Who Is Kellin Quinn’s Wife Katelynne Quinn? Her Bio, Career, Marriage

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Katelynn Quinn is a fashion blogger and designer who people better recognize as the wife of Kellin Quinn, a singer, and musician who is the lead vocalist and keyboardist of the Post-Hardcore band Sleeping with Sirens.

Kellin and his wife, Katelynn have been together since the early 2010s. The couple is now parents to three children and as per Kellin’s social media posts, the family of five seems strong together.

Give the once-over at an all-in real story of the Kick Me singer Kellin’s wife, Katelynn Quinn; browse through her life before the media attention, her relationship with her musician husband, her children, & others.

Katelynn Quinn Is From Oregon

Katelynn, full name, Katelynne Anne Bostwick was born in May 1987. The [calculate_age birthdate=”1987″] years old who celebrates her birthday on the 22nd is a native of Medford, Oregon.

Born in a Christian family, Katelynn had a decent upbringing. But unfortunately, she still keeps all the details about her parents and other family member a secret.

Katelynn Quinn Has A Career In Fashion

Katelynne runs a popular blog called Youth Quaker, where she blogs about fashion. The Oregon-born named her blog Youth Quaker after a popular movement in the 60s of the same name. In the center of the movement were some young fashion icons Twiggy, Edie Sedgwick, and others.

Medford, Oregon native and the Kick Me singer, Kellin Quinn's wife, Katelynn Quinn.
Fashion blogger and Sleeping with Sirens vocalist, Kellin Quinn’s wife, Katelynn Quinn. From Instagram

She is also a fashion designer. Katelynn who allegedly is over 5’6″ tall also oversees AnthemMade a clothing line that her husband started. The artist’s wife says the freedom to create whatever she wants is what she loves most about designing clothes.

Where Did Katelynn And Kellin Meet?

When they first met each other, Kellin was 22 and Katelynne was 21. The couple met in cosmetology school where Kellin was studying hair styling and Katelynne an esthetician. Katelynne and her pop-punk artist husband dated for four years before they tied the knot in the summer of 2013 in Hawaii.

Sleeping With Sirens vocalist, Kellin Quinn with his wife, Katelynn Quinn at their wedding.
Someone Else singer, Kellin Quinn with his wife and fashion designer, Katelynn Quinn. From Instagram/Facebook

Kellin Quinn married Katelynne in April of 2013. A year after the marriage in May 2012, Katelynne gave birth to their daughter, Copeland Quinn Bostwick.

Katelynn Quinn Has Two Sons From Her Former Partner

Apparently, before marrying, Kellin, Katelynne Quinn was married to someone else. As such, some say, before her marriage to Kellin, Katelynn’s maiden name was Lahmann, presumably from her previous relationship.

Post Hardcore singer, Kellin Quinn with his and Katelynn's daughter, Copeland.
Katelynn’s husband, Kellin Quinn with their daughter, Copeland.

In fact, she also has two children from her former marriage. The children from her ex-partner are Liam and Rowan.

One Of Kellin’s Tattoos Is For His Wife, Katelynn

Kellin apparently has dedicated one of his tattoos to his wife, Katelynne. One of the ink represents the relationship he has with his current wife.

The Someone Else singer has a lock on his heart for his wife. To this, Katelynn has a key on her arm which allegedly is a symbolization of a key to the lock on her husband’s heart. Additionally, Kellin has several other tattoos on his body which apparently is a reminder to him of all of the events and struggles he’s had in his past.

Case in point, the keyboardist has a treble clef on his elbow to represent his music career, the eighth note on his left wrist, a bass clef on his right wrist, a lion on his forearm for his faith, “Before You I Serve” on his chest to represent his religion, and of course a lock on his heart for his wife.

Did Kellin Really Cheat On Katelynn?

Back in Dec 2020, some sources reported Kellin Quinn cheated on his wife with TiKToker calling herself Madie O’Neill. At the time, rumors swelled around the internet after O’Neill posted a video to TikTok claiming that she would expose Kellin for cheating on his wife with her.

In the video, O’Neill remained silent and did not name any names. She, however, made the video to the tune of King For A Day, a collaboration between the band Pierce the Veil and Kellin Quinn.

Tiktoker Madie O'Neil posting about her alleged affair with Katelynn's rockstar husband, Kellin Quinn.
Madie O’Neil’s TikTok video about her alleged affair with Kellin Quinn. TikTok

At the time, Pierce the Veil frontman Vic Fuentes was single and had no wife, which led many to assume that Quinn was the one who Madie was accusing. In the Tiktok video, O’Neill also posted a couple of screenshots of a text conversation between her and the man whom she had an affair with.

The screenshots led to many fans expressing their disappointment that the singer may, in fact, have cheated on his wife, Katelynn. Later, however, an angry-sounding Kellin took to Twitter to slam his infidelity rumors.

On his social media handle, he wrote:

“I love my wife I love my kids, and we have a REAL life. Trying to cancel people to get follows is pure f**king evil.”

Shortly afterward, many fans leaped to Quinn’s defense in the replies.

Medford, Oregon native, Katelynn Quinn's husband, Kellin Quinn addressing his cheating accusations.
Sleeping With Sirens vocalist, Kellin Quinn responding to his cheating accusations. Quinn Kellin Twitter

One Twitter fan pointed out that messages were fake and suggested the Tiktoker O’Neill might just be looking for influence. Another of Kellin’s followers suggested O’Neill might have been a shunned groupie who was out for revenge. Some likewise pointed out how the so-called text conversation was fairly innocuous and wasn’t actually proof of cheating.

So Are They Still Together?

While the Alone singer and Katelynn haven’t appeared by each other’s sides for a while and the latter hasn’t made an appearance on Kellin’s social media in over a year and a half, the couple is still alleged to be very much together.

Katelynn last came into view on Kellin’s Instagram in Sep 2020. That, however, is hardly a suggestion as to whether or not the parents of Copeland have parted ways or not.

Is Katelynn Quinn On Social Media?

While Katelynn was substantially active on social media with weblogs like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter up until the late 2010s, she now has remained low-key on such settings. When active, Kellin’s wife mostly posted about her kids, husband, and some stills of her modeling chores.

A Fashion blog writer and Sleeping With Sirens vocalist, Kellin Quinn's wife, Katelynn.
Katelynn, the wife of Alone singer, Kellin Quinn.

In recent times, however, it seems as though the fashion enthusiast has decided to stop sharing about her life on the internet. Katelynn, nonetheless, makes seldom appearances on her singer husband’s Instagram as well as his Facebook.

Katelynn Quinn Other Facts 

  • Some of her favorite clothing brands include Nasty Gal, Topshop, and Zara whilst her favorite designers are Alexander’s, Wang, Mcqueen, Saint Laurent, and Isabel Marant.
  • Katelynn claims her personal style is classic with a rock-n-roll edge.
  • Katelynne often states the British model and businesswoman, Kate Moss is her fashion inspiration.


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