Ezra Pujols: Everything To Know About Albert Pujols’ Son

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Ezra Pujols: Everything To Know About Albert Pujols’ Son
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Ezra Pujols is recognized as the son of a Dominican-American former professional baseball first baseman and designated hitter Albert  Pujols. Nicknamed “The Machine”, his father is identified as one of the best baseball players of all time who played 22 seasons in Major League Baseball for a team like the St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Being a celebrity child, it’s common for him to draw the media’s attention. But in case you don’t know, Ezra is not the only child of his father Albert but he is one among his parent’s five children. Well, who are his siblings?

Here in this article, Read everything about Ezra Pujols including his age, siblings, parent relationship, and much more.

Profile Summary

Date of Birth5 February 2010
Age13 years old
ParentsAlbert Pujols and Deidra Pujols
Famous forAlbert Pujols’ son
No. of Siblings4

When Was Ezra Pujols Born? 

Albert Pujols’ son was born on February 5, 2010, in the United States of America.

Ezra is currently 13 years old kid.
Albert Pujols’ son Ezra.

As mentioned earlier, his father is a renowned baseball player Albert Pujols and his mother is his father’s ex-wife Deidra Pujols. Moreover, his grandfather is Bienvenido Pujol.

Ezra was raised together by his both parents until he was 12 and it’s been a year of his parent’s separation. So, he is currently under the care of his mom.

Besides, Ezra belongs to a mixed ethnical background as his dad is a Dominican-American and his mom is of Irish-Mexican-American descent. Further, he is an American citizen as of his birth.

Who is Ezra’ Mother

Ezra’s mother Deidra is a native of Kansas. She was born to her mother Annette Corona and her father Michael Corona on June 1, 1976, in Roeland Park, Kansas. Her birth name is Deidra Corona.

The now 46 years old mom is a philanthropist. In co-operation with her ex-husband, she founded a charitable organization Pujols Family Foundation with the purpose to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. Further, as per her Twitter intro, she is also the CEO of Pujols Kitchen which helps the underprivileged women of the Dominican to feed their families.

Ezra Siblings; His sister suffers from Down Syndrom

He is the fourth child of his parents. He has three older siblings named Isabella Pujols, Albert “AJ” Pujols Jr., and Sophia Pujols. Likewise, the star kid also has a younger sister, Esther Grace Pujols.

Ezra has four siblings
Ezra with his parents and siblings.

Talking about his siblings in detail, Isabella, 25 is his eldest sister who was born with Down syndrome on November 26, 1997. She is not the biological sister of Ezra instead she is the child of his mother from her previous relationship.

Further, Albert is Ezra’s elder brother who was born on January 10, 2001, which makes him 22 years of age in 2023. Like their father, Albert is also into sports and plays golf at Vanguard University.

In the same way, Sophia is Ezra’s older sister who came into this world on November 5, 2005. She is currently 17 years of age and is an aspiring gymnast. Similarly, his younger sister Esther, born on September 16, 2012, is currently 11 years old. 

He Plays Baseball Like His Father Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols is a familiar name in baseball. As we all know, he is one of the best baseball players of all time. The father of five has been the National League, Most Valuable baseball player in 2005, 2008, and 2009. Likewise, he is also an 11-time All-star and six-time Silver Slugger and has made many more records.

Like his father, Ezra also has played baseball. His current status as a player is not known but as a child, he was a baseball player. Back in April 2016, his popular dad uploaded a video of Ezra playing baseball and captioned it,

Seeing the joy of my 6 year old son, Ezra, play baseball reminds me why I love this game.

Ezra Pujols’ Parent’s Marriage And Divorce

Ezra’s parents Albert and Deidra were married for more than two decades, They tied the knot on January 1, 2000, but after more than two decades of marriage, they announced their separation in 2022.

Ezra Pujols' 'parents are no longer together
Ezra’s parents attending an event.

Regarding their split, Albert told to People,

“Sadly, after 22 years of marriage, I have made the decision to file for divorce from my wife, Deidre,”

He further stated,

“These situations are never easy and isn’t something that just happened overnight.” “As a devout Christian, this is an outcome that I never wanted to see happen,”

With the statement on the end of his marriage with his 22 years long wife, he also talked about his children and said,

“I am thankful for the five beautiful children that we brought into this world and remain committed to raising them in a loving and safe environment.”

Right after Ezra’s mom underwent brain surgery, his father filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. He also demanded joint custody of his three minor children Sophia, Ezra, and Esther but the final hearing from the court regarding this is yet to come.

Ezra Pujols Is A Joyful Kid

The 13-year-old star kid is joyful as per his father Albert.

 Ezra is a joyful kid
Ezra with his little sister. Source: His father’s Facebook

On his 11th birthday, his popular dad wished him a birthday and shares some pictures of him and his son together with a caption,

Happy 11th birthday to my son, Ezra! I’m so proud of the young man you are becoming. You fill our lives with so much laughter and joy! Have a blessed and happy birthday! I love you, buddy.

What is Ezra Pujols doing now?

At present, Ezra’s whereabouts are unknown. However, as per the news that his mom demanded child and spousal support from her ex-husband Albert, no doubt that Pujols has been living with his mom in her residence lately.

Likewise, looking at his age, the celebrity kid must be studying at school. He must be in middle school at the moment.

Ezra Pujols Net Worth

With the fact that Ezra is a minor kid, there’s still much time for him to start his professional career. Meanwhile, his famous father Albert Pujols has an estimated net worth of $170 million as of 2023.

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