How Much Is Taylor Tomlinson Net Worth in 2023? Her Salary, Income Source

How Much Is Taylor Tomlinson Net Worth in 2023? Her Salary, Income Source
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Comedian Taylor Tomlinson has gotten a deserving amount of popularity for her stand-up Netflix comedy series Quarter-Life Crisis and Look At You. Along with her tremendous fame, Tomlinson has also earned a considerable amount of net worth.

Taylor who is exceptionally good with her humor has used social media platforms very wisely and cunningly. She has made several social media sites as an income source. So, read the article further to know about Taylor’s wealth.

How Much is Taylor Tomlinson’s Net Worth in 2023?

Tomlinson, the 29 years old comedian has a net worth of $2 million. That is an outstanding amount of income one can have at such a young age. Her popularity hugely raised in the past 3 years and all thanks to social platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Taylor today is the 7th most followed female comedian in TikTok and has more than 1.5 million followers on her Instagram account. So, undoubtfully, her growing social media fame is also one of the major factors that assist to increase her fortune.

Taylor Tomlinson, stand-up comedian,
Comedian Taylor Tomlinson in one of her shows. Source: Her Instagram

She has also done two popular Netflix stand-ups which were widely appreciated.

How much is Taylor’s Income as a Comedian?

Taylor who was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the year 2021 makes a generous amount of income from her occupation. She is raising an estimated amount of income of over $200 for a single of her stand-up comedy. The standing amount of income from each show indicates her earning above $1 million including all the different shows she takes part in.

More than half of her income today comes from her Netflix shows. Her first appearance on the huge platform Netflix was in the year 2018, in a stand-up special, The Comedy Lineup. Following it, her single stand-up special, Quarter-Life Crisis released in March 2020. Among all those, her financial life raised with the release of her second Netflix stand-up, Look at You in 2022.

Taylor Tomlinson, Look At you, Comedian, netflix
A poster of Taylor Tomlinson’s Netflix show, Look at You. Source: upflix

Given one of the best stand-up comedies on Netflix, Quarter-Life Crisis, Netflix surely plays a role as a great source of income for Tomlinson. Netflix which pays around $50k to $100 million to the comics, might have paid the highest possible to her as per her increased popularity.

Tomlinson’s Selling Merchandise

In addition to being a very successful comedy actor, Taylor is also a businessperson. She owns an online apparel and accessories business which is a selling merch. According to the prices of her items, she makes thousands through her business too.

Tomlinson sells caps ranging from $22.5 to $30, jackets from $48.75, and candles that cross around $22.50 to $35.

Taylor’s Social Media Has Helped Boost Her Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Taylor has used her social media accounts as a huge platform for income generation. She makes an outstanding amount of $52.7k to $843k annually through her YouTube channel. Tomlinson posts videos of her stand-up show on her channel and also has a podcast channel, Self-Less Podcast.

Furthermore, Tomlinson has a standing amount of 2.2 million followers on TikTok. Each of her videos gets millions of views, likes, and thousands of shares. Along with TikTok, she is also a popular influencer on Instagram with 1.2 million followers. A social media influencer earns from $5000 to $10,000, which also adds up to Taylor’s income today.

Taylor Tomlinson, stand-up comedian
A picture of Comedian Taylor Tomlinson from her recent tour. Source: Her Instagram

Besides, Tomlinson also uses her social media platforms as a source of promoting herself. She has connected with her fans well and most people love her content. If you have a keen interest and love for comedy, you can follow Taylor on her social media accounts.

Her Income Sources

  • Live Stand-up comedy
  • Netflix Stand-up comedy shows
  • YouTube channel
  • Selling Merchandise

What Is Taylor Tomlinson Doing Today?

Taylor is much more successful for a person who is still in her twenties. At the current time, Taylor is busy with her The Have it All Tour which started on February 17, 2023, and will end on November 4. Tomlinson who was once engaged to Sam Morril is earning an average of $224 from the tickets for her shows in several theaters.

Taylor Tomlinson, comedian, The Have It All tour, poster
The poster of Tomlinson’s The Have It All Tour. Source: Her Instagram

She is thriving for much more success and popularity.