Who Is Randy Moss Wife? Is He Married? All About His Love Life

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Randy Moss is a big name in the NFL The West Virginia native played 14 seasons in the NFL. Considered one of the greatest wide receivers of all time, Randy played for six teams in total. Out of all of them, his time at the Minnesota Vikings is the most remembered.

Though Randy was making it big in the NFL, his personal life was suffering. His first relationship ended in a bad way, however, his new relationship is great. For the past several years, he is enjoying marital bliss but the questions keep looming, who is Randy Moss’ wife? and How did they first meet?

Let’s find out the answers to these burning questions and also know if the pair share any biological children or not?

Married and Living Happily: Who is Randy Moss’s wife?

The veteran NFL star is playing the second innings of his personal life. And truth be told, it is going pretty well for him. For the past several years, he is relishing his marriage. Randy Moss married his wife Lydia Moss several years ago in a super private ceremony. Fans were not aware of the fact thus the news of his marriage took us all by surprise. Sources suggest the pair exchanged vows in 2015, h0wever, there’s no confirmation regarding the year.

Nevertheless, since becoming Randy’s wife, Lydia has stood by her husband’s side through thick and thin. The couple is living a delightful life with their kids. Besides, Randy likes to keep his personal life at bay and rarely shares pictures of his wife. So far, we’ve been able to see only a handful of pictures of his wife.


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In addition, Moss’s spouse has kept her Instagram handle so no snooping there as well. Aside from Instagram, it seems Lydia isn’t active on any other social media platform.

How many children does Randy share with his wife Lydia?

The happy pair is a proud parent of one daughter. Lydia gave birth to their daughter in March 2014. Their sweet little munchkin is 8 years of age as of 2022. Besides, Randy shares a lot of pictures of his daughter on Instagram.

Judging by the pictures, it is safe to say, the father-daughter duo is spending the best time together. Randy’s mother is sure to remember all the cherishable moments she is sharing with her father right now. Even Randy is enjoying parenting his little child. Back when his adult children were growing up, he wasn’t really around due to his commitment to sports. But now he is witnessing first hand.

Randy Moss and his spouse Lydia
Randy is happily married to Lydia.

In addition, his daughter also has a great relationship with her half-siblings, especially with Senali Moss. Both of them are often seen together. Senali is also a doting sister to her half-sibling.

Well, it’s great to see that Randy has been able to remove the boundaries that generally exist between half-siblings. During his Hall of Fame speech, Randy mentioned that his children are his source of inspiration. He stated, “The love and the passion and sacrifice that I showed for 14 years was for you all. Every praise, every record, touchdown, endorsement was all out of the love that I have for you all.”

Randy Moss previously dated Libby Offutt: Shares five children with her

Before he married Lydia, Randy was in an on-and-off relationship with Libby Offutt. Though numerous tabloids claim they went to the same high school, it is all false as Randy is a Riverside High School graduate and Libby went to a local school in Albans. It is just that the former flames grew up nearby. While Randy is a Charlestown, WN native, his ex-girlfriend Libby is from St. Albans.

Libby Offutt Randy Moss Sydney Moss
Libby and Randy started dating when they were in their late teens.

The duo dated throughout their adolescent years. However, their relationship wasn’t as smooth as one would expect. At first, they were an interracial couple, and secondly Randy wasn’t around much. They were in a rather unstable relationship before eventually going their separate ways.

From their relationship, they welcomed five children. Libby gave birth to her first child, Syndey Moss, on March 6th, 1994. She was still a teenager when she became a mother. Libby once wrote on her Facebook account that when Sydney came into this world, she had no idea what is she doing with her life.

Regardless, Libby was able to give their first a proper upbringing. A few years later on May 14th, 1998, their second child, a son, Thaddeus Moss was born. Their third child Montigo Moss came knocking in June 2002. Subsequently, their fourth, daughter Senali was born on March 24th, 2004, and the fifth one Sylee Moss came into this world a few years after.


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Randy once accused his ex-girlfriend of blowing millions of dollars on narcotics

In 2016, Randy and his girlfriend Libby were all over the internet after he called her out for drug abuse. According to Randy’s Tweet, Libby reportedly blew approximately $4 million on narcotics. In addition, he also maintained it was because of her that he had to quit his career early on because his kids were suffering.

He wrote,

“Retired because my kids needed me! im here for the REAL fathers that understand our position in life.”

Moss further added, “I love and kiss on my children every day! Can u say the same?”

Regardless, Libby begged to differ. A month after the accusation, she blasted her former partner for his apparent blatant lies. Offutt said she’d be dead if she would’ve spent $4 million on drugs.


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