Meet Bernice Burgos’s Daughter Sarai Burgos: Bio, Career, Net Worth

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Sarai Burgos is the daughter of Bernice Burgos, an Instagram and music video model as well as a reality star. Sarai who is just in her teenage years is the second daughter of Bernice who is one of the most distinct modern-day models. She is also an entrepreneur who has made a name for herself starring in several music videos including multiplatinum artists as well as for national magazines.

She has appeared in a number of songs including Drake, J Cole, and Rick Ross’ 2012 music video, Diced Pineapples. Sarai’s mother who also appeared on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out also gets mentioned a lot for how young she looks. That is especially when she poses alongside her daughters.

Her mother is popular for displaying her curves in rampant sorts of bikinis on social media. One of which has over 7 million (Insta). However, as much as there is to say about Bernice or even her first daughter, too little and too rarely has Sarai ever been put under any crucial discussions. Read why Bernice’s this baby girl is away from the public’s interest, who her father is, and what are her pursuits in addition to all and above.

Sarai Burgos Age, Birth Details

So far, it has remained a mystery when Bernice birthed her second daughter, Sarai Burgos. The one-time MTV reality star, however, has often stated that she had her second daughter Sarai 10 years after giving birth to her first, Ashley.

Sarai’s elder sister (and Bernice’s first baby girl) was born in May 1996.

Sarai Burgos with her mother Bernice in July 2017.
Bernice with her youngest daughter, Sarai in July 2017 at Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

The fashion enthusiast was 25 when she welcomed the now 16-something-year-old Sarai Burgos and so was 15 when she had Ashley. Bernice, however, has never really shied away from talking about her teen mom period.

Who Is Sarai Burgos Father?

What so far has also remained murky is the real identity of Sarai’s paternal identity; who is her father & all. Though in light of the anonymousness it has been concluded that the father of the teenager wasn’t anyone famous.

Sarai’s mother who was born in April 1980, has an ethnicity that roots back in Puerto Rico. The now 42-year-old, though grew up as a Bronx, New York native.

Her mom has often made it clear that she is a child of Puerto Rican parents who grew up in Spanish surroundings.

Her Older Sister, Ashley Burgos Is Also Famous

Sarai’s elder sister Ashley Marie Burgos was born on May 9, 1996, in New York. Like her mother, she is also quite popular on Instagram (with a little over 200,000 followers). She further is also a mother, herself at quite a young age.

Instagram model and Sarai Burgos' sister, Ashley Burgos.
Bernice Burgos’ eldest daughter, Ashley Burgos.

She is also a businesswoman who co-owns a clothing line with her celebrity mother, Bernice.

Much like Sarai’s father, Bernice also hasn’t revealed any detail on who Ashley’s dad is. She did once reveal that her first baby father was 19 when she was born. He additionally was in an out of the jail.

The One Time Bernice Showed Her Daughter Sarai To Her Instagram Followers

She might be quite a show-and-tell about herself be it her struggling past or her ongoing budding success. Bernice, however, has hardly talked about her youngest daughter, Sarai. Among the many posts, the New Yorker has shared on her socials, only on a few occasions has the model ever talked about her youngest one Sarai.

It was back in July 2017 when she posted an Instagram shot where the model mom can be seen having a stroll in that year’s Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards whilst making a video. In the recording, the five nine celebrity asks her second daughter to be with her inside the camera frame and mentions how shy she is.

After a moment, Sarai questions her mother about where they are supposed to be going. The video’s final scenes include the Awards’ show crowds and its infamous slime stunts.

Sarai Burgos Mother Bernice Struggled A Lot Before Her Modeling Career

While she is now a noticeable model and a seemingly doing fine entrepreneur, Sarai’s mother, Bernice has endured her fair share of ups and downs. Way before she would become famous, the Diced Pineapples model became pregnant at 15 and was disowned by her family, and had consequently gone homeless.

She afterward started living at her then-boyfriend mother’s house where she used to do all the chores. As she became pregnant and had no family to support, Bernice also had to quit school.

Diced Pineapple music video model, Bernice Burgos with her eldest daughter and model, Ashley Burgos.
Show Magazine model and Sarai Burgos’ mother, Bernice Burgos with her eldest daughter and model, Ashley Burgos.

Sarais’ mother sometime later got a job as a bartender and it was then that she began modeling. Since she commenced her modeling career, the Burgos leading lady has been in the video for the vixen and has also posed for numerous magazines. Two of them are SHOW and XXL.

The Latina model’s first ever music video was J. Cole’s Work Out. Three years later, the mother of two was featured in Rick Ross’ Diced Pineapples.

Sarai Burgos Mother Has Had Relationships With Several Men

As mentioned, Burgos’ mother, Bernice was only 15 when she gave birth to her first daughter, Ashley. Resultantly she had her first relationship at a very young age. Also, having a baby at such a young age forced Bernice to grow up quite fast.

As she grew up, she would date many men famous as well as noncelebrities. Bernice recently was dating a rapper T.I. Their relationship was also featured in The Family Hustle’s sixth season.

It, however, was quite controversial because the No Mediocre rapper at the time was also on the verge of divorcing his wife, Tiny Harris. There were also allegations that Bernice was the other woman between T.I. and Harris.

Sarai Burgos' mother and one time reality star, Bernice Burgos and No Mediocre rapper T.I.
Bernice Burgos and her alleged ex-boyfriend and rapper, T.I.

Though later, Bernice made it clear that she wasn’t at fault for creating rifts between the record executive and his wife. She explained their union had already been experiencing rifts.

Sarai’s mother said she had never dealt with a married man in her life. During an interview with The Breakfast Club in July 2017, the mother of two said her meetings with TI were extremely professional. She likewise added the talks included her potential involvement in a movie.

TI and Tiny’s separation began in April 2017; they, though reconciled. Some other men with whom Bernice has been linked are Nick Cannon, Gervonta Davis, and Drake. The man that the media last linked with Bernice was the Going Bad singer, Meek Mill who she allegedly met in 2018.

Sarai’s Mother, Bernice Burgos Net Worth

She might have had her share of hardships in the past, but as of now, the young Sarai’s mother, Bernice is a decently successful businesswoman and a celebrity not only in terms of fame but also when it comes to money and all.

The alleged millionaire in addition to making hundreds of thousands of dollars from her gig as a model also brings quite a lot of money from her own apparel business.

She has her own line of clothing, a signature sleepwear collection that comes with sporty and feminine styles for women. The Show Magazine model says with her clothing line she strives to teach progression to her daughters.

Despite the popularity and multiple talks about her ventures, what has been missing all this time is the ABCs of her financial worth. Multiple speculations nonetheless suggest her net worth falls in the proximity of $1 million or even beyond.


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