a young age. Thus, she later joined Chapman University in Orange, California, and graduated with B.F.A ( Bachelor’s in Fine Arts).

Eboni Started Dancing From The Age of 8

As aforementioned, Eboni was very interested in dancing and acting. She used to take part in all the events and competitions during her high school. She started joining professional training and stepped into the entertainment industry after she became a member of the cheerleading squad for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Eventually, she shifted her career into choreography where she worked for renowned celebrities like Beyonce, Aaliyah, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, and many more. She has appeared in many live performances and music videos.

Well, with all the success as a choreographer, Eboni was also elected to the Board of Governors of the Television Academy’s Choreography Peer Group. She is the Co-Governor along with fellow choreographer Mandy Moore.

Is Eboni Nichols Bisexual?

Eboni Nichols has been rumored as bisexual for a long time following her alleged relationship with famous singer Queen Latifah. However, she has not made any official statement about her sexuality.

Eboni Nichols with her partner Queen Latifah
Eboni and Queen Latifah are in a relationship for a long time

Talking about Latifah, she revealed herself as a lesbian a long time back. She was previously in a relationship with her trainer Jeannette Jenkins. She expressed, 

“I don’t have a problem discussing the topic of somebody being gay, but I do have a problem discussing my personal life.”

Although Latifah revealed herself as Gay, she was not sure about Eboni until they finally got into a relationship. They were first photographed kissing in August 2014. They were spending their vacation together at a Sardinian resort.

Eboni Nichols’s On and Off Relationship With Queen Latifah

As per sources, Eboni and Latifah are in a relationship with each other since 2013. Both of them were quite private about their relationship until they were spotted kissing at a Sardinian resort in 2014. Soon after that, they were seen together in many places. Unfortunately, Only after a year, there were rumors about the split between Queen Latifah and Eboni.

As per one of the articles from RadarOnline, the couple parted their ways in October 2015. At that time, both of them denied responding about their breakup. However, they were seen together again a year later. Latifah also revealed that Nichols was great support for her during her mother’s death in 2018.

How Did Eboni And Queen Latifah First Meet?

Eboni Nichlos and Queen Latifah met each other for the first time in a set dancing show named Dancing with the Stars. The couple felt a spark when they first met. They slowly started hanging out and finally started dating in 2013.

Are They Still Together?

Despite having an On and Off relationship, the couple is still together and doing pretty well in their relationship. In 2021, the duo were even seen together enjoying their time at BET awards.

Eboni Nichols and her girlfriend Queen Latifah
Eboni and Queen Latifah still share a strong bond

Furthermore, there were also rumors of Nichlos getting engaged to her partner Latifah in 2018, however, the allegations have not been confirmed yet.

Who Is Her Partner, Queen Latifah?

Eboni’s long-time partner Queen Latifah whose actual name is Dana Elaine Owens is a famous American rapper, singer, and songwriter. She was born on March 18, 1970, in Newark, New Jersey. She is mostly renowned as a vocalist. Apart from that, she is also known as a pianist.

The singer has been able to collect many prestigious awards like the Lifetime Achievement Award, Grammy Awards for her music, and Academy Awards for the best-supporting actress as well. Her albums have reached the top 40 and Billboard hot 100. Some of her beloved albums include Trav’lin’ Light, Black Reign, & Nature of a Sista, among others.

Eboni Nichols Is A Mother To A Son

The celebrity couple Eboni and Queen welcomed their son named Rebel in 2019. Ebino revealed that Latifah has never been happier.

Eboni with her child
Ebino and Queen Latifah welcomed their baby boy

The duo first announced their baby boy at BET Awards 2021 as she accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award. Besides, Eboni also revealed how Latifah has never been so happy with the coming of a baby on one occasion. She said,

“Latifah has never been so full of life!”

But who is her baby’s father? Well, the duo reportedly had the kid via IVF, but the details about the father of the child have been kept private.

What Is Eboni Nichols’s Net Worth?

Eboni has been able to amass a good amount of fortune through her choreography career. She has an estimated net worth of $6 million. Talking about her partner Queen Latifah’s net worth, she has amassed a hefty amount of $70 million in her career.