Meet Keiko Fujimoto, Sunny Balwani’s Ex-Wife: Where Is She Now?

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Meet Keiko Fujimoto, Sunny Balwani’s Ex-Wife: Where Is She Now?
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Keiko Fujimoto is a Japanese-American artist who was popular in the Japanese Television industry. Keeping her career aside, she is known in the media as the ex-wife of Sunny Balwani, a convicted fraudster businessman.

Keiko was married to the businessman but separated in the early 2000s. Read further if you want to know the real reason behind their divorce.

Here, in this article, we will get to know about Keiko’s married life, the true reason for divorce, and also all the major information about her ex-husband. Let’s dig in.

Who is Keiko Fujimoto, Sunny Balwani’s Ex-Wife?

Fujimoto used to work in television shows as one of the well-known artists. She was best known for her role in a Japanese TV series, Takajin Mune Ippai in 1994. Keiko was born in 1977 in Tokyo and holds a Japanese ethnicity.

A picture of Actress Keiko Fujimoto
Japanese-American Artist Keiko is the ex-wife of Sunny Balwani.

She reportedly moved to the United States to continue her further studies and obtained a degree in Information Science. Fujimoto worked in several companies such as Microsoft as an Operating officer.

Keiko Fujimoto’s Ex-Husband Sunny Balwani

Fujimoto’s ex-husband, Sunny Balwani was previously the President and Chief Operating Officer of Theranos, a blood testing company in the States. He was born and brought up in Pakistan and later moved to the U.S.A. and continued further studies there.

Sunny Balwani is the former president of Theranos
Fujimoto’s ex-husband was sentenced for Theranos fraud in 2022.

Keiko and Balwani met while working at Microsoft. They started dating after getting to know each other through the company itself.  There is no information about the year the mixed-ethnic couple married but it is supposed to have been a short marriage.

Why Did Fujimoto and Balwani Separate?

Keiko filed for divorce against her then-husband, Sunny as he was having an extramarital affair. Balwani cheated on his wife.

Balwani was already in a relationship with the Founder and CEO of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes. Holmes was just 18 years old and 19 years younger than Sunny when they started dating.

Elizabeth Holmes was the CEO of Theranos
Keiko’s ex-partner, Balwani had an extramarital affair with Elizabeth Holmes.

Currently, both Balwani and Holmes are convicted and proven guilty in the Theranos fraud case. Read further to know the Theranos Scandal.

The Theranos Scandal

Theranos, which was under the operation of Sunny Balwani, was first reported to have been using an inaccurate blood testing device in October 2015. The Edison blood testing device failed quality control and produced varying results that were dangerous for the citizens.

With several other fraud charges, Balwani departed from Theranos in May 2016. But again, in the year 2018, Sunny and Elizabeth were charged by the SEC for securities fraud. In June of the same year, both of them were presented in court on nine counts of wire fraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. They were trialed separately for defrauding both investors and their patients.

After two years of detailed investigation, both of them were found to be guilty of several counts of fraud in 2022. Balwani is serving a sentence of 12 years and 11 months in prison along with three years of probation at the present time. Surprisingly, during the trial, Sunny was also accused of sexual abuse and death threats by his then-girlfriend Holmes.

Despite being betrayed by Balwani, Keiko chose to speak in support of him in the case and stated that the abuse allegations were false and inflammatory. It was also cleared out that although Fujimoto was close to Theranos, she was unknown and totally out of the scam.

Where Is Keiko Fujimoto Today?

Keiko and Sunny were living a lavish life in San Franciso together until their separation. But today, we have no idea where she is. After the divorce, Keiko avoided the media and moved to Japan.

Fujimoto is a Japanese artist.
A recent picture of Keiko painting with a random child in her studio. She does not have any children of her own. Source: Flickr

Keiko is into artistic painting and showcases her works on her website. She does not have any personal social media accounts, however. Fujimoto also neither had any children with Balwani nor she is reportedly dating anyone today. She is living a simple and peaceful life away from every limelight possible.