Untold Facts About Lexi Underwood Parents

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Untold Facts About Lexi Underwood Parents
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Somewhat a new face, Lexi Underwood has managed to gain the attention of many viewers following the premiere of the Hulu drama show, Little Fires Everywhere in March 2020.

Lexi plays the character of Pearl Warren the teenage daughter of Kerry Washington which has brought her widespread acclaim. Now her acting skills have given life to several curiosities including the fact that many have been wondering who her parents are and what family she grew up with.

Keep reading to discover the insides outs of her family background, who are her parents, and more.

Lexi Underwood Parents; Relocated To Support Their Daughter’s Career

Lexi Underwood’s parents are Stephanie Black and Alex Underwood.

Unlike their daughter, Stephanie and Alex live relatively low-profile life. They however have always been supportive of their daughter, Lexi. In fact, the actress during the initial phase of her performing career was mostly with her parents. Her folks even agreed to move with her from Washington DC to the west coast so that Underwood could follow her career.

2003 born actress Lexi Underwood with her mother Stephanie, and father, Alex in May 2019
Little Fires Everywhere actress Lexi Underwood with her father, Alex, and mother Stephanie. Facebook

Lexi was just 12 and had just finished her 2015 theatrical tour of The Lion King. Soon after she requested her parents to uproot their lives in Washington DC to move with her to Los Angeles. Underwood’s parents initially agreed to a three-month move but they would eventually live in LA for years.

Lexi says she is super thankful that her parents actually listened to her even though she was 12 years old with big dreams.

Lexi Underwood Parents; Her Actress’ Mother Stephanie Black Stopped Her From Quitting Acting

Furthermore, Lexi’s mother played a pivotal role in encouraging her daughter to audition for the part of Pearl Warren in Little Fires Everywhere. Back in March 2020, while having an interview with Airmail, Underwood recounted how she had almost given up on acting the day prior to her audition. It however was her mother Stephanie who provided her with the motivation she needed to persevere.

The First Lady actress Lexi Underwood with her mother Stephanie Black
Sneakerella actress Lexi Underwood with her mother Stephanie Black. Facebook

According to Lexi, her mother told her,

You really wanted to audition for Little Fires. Just go in and do it and do your very best. And if you don’t get it and you still want to go home, fine, that’s totally cool. But at least just go in there and show them what you’ve got.

One could say, Stephanie’s words of encouragement were precisely what Lexi needed to land the role in Little Fires Everywhere.

Lexi Father, Alex Underwood’s Profession

Lexi’s father, Alex Underwood studied at the University Of Virginia and is also a former student of Lincoln, Sudbury Regional High. Alex is reportedly a native of Boston Massachusetts.

Alex and his wife Stephanie now seem to have moved back to Washington DC.

As such, Lexi’s father Alex now works as a senior compliance officer at the Office Of Labor Standards, DC. His LinkedIn says he monitors all city-wide construction projects utilizing government funds in order to enforce and promote the District’s First Source Law.

Lexi Underwood's parents Stephanie Black and Alex Underwood
Alex Underwood with his wife Lexi Underwood. Facebook

In the past, Alex Underwood worked as an event specialist, sports marketing coordinator, national program coordinator, commissioner, and treasurer among others.

As for Lexi’s mother, while nothing much about her profession is known, she is reported to be the daughter of James William Black and Graphelia Smith. The former was born in North Carolina and is a professional golfer.

Stephanie is said to be handling most of her daughter’s acting career.


What nationality is Lexi Underwood?

Lexi is an American national.

How old is Lexi Underwood?

Lexi Underwood who was born on Aug 28 2003 is currently 19 years old.


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