Melissa McCarthy’s Daughter Georgette Falcone Is a Promising Actress; Her Roles in Movies

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Melissa McCarthy’s Daughter Georgette Falcone Is a Promising Actress; Her Roles in Movies
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Georgette Falcone is famously known to the world as the daughter of the all-rounding American actress/comedian, Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy and her husband, Ben Falcone – who is also in showbiz – are raising their daughter together. Falcone’s parents have had a wonderful relationship so far; they have been together for over 20 years!

So, who is Georgette after all? Well, the 12-year-old young girl is famous for multiple reasons! At a very young age, Georgette has already appeared in a number of films as well. Above all this, sources confirm that Melissa McCarthy’s daughter has remarkable athletic abilities too. Nevertheless, what are the things young Falcone is into? We will answer these questions further in the article.

Profile Summary Of Melissa McCarthy’s Daughter Georgette Falcone

Full nameGeorgette Falcone
Age13 years old
Date of birth11th Feb 2010
Zodiac signAquarius
SiblingsVivian Falcone
ParentsMelissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown

Falcone Will Soon Become A Teenager; When Is Her Birthday?

Georgette was born on 11th February 2010 as the youngest daughter of the Bridesmaids actress, Melissa McCarthy and her film-producing husband, Ben Falcone. The lovely couple welcomed their gorgeous young daughter into their warm home almost 12 years ago. In 2023, young Falcone became 13 years old. She’s already growing so fast!

Melissa McCarthy is the mother of 2 kids
The McCarthy-Falcone Family! Georgette with her parents and sister.

By birth, Georgette is gifted with multiple ethnicities. On her mother’s side, she is 69% Irish, 19% German, and 12% English. Likewise, Ben Falcone, her dad, is part-German with a hint of Italian, Irish, and English descent. Both Mr. and Mrs. Falcone are from America and were born and raised there. Therefore, their daughter is a gifted American citizen with a mix of various ethnic backgrounds.

12-Year-Old Georgette Is Her Parents’ 2nd Daughter; Who Is Her Sibling?

As mentioned, Georgette is McCarthy’s younger or 2nd daughter. She has an elder sister named, Vivian Falcone.

Vivian was welcomed by her parents into this world on 5th May 2007. She was born as the eldest daughter of her comedian mom and dad, McCarthy and Falcone. Georgette shares an age gap of just 3 years with her sister. This means Vivian will be turning sweet 16 in 2023.

Both the daughter of the actress from Thunder Force seem to get along well together. This duo of sisters also appears in movies alongside their mother and father. Georgette sure is blessed to have them all in her life.

McCarthy’s Youngest Daughter Georgette Falcone Is Also An Actress

So far, sources have confirmed that Melissa’s youngest one has made her appearance in some movies. That’s right, 12-year-old Falcone is already into acting and following her parents into showbiz. So, what movies has she been a part of?

Georgette made her debut in the movie, The Boss. This 2016 comedy film was directed by her father, Ben Falcone, while her mother was the lead actress. Along with her parents, her sister, Vivian also appeared in the film. At that time, she was just 5-6 years old!

Georgette's 2nd film appearance
‘Thunder Force’ – Georgette appeared as Evelyn in this Netflix film.

According to McCarthy’s conversation with the popular talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres in her show, her younger daughter wanted a role in the movie because her sister was in it too. Even more so, Georgette “demanded” a part in the film. Thus, Falcone and his actress wife had no other option besides agreeing.

Similarly, her second film was the movie, Thunder Storm. Even here, Georgette’s mother was the lead actress who played the role of Lydia Berman. Not only this, but her dad was the director who appeared in a cameo. In this 2021 movie, Falcone portrayed the role of Evelyn, while her sister, Vivian portrayed young Lydia.

Besides Acting, This Young Actress Is Also Into Basketball And Music

Along with acting, little Falcone is interested in a bunch of other things too! Typically, basketball and music.

According to her famed mother, Melissa, Georgette loves playing the violin. Similarly, since a very young age, she has been into basketball. Even more so, she is a very talented athlete who made her first-ever basket effortlessly.

Looks like even Georgette is an all-rounder just like her mom!

Georgette’s Parents, Melissa & Ben, Married For Years

As of 2023, actress Melissa McCarthy and her actor/director husband, Ben Falcone have been together for over two decades. This power couple met initially at a comedy writing class at the Groundings Comedy School in LA in 1998. And ever since their first meeting, Georgette’s mom and dad have been crazy for one another.

Actress McCarthy is married to filmmaker, Ben Falcone
A lovely picture of Georgette’s parents together.

The filmmaker and the comedy actress further tied the knot on 8th October 2005. They had a beautiful wedding ceremony, surrounded by all of their loved ones. After a little over two years in the holy union, these stars became parents for the first time. Likewise, 10 years after their marriage, Falcone, and McCarthy’s 2nd child, Georgette was born.

To this date, the lovely couple seems to be head over heels for one another. They even appear together in movies and portray amazing chemistry. In October of 2022, Melissa and Ben celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary.

Both Of Georgette’s Parents Are Renowned Actors

Falcone’s mother Melissa is a renowned actress-cum-comedian. This Primetime Emmy Awards winner has been in the entertainment industry since 1997. Her cute and funny personality is often represented through her roles in movies and shows. McCarthy gained worldwide recognition through her role in the series, Gilmore Girls. In addition to this, she is also famously known for her work in The Heat, Tammy, Spy, and other popular movies.

Similarly, her husband, Ben Falcone is an actor and a filmmaker. Georgette’s dad made his debut in the film, Tammy, alongside her mom in 2014. He often appears on the big screen as a cameo with his beloved wife. To this date, Falcone has been in the making of movies like The Boss, Life of the Party, and Superintelligence. In 2022, he also starred in a Netflix show, God’s Favorite Idiot, which he actually created himself.

Melissa Believes Her Daughter Is More Confident Than She Ever Was

Actress, McCarthy, who is known for her confident acting in Hollywood, believes that her daughter, Georgette is more confident than she’ll ever be. She feels like both of her daughters are growing into two strong and confident independent women.

The Falcone sisters with their mom
Georgette photographed with her mother and sister, Vivian.

During an interview at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in 2019, the comedian actress shared how she thinks both her daughters are better than her. She explained,

They’re really smart and funny, weird. I think they’re better [than me]. They’re further along in their young lives than I was. I feel like I had to push almost 30 to get their kind of confidence, so I love seeing that.”

It seems Georgette will indeed grow very strong in the coming future. We cannot wait to see her happy, healthy, and thriving even when she turns into an adult.

Is Georgette Falcone Already A Millionaire At 12 Years Old?

Both of Georgette’s parents are actors in Hollywood. So, it is quite obvious that they have huge net worths.

According to sources, Melissa McCarthy stands at a net worth of $90 million dollars. Similarly, her husband, Ben Falcone is worth $20 million. The couple together stands at a whopping $110 million dollars. Moreover, little Falcone shares this money with her parents. Thus, she is already a millionaire at 12 years old.

Is Melissa McCarthy related to Jenny McCarthy?

Yes, they are related to each other. In fact, Melissa is Jenny McCarthy‘s cousin.


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