Tawny Little; What happened to the former Miss New York

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Tawny Little; What happened to the former Miss New York
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Tawny Little is a former beauty pageant winner, news reporter, and host. She has had quite an adventurous life with the aforesaid number of careers and multiple marriages. Her life began in Portland Maine and in the subsequent years in Yonkers, New York, and Canada.

Little later Tawny also achieved some national recognition after which she would go on to have a year of a career as a news reporter in addition to occasional appearances in some films.

However, in recent years, it seems as though Tawny has taken unofficial retirement from the spotlight with no new or latest public presence to any extent whatsoever. Read what really happened in addition to a total recounting of her early life, career, marital details, what she does in the present, and more.

Tawny Little Is From Maine

Little was born on Sep 15, 1956, in Portland Maine. She however grew up in Yonkers, New York, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Tawny graduated from Roosevelt High School in Yonkers, New York in 1974.

Tawny Little in Santa Monica CA
Actor John Schneider’s former wife Tawny Little or Tawny Godin. Getty

Little studied at Skidmore College and later at the University Of Southern California. When in Skidmore, Tawny also had a scholarship.

Little apparently yearned to be a college professor. She studied linguistics at Skidmore College. Tawny wanted to specialize in language acquisition programs for elementary-age school children.

Tawny Career; She Is An Ex Miss New York Winner And Later Worked As A Reporter

One could say Little’s career got that needed boost from her 1975 Miss New York win and the following victory at the 1976 Miss America.

Little however would spend most of her career as a reporter and host of several shows. She was an anchor with three Los Angeles television stations beginning in 1977 with KABC TV.

Beginning in 1977 with KABC-TV, Susan Little worked as a news reporter and anchor in Los Angeles, with stints on several popular programs including AM Los Angeles, Eye on LA, Hollywood Close-up, and The Love Report. She later became a news anchor for Prime 9 News on KCAL-TV after leaving KABC in 1992. From 1995 to 1999, she served as a co-anchor for UPN News 13 on KCOP-TV. Additionally, Little had small roles in various television shows and movies such as Rocky II, T.J. Hooker, Hart to Hart, and Benson.

Little furthermore was a contestant on The $128,000 Question. In her final victory, the ex-beauty pageant won around $8000.

Little once also covered the Oscars interview and talked with celebrities on the red carpets.

Little Relationship; She Has Been Married Thrice And Has Three Sons

Little in total has been in three marital relationships. She was first married to her husband Miles Little. He was a neurosurgeon in Los Angeles. Their marriage lasted from 1977 to 1981. After her divorce from Miles, Little married The Dukes Of Hazzard star John Schneider. This marriage however also ended in a divorce.

Former reporter and show host Tawny Little with her ex-husband John Schneider at the 57th Academy Awards in March 1985
Actor John Schneider with his former wife and ex-reporter Tawny Little. Getty

Post her separation from Schneider, Little wed Don Corsini. He was the general manager of KCBS TV and KCAL-TV. With Corsini, Portland-born welcomed two sons, Joseph John, and Chris. Little and Corsini divorced in 1999 after which the Maine-born actress tied the knot with Los Angeles-based attorney Rick Welch. With Welch, Little had one son. Tawny and Welch remained husband and wife until the latter’s death in Oct 2014.

Is Tawny Little Married Now; Who Is Her Current Husband? What happened to her?

Up until 2017, Tawny was still using the last name, Welch, according to her mother’s obituary. It however isn’t enough to say whether she was still a widow at the time. Nor it came to light if she had married. Frankly, in recent years, Tawny has been nothing more than a has-been. It consequently is a mystery whether the Yonkers native has a new husband or not.

Maine born ex reporter and host Tawny Little in Oct 1987 in Los Angeles.
University of Southern California-graduate Tawny Little in Oct 1987. Getty

The same is the scenario with her recent whereabouts although some public records suggest Tawny resides in her native Yonkers New York. She likewise is also reported to have changed her maiden name to Godin. Yet again what she does professionally is no less than a mystery itself.

How much is Little’s Net Worth?

Tawny’s financial acumen poses a puzzling enigma, given the veil of utmost secrecy that has shrouded her life in recent years. Although she may have amassed a significant fortune during her time as a reporter and host, her present financial standing remains a burning question.

Portland born former Miss America winner Tawny Little at the 1st Annual American Video Awards
A former reporter from KABC TV, Tawny Little. Getty

Nobody really knows how celebrities like her who once was among the media gossip really make their living after saying goodbye to show business. While it may be a bold conjecture, Little’s net worth could range from hundreds of thousands of dollars and beyond.


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