Meet Randy Moss’s Mother Libby Offutt: What is Libby up to these days?

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Meet Randy Moss’s Mother Libby Offutt: What is Libby up to these days?
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Libby Offutt is famed around the world as the ex-girlfriend of Pro Football Hall of Famer, Randy Moss. The duo was in a relationship for decades before calling it quits. From their lovey-dovey, the pair welcomed several children some of whom later became sports stars including renowned football tight end Thaddeus Moss.

Since breaking up with Randy in early 2015, Libby remained behind closed doors until Randy called her out for not taking care of their children and giving herself to drug abuse.

There are many aspects of her life that many of you might not be aware of, but not anymore. Today we’ll tell you the intricate details about Thaddeus Moss’s mother Libby Offutt.

Who is Libby Offutt? About Her Childhood, Parents, and Siblings

Libby was born Elizabeth Ann Offutt in November 1975, in St. Albans, West Virginia. She is one of the three daughters of her parents Frank and Margarette Offutt. She has two sisters, Angela Cokley and Jennifer. Their father Frank passed away at the age of 73 in 2012.

Libby Parents Kids
From Left to Right (Libby’s mom, Libby, her daughter Sydney, her father, and son Thaddeus.)

Offutt spent the majority of her childhood in St. Albans. After graduating from middle school, she studied at St. Albans High School.

Talking about her nationality, she is an American and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Moreover, she has English ancestry.

Libby Offutt and Randy Moss grew up nearby each other

The former flames trace their hometown back to West Virginia. Libby is from St. Albans and her baby father Randy is from Charleston, WN. They grew up quite close to each other.

Several tabloids claim they were high school sweethearts, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case here. While Libby studied at a local high school in Albans, Moss is a DuPont High School graduate, which later became Riverside High School.

Is libby offutt randy moss wife?
Libby and Randy started dating when they were in their late teens.

Regardless, the pair met around the time they were studying high school as they gave birth to their first daughter while in high school.

How many children does Libby Offut share with her ex-boyfriend, Randy Moss?

The former flames from their years-long on-off relationship welcomed in a total of five kids. They became parents for the first time on March 6th, 1994. At the time of her birth, Libby was only 18 and still in high school.

In a Facebook post, Libby said that she had no clue about life back then. She was just a dumb kid who gave birth to a child and that too, to a mixed one. Then again, her life took a big turn ever since, her eldest child, daughter Sydney Moss came into her life. In the same post, she wrote,

“All I knew was that I wanted someone to love me forever and never leave me. I realize now, all these years later, God answered my pray(s)!!! Through all of the ups and downs and goods and bads, Sydney is literally the ONLY one that has NEVER left me and continues to LOVE me unconditionally, and definitely when I don’t feel I deserve it!”

Speaking of Sydney, the eldest of Moss is a basketball player and very talented at that. She is a two-times WBCA Player of the Year and NCAA DIII All-American. In addition, since 2019 she serves as the assistant coach for the women’s basketball team at St. Thomas University.

Besides, Libby welcomed her second child Thaddeau Moss on May 14, 1998. He is an NFL player who currently plays as the Tight-end for the Washington Football Team. Their third-born Montigo Moss aka Tigo came into this world in June 2002 and akin to his big bro and dad, he is also a Football player.

Libby Offutt Children with her ex-beau Randy
She is a proud mother of five beautiful children.

Randy and Libby’s fourth child Senali was born on March 24th, 2004 and subsequently, after some time, their last and third daughter Sylee Moss came.

Libby Offutt and Randy Moss had a terrible physical altercation

The pair started going out since they were teenagers. They were in an on-off relationship from the beginning as Randy was usually busy with his football career. After the two welcomed Sydney and Thaddeau, they had an altercation that left a scar on their relationship.

So back in 1996, both of them got in a brawl after Randy dropped his then two-year-old daughter Sydney off at Libby’s residence. Apparently, at the time, Randy pulled up in his new girlfriend’s car to drop off his daughter.

As soon as he reached there, a fight broke out between the two which even led to a few injuries. As reported by the authorities, Libby had abrasions around her neck along with minor cuts. In addition, during the intense scuffle, Randy even threw steaming hot water on her.

Back then Moss, who had never hurt a woman his entire life, regretfully said,

“She just ticked me off, and it got out of hand. The only thing I regret was I put my hands on her. I don’t put my hands on a woman. But I had to apply some pressure to get her off of me. I still love her. I didn’t want nothing like that to happen. But that’s life, I guess.”

As a consequence, by the end of 1996, the pair had broken up.

Randy accused his ex-girlfriend Offutt of drug abuse and leaving their children stranded

In 2016, the former Minnesota Vikings player openly called out his children’s mom. He blasted Libby for her drug addiction via his Twitter account. The most frightening part of the tweet was that Libby, according to Randy, blew around $4 million on drugs.

Libby Offutt Boyfriend Randy Moss
Libby and her ex-beau Randy. Source: Facebook

Moss even went as far as to say that he even retired early from football all because of her. He wrote, “Retired because my kids needed me! im here for the REAL father’s that understand our position in life.”

Apart from maintaining Libby never really cared for her children, Randy added to his Twitter rant, “I love and kiss on my children everyday! Can u say the same?”

Libby fires back at Randy: “He’s just saying this to keep the kids”

The WAG wasn’t going to stay silent on the matter. Nearly a month after Randy’s accusations, she lashed out at him and asked if he has any pieces of evidence to back the claims.

She blatantly refuted the claims that she splurged millions of dollars on narcotics and told TMZ, “I’d be dead if I spent $4 million on drugs. Where’s his proof?”

Apart from Libby, her mother also told TMZ her daughter is free from the addiction for several years and never relapsed.

Was Libby Offutt married to Randy?

No, the former flames never tied the knot. Before they even started thinking about marriage, the pair, unfortunately, went their separate ways. Since 2015, Randy is happily married to his first wife Lydia. The couple exchanged vows in 2015.

Now there is a lot of confusion as to how many kids does Randy has. It is confirmed that he has five kids with Libby. According. During his induction into the 2018 NFL Hall of Fame, he said eleven names including five kids with his ex-girlfriend. Now there’s confusion about whether he really is the father of all of them or not.

Aside from his five children with Libby, he said these names during his speech, Lexi Adkins, Lyric, Little Lourdes, Randy, Teran, and Arianna. Of these five, one of them is his biological daughter with his wife Lydia, and Lexi Adkins is also confirmed to be his daughter. As for the rest of them, it is not sure if he is their father or uncle, though he did say uncle a few times during the speech.

It is unknown whether he shares these kids from his current relationship or his previous one. Before dating Libby, the retired NFL star was in a relationship with Rachelle Washington.

As for Libby, she never married anyone either.

What is Thaddeus Moss’ mother Libby Offutt doing these days?

For the past several years or so, Libby lives a rather simple life. She is quite into spirituality and religions these days. Going by her Facebook account, she shares a lot of verses from the Bible. It looks like she has no place for negativity now!

Aside from that, she usually adds pictures of her five children. She is quite proud of the babies she made and why wouldn’t she? After all, the majority of them are doing great in their respective field.

Her Professional Career

A little is known about Libby Offutt’s career is that she is now a sales associate at HomeGoods, a retail company which headquarters in Framingham, MA.

Similarly, in the past, Thaddeus Moss’ mother is a former cashier at 7-Eleven, a chain of home furnishing stores.

How much is Libby Offutt’s net worth?

Libby has had an extravagant life while she was in a relationship with Randy. Since her break-up with Randy, she lives a quiet life. And her net worth as of 2022 is about $1 million.

Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Randy has a total wealth of $25 million in 2022.


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