What Does Shaun So Do For A Living? Everything About Anna Chlumsky’s Husband

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What Does Shaun So Do For A Living? Everything About Anna Chlumsky’s Husband
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Shaun So is a former Army reserve member who served in Afghanistan from the early to mid-2000s. He is also better known as the wife of the ex-child star, Anna Chlumsky. Shaun’s wife, Chlumsky was the little girl who had become a child icon through her role alongside Macaulay Culkin in the 1991 film, My Girl.

So’s actress spouse is also known for playing Amy Brookheimer in the HBO hit comedy series, Veep. Shaun and Chlumsky have been together since the early 2000s with the couple have been keeping it together; with a long-distance relationship in between.

Shaun spent ten years as a counterterrorism expert and special agent for the US Army and Department of Defense. He now works as a private sector owner. In the meantime, Chlumsky’s husband also helps companies navigate bureaucratic government verticals with STOR Technologies. Wade through an extended wiki about him in the rundown beneath starting from his family to how he met his actress wife, his army tenure, his life post the military, and even the extras.

Shaun So Is A Son Of Chinese Parents 

Shaun comes from a Chinese family. Similar to Chlumsky’s father, So’s dad is also a chef who owns a Chinese restaurant called China Town in Topsham, Maine.

While So is yet to share his birth details, he apparently is the same age as his wife, Chlumsky who was born in Dec 1980.

His Education

The Veep actress’ spouse, Shaun So graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Political Science. In the year 2001, So also studied Mandarin at Tsinghua University.

He likewise got an MBA degree from the City University of New York.

Shaun So Met His Wife, Anna Chlumsky At A College Dance Party 

Shaun and the Emmy nominee Anna met at the University of Chicago in 2000 at a rare dance party on the quad. The couple at the time were both students at the University of Chicago.

Shaun apparently was a year behind Chlumsky when they were in College. After getting introduced, Chlumsky during an interview with Interview Magazine revealed the two danced for like four hours.

Shaun So Was Born In December 1980; His Age Is 41
The So Company founder, Shaun So with his wife and actress, Anna Chlumsky. Xposure shot

Shaun, however, didn’t make the move as Anna was expecting; the reason was that Shaun was just shy as per the In The Loop actress herself.

It was after their second meeting at Eminem‘s concert that Chlumsky and Shaun initiated what would become a relationship for more than two decades.

Shaun Was In A Long Distance Relationship With Anna

After college, the couple started their long-distance relationship as Shaun went to Washington DC to train for the army while his then-girlfriend, Chlumsky went to New York for her job as an editorial assistant. After Shaun’s deployment, he and the Uncle Buck actress kept their long-distance relationship for about three or four years.

During Shaun’s military tenure in Afghanistan, Anna says she lived quite a lonely life. Anna once revealed because she was dating an army, people used to give her looks when she would tell them about their relationship.

Chlumsky during an interview said she lived through the lonely girlfriend of the military with the help of Homer’s Odyssey.

Shaun returned unscathed from the military in January 2006. The same year in May he proposed to the former child star Anna. The pair got engaged in Oct 2007. A year after the engagement, the Good Guy actress and Shaun married each other in March 2008 in Brooklyn, New York.

Anna Chlumsky Husband Shaun So.
Trading Mom actress Anna Chlumsky with her spouse and 41 years old Ex Army man Shaun So.

Recalling her wedding with So, Anna in May 2013 told the Daily Mail,

Shaun’s family is Chinese, and my family is Catholic. So we’re going to do a fusion of the two cultural traditions.

Although the couple skipped the traditional Chinese custom of kidnapping the bride.

Shaun So And Anna Chlumsky Are Parents To Two Daughters 

Five years after the marriage, So and his actress wife, Anna welcomed their first child, a daughter, Penelope Joan So in July 2013.

The couple allegedly named their daughter after Odysseus’ wife Penelope from Homer’s Odyssey. Three years after welcoming Penelope, So and his actress wife had another daughter, Clara Elizabeth in Aug 2016.

What Roles Did Shaun So Serve In The Army?  

Part of the reason Shaun had joined militarily was that he had been annoyed with him being able to only see America’s then-new war on terror from the TVs. He rather wanted to experience it all firsthand.

Shaun enrolled in the army in 2003 first signing up for the Defense Intelligence Agency of the US Federal government. He was an intelligence analyst. Within the army, Shaun first worked with the federal agency from June 2003 to April 2006.

Shaun So Married Wife Anna Chlumsky
Ex Forbes contributor Shaun So with his wife and Veep actress, Anna Chlumsky.

In the meantime, he was also with the counterintelligence special squad of the United States army. He was a member till 2011. At times he was the leader of domestic and international combat operations in addition to being a tactical Intelligence team sergeant.

Along with the Intelligence squad, the blonde actress’ husband also worked as a defense contractor for McNeil Technologies; a job that last from July 2006 to March 2009.

During the army, Shaun went through an accident only a couple of incidents. His actress wife in Oct 2014, revealed the instances were the ones when So’s Humvee was hit by an IED, and the other time he and his team faced the ambush in the field.

The now mother of two would apparently send Shaun his favorite things when he was on the duty. Shaun went to the Department of Defense in 2003 right after he had finished college.

Shaun’s Life After The Military; What Does He Do Now?  

After his service had ended in 2011, So co-founded the urban logistics start-up, Cubby. He was the company’s CEO from June 2011 to April 2012.

Anna Chlumsky Child With boyfriend turned wife Shaun
Ex Counter Intelligence Agent, Shaun with his wife and actress, Anna Chlumsky.

Shaun described the aforesaid start-up as an urban personal logistics company. The 41-year-old ex-army man once revealed he came up with the idea of starting a pop-up company after realizing how difficult it was for his wife to deal with several bags when she went to work.

Cubby as a pop-up store provided a short-term store facility for luggage so that people had the advantage of roaming the town freely whilst leaving their baggage with Cubby for a charge. Shaun’s this startup, however, closed within a year.

After Cubby, Shaun worked as a contributor for Forbes. During his stint with the business magazine from 2012 to 2014, So wrote pieces on subjects like entrepreneurship, business, and of course the veterans. Shaun has also written for Ironsighting.com.

As for now, So is the CEO and managing partner of The So Company. It apparently is a content-driven service design company whose clients range from large government agencies to small American and European startups.

How Rich Is Shaun So’s Wife, Anna Chlumsky; What About His Own Net Worth? 

Despite an almost a decade of hiatus from acting, Chlumsky has been around Hollywood one way or the other way. Even in recent times, the actress remained fairly busy with her roles on hits like Veep, Inventing Anna, Rugrats, and others.

And one of the aforementioned shows, Veep really kept the money coming towards So’s wife, and that too on quite a big scale up until the series finale. Resultantly with occasional series appearances and at times, her job as a regular has so far reportedly made her an actress with a net worth easily over $5 million or so.

On the other hand though her husband, So’s financial standings are something of a brain teaser for the general audience. Considering his pursuits away from the media attention, it has been only up to guesses what he made through his service, contributor, his startups, and others. In any case, in light of his current life as a CEO, So’s net worth could at least be in the proximity of six figures or even higher.


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