Is Taylor Tomlinson Married Ever? Her Future Husband, Boyfriend & More

Is Taylor Tomlinson Married Ever? Her Future Husband, Boyfriend & More
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The beautiful comedian Taylor Tomlinson has made everyone laugh through her stand-up special, Quarter Life Crisis released on Netflix along with her podcast. Although being private about her personal life, Tomlinson’s fans have known much about her through her stand-up comedies.

The 29-year-old comedian is not married and does not have a husband or even a boyfriend currently. Despite her being single today, Taylor was once engaged but it ended in a very short period. The name of the man the entertainer got engaged with also never officially came out.

So, who was Taylor engaged to? Are they still together? Here, in this article, we will get to know about her love life including her future husband as well as her current boyfriend if any.

Is Taylor Tomlinson Married Ever?

As mentioned above, the comedian Tomlinson has not married yet and does not seem to be getting married any soon too. She has been engaging herself in her professional career and has been getting much success lately after her new Netflix release.

Taylor Tomlinson, stand-up comedian
Comedian Taylor Tomlinson in one of her stand-up shows. Source: Taylor’s Instagram

Taylor who reportedly was once engaged, ended the engagement in a very short period. She never revealed the name of the man she was engaged to but it was pretty sure that the man was her ex-boyfriend Sam Morril.

While making a guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in the year 2020, Tomlinson joked about her broken engagement and said,

“I’ve had an amazing year… I got engaged,” her bit started, before then taking a turn for the worse: “Thank you, it did not work out!”

Taylor was highly praised as she had used her comedy as a way of coping with her trauma from a broken engagement.

Who is Taylor’s Boyfriend-Turned-Ex-fiance Sam Morril?

Similar to Taylor, her former partner Sam is also a comedian. Along with comedy, Morril is involved in acting and is also a writer and producer. The 37 years old comedian participated and performed his stand-up on America’s Got Talent but could not make it to the end.

Their Relationship in Brief

The relationship between Taylor and Sam started came to light in the year 2020 after the fact about Taylor’s broken engagement came out. At the time, Tomlinson revealed that they first become friends through their love for comedy and everything naturally came out as they started talking regularly.

Before Sam, Taylor was also rumored to be dating, Kyle Ka, the founder of Don’t Tell Comedy. It was pretty confusing whether Taylor was engaged to Kyle or Morril, but people were sure that Sam was the one.

Sam Morril, America's got talent, comedian,
Taylor Tomlinson’s ex-fiance, Sam Morril Source: Cheddar News

Both Morril and Tomlinson never spoke anything about them being engaged in public. If you know Taylor, she is quite an expert in letting out her feelings through her comedy. In the same way, she revealed how much she hated the ring as it always got stuck on her sweaters. Taylor also added that the ring felt like being stuck to her freedom as well.

Were Taylor and Sam Still Together After A Broken Engagement?

The ex-couple was never outspoken about how their engagement and the reason for its end. In the year 2020, after Taylor announced her broken engagement, her relationship with Sam got popularity. It was then Taylor’s witted fans who were sure that Sam was the one.

It was during the pandemic when the hype of the couple grew. Taylor started posting clips of her and Morril together during the quarantine. This made clear that they were dating each other even after the broken engagement ring. Both of them started sharing the clips regularly which soon turned into a short comedy web series, New Couple Gets Quarantined’. The web series was popular all over social media.

Taylor Tomlinson, Sam, ex-fiancé, boyfriend
A picture Taylor posted with her ex-boyfriend, Sam. Source: Taylor’s Instagram

For being asked about the reason for starting the series, Morril explained how all the people including them have lost control of their careers and life. The series was helping them to stray creative and have fun. Tomlinson, on the other hand, explained it as a way of being sharp and creative when they were stuck with each other.

Is Sam Taylor’s Future Husband? Are they together?

After all the ups and downs in the relationship, the couple is no more together today.  There is also no chance of them getting married or being together in the coming future. They officially ended their relationship in February 2022.

The couple helped each other grow during the tough time of the pandemic. They got a lot of recognition together and today are working well in their respective fields.

Is Taylor Dating a Boyfriend Today? Her Present Life

Taylor Tomlinson who owns a wealth of $2 million does not have any romantic relationship currently. There is no hint of her getting involved in any kind of relationship with a boyfriend. She has been very active and busy in her professional life and career. At an early age, Tomlinson gained much popularity through her comedies.

Taylor Tomlinson, Look At you, Comedian, netflix
A poster of Taylor Tomlinson’s Netflix show, Look at You. Source: upflix

Sadly, Taylor was once diagnosed with depression along with bipolar disorder. Although fighting with mental health issues, she has been doing a remarkable job with her Netflix shows and podcasts. Her recent stand-up special Look At You premiered in March 2022.