Esther Grace Pujols: Details On Albert Pujols’ Youngest Daughter

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Esther Grace Pujols: Details On Albert Pujols’ Youngest Daughter
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Esther Grace Pujols is the youngest daughter of a Dominican-American former professional baseball first baseman and designated hitter Albert Pujols. Her father is a St. Louis Cardinal slugger best known for Foodie Love (2019), Marvel & ESPN Films Present 1 of 1: Genesis (2014), and Sunday Night Baseball (1990).

Besides, Esther’s mother Deidra Pujols is a philanthropist. She is the founder of the Pujols Family Foundation which works for children born with Down Syndrome. Further, Deidra also has made several initiatives to raise awareness about human trafficking and slavery. Esther’s mom led organizations like Open Gate International and Strike Out Slavery.

In this way, Pujols’ both parents are admired public figures. And, very often, millions of people outside there idolized such public faces in one or another way. So, being the daughter of such a  personality, no doubt that people are inquisitive about what their idol’s daughter’s life looks like.

So, to address that curiosity, today we are here to explore the inside life of Esther Grace Pujols.

Esther Grace Pujols’ Birth Details And Age 

She was born youngest to her parents Albert Pujols and Deidra Pujols on September 16, 2012, in the United States of America.

Esther Grace Pujols is 11 years of age in 2023
Infant Esther with her family

Right after her birth, the Pujols Family Foundation Twitter page announced her arrival. It tweeted,

Esther Grace Pujols is here! 7.3lbs and 19 1/2 in long. Congratulations Albert and Dee Dee on the birth of their new baby girl!

As of 2023, Pujols is 11 years of age. Born to an affluent father, she grew up in a luxurious life alongside her siblings.

Besides, the celebrity child is of mixed ethnicity. Her father is a Dominican-American and her mom has Irish, Mexican, and American ancestry. Further, Esther Grace is American as of her birth.

Short Details On Esther’s Grandparents

While the information about her paternal grandmother is not known, her paternal grandfather is  Bienvenido Pujols. Like her father, her grandpa was also an athlete. In his native country Dominican Republic, he used to be a great softball pitcher. Further, Esther’s great-grandmother was America Pujols.

In the same way, from her mother’s side, Pujols’ grandparents are Annette Corona and Michael Corona.

How Many Siblings Does Esther Grace Pujols Have? 

Esther has four older siblings. She has two older brothers named Albert “AJ” Pujols Jr. and Ezra Pujols. Born on January 10, 2001, her elder brother AJ, 23 is a golfer and also serves as the vice-president of the Pujols Family Foundation. Likewise, her brother Ezra, 13 was born on  February 5, 2010. He is currently a school student and also a baseball player.

Esther Grace Pujols has four siblings
Esther Grace Pujols’ siblings and parents

Further, Grace also has two sisters Isabella Pujols and Sophia Pujols. Talking about them in detail, Isabella, 25, is her half-sister born from her mom’s previous relationship on November 26, 1997. She has a genetic condition Down Syndrome. Her other sister Sophia,17 is an aspiring gymnast. She came into this world on November 5, 2005.

Esther’s Parents Ended Their Over Two Decades Marriage In 2022; What was the Reason?

Her parents Albert Pujols and Deidra ‘Corona’ Pujols are no longer together. They divorced in 2022, ending their 22 years of marriage.

Esther' parents are no longer together
Esther’ parents divorced after two decades of marriage.

Regarding their separation, the Cardinal hitter gave his statement to People. He said,

“Sadly, after 22 years of marriage, I have made the decision to file for divorce from my wife, Deidre,”

The retired MLB star also told their step to end their long marriage was not an overnight decision. He continued,

“I realize this is not the most opportune time with Opening Day approaching and other family events that have recently taken place, “These situations are never easy and isn’t something that just happened overnight.”

However, he didn’t forget to mention their children and said,

“I am thankful for the five beautiful children that we brought into this world and remain committed to raising them in a loving and safe environment.”

While filing for a divorce, Albert also demanded the joint custody of his minor children Ezra, Esther, and Sophia. However, after their split, his now ex-wife Deidra demanded child & spousal support.

The former flames married on January 1, 2000, and were in a marital relationship for 22 years. After the two separated, at present, Albert is in a relationship with Nicole Fernandez.

Her’ Mom, Deidra Pujols Underwent Brain Surgery

Just before her divorce announcement, Deidra underwent brain surgery.

Esther' mom had brain surgery
Esther Grace Pujols’ mother Deidre Pujols

After her successful brain operation, she shared the scan of her brain on her Instagram and wrote,

“The fact that they can open my head and get out the bad stuff and put it all back together blows my mind,” she shared. “I am grateful for Dr Louis and the whole Hoag Hospital staff who saved my life and cared for me after such a major surgery.”

Esther’s mother further added,

“I plan to continue to get strong and continue to live my life’s mission out fully! Thank you to all who prayed and loved me through this.”

We hope, after surgery, she is doing well.

Where Is Esther Today?

Being so young, she is not on social media handles and hardly has appeared in front of the media. So, her whereabouts are not certainly known. However, we like to assume that at present, the 11-year-old star kid is probably residing with her mother since her parent’s separation.

Looking at her age, she must be a school student and is wholly focused on her education.

Esther Grace Pujols Net Worth?

As said earlier, Esther is so young so, there is much time for her net worth to be estimated. Meanwhile, her famous father Albert Pujols is super rich with an approximate fortune of $170 million.

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