What Did Julianna Farrait Look As A Young Woman? What Is Her Age Now?

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What Did Julianna Farrait Look As A Young Woman? What Is Her Age Now?
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Who was Julianna Farrait as a young woman? Julianna, who was born in 1941 in Puerto Rico, became the talk of the town when she was arrested in 2010 for selling cocaine in Puerto Rico.
Discovering her past and beauty queen title sheds light on the mysterious partner of the late American Gangster, Frank Lucas. Delve into the details that defined Julianna when she was young in addition to her arrests and current whereabouts.

Julianna Farrait As A Young Woman; How Did She Look?

Most of Julianna’s pictures are things of rarity. It wherefore is vague what Farrait exactly looked like in her younger days. It likewise is also ambiguous what her pursuits were amidst the time when she was at an early age.

When she was young, a few or two pictures, nonetheless, say she looked like an extravagant woman who loved fine things. One thing that is worth mentioning about Julianna when she was young is that she was also a beauty queen from Puerto Rico.

The late American Gangster Frank Lucas with his wife, Julianna Farrait and their baby daughter Francine.
Julianna Farrait with her late husband Frank Lucas and their little girl Francine. Twitter

It was also in her younger days when Julianna fell in love with Harlem drug trafficker Frank Lucas which apparently was during the 60s.

The 2007 film American Gangster which was based on Julianna’s partner, Frank’s crime-rigged life, also includes Farrait’s story however she goes by the character named Eva and the Puerto Rican actress Lymari Nadal portrays her.

The late American drug trafficker Frank Lucas with his wife Julianna Farrait
Younger Julianna Farrait with her late husband Frank Lucas

On the surface, Nadal and Julianna had hardly any similarities, particularly in terms of aesthetics. They however both were raven-haired. During her younger days, Farrait would do hairstyles that left her forehead exposed.

Although Farrait was in her 20s in the 60s, from the looks of her then-fashion sense, it didn’t look like she followed that time’s trend.

Julianna Farrait Relationship With Frank Lucas

Farrait and Lucas were on a trip to Puerto Rico when they met each other. They started dating shortly afterward. Friends and family would call them the black Bonnie and Clyde because of their close relationship.

Frank Lucas, his wife, Julianna Farrait and their son in New York in Nov 2007.
Julianna Farrait with her husband Frank Lucas and their son in Nov 2007. Getty

The couple is the parents of seven children. They have three biological ones and four stepchildren.

A Bit About Julianna Arrests; How Old Is She Now?

Similar to her husband, Frank, Julianna faced prison time on numerous occasions. The law incarcerated her once for attempting to sell cocaine to a government informant in Puerto Rico.

Former drug trafficker Julianna Farrait at her husband Frank Lucas's funeral in 2019.
Frank Lucas’s wife Julianna Farrait at his funeral. Getty

She faced another one of her jail times in Feb 2012. At the time she was 65 years old while her late gangster husband was 81.

Julianna now reportedly lives in New Jersey with her family. However, since her husband’s demise, she’s been laying low. Not only she but her children too avoid the spotlight and the media.

Farrait now very well should be 81 years old.


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