Where is Sergio Basteri Now? How’s His Relationship with Luis?

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Sergio Gallego Basteri is well known as the estranged sibling of the Mexican singer, Luis Miguel. For over a decade, he’s lived a life off the radar. The secrecy, in turn, cannot help but make the fans of “The Sun of Mexico” dig deeper into what exactly happened with the brothers. What’s more, they are curious to know everything he’s been up to, following the unfortunate split.

Well, in this article, we will exactly be looking into the topic. As you go on reading further, you’ll learn why he lives away from his famous brother. In addition, his tragic life and career are explained below.

Sergio Basteri Is The Youngest Of The Gallego-Basteri Family

As you already know, Sergio is the youngest one in his family. Moreover, he is the youngest son of Luisito Ray and his wife, Marcela Basteri. While his Mexican father was a known singer of his time, his Italian mother, on the other hand, was a homemaker.

He was born on 17th May 1984. Around the same time, his parents’ relationship was in a conundrum. Over the next two years, a series of unfortunate events would overshadow Sergio’s childhood.

Miguel's brother, Sergio Basteri had a comparatively complicated childhood
Once a happy family… – Basteri as a baby pictured with his mother, father, and two older brothers.

Furthermore, he shares a huge age gap with both of his brothers. The record producer/singer, Miguel was born on 19th April 1970 as his parent’s eldest son. Likewise, Alejandro Basteri was born on 25th August 1972.

The family of five further lived in the heart of Mexico after traveling from San Juan, Puerto Rico – that is, until everything went south for them.

He Had A Troubled Childhood; The Disappearance Of His Mother And The Death Of His Father Explained

In August of 1986, Basteri was not even a year old when his mother disappeared. Even to this day, Marcela’s whereabouts aren’t known. Over and above that, the reason for her abandonment is also not out and about.

As if that wasn’t enough, baby Sergio was juggled from one place to the other because of his father’s busy schedule. Luisito Ray, a musician himself, was working as his eldest son’s manager back in the day.

Fast forward to 1992, Luisito passed away. His youngest one was only 8 years old at the time. He was too young to even understand what was going on. Time and again, his grandmother, Dona Matilde Sanchez, and uncle would come and take care of him.

Sergio’s Custody Was Given To Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel was already a well-known singer when his father died an untimely death. Thankfully, he was independent and had a stable income source. Thus, he fought for his baby brother’s custody and became Sergio Gallego’s sole guardian at just 22 years old. He supported his little sibling till a disagreement drifted them apart.

Dr. Octavio Fonterrada Was a Fatherly Figure In Sergio’s Life

Since his brother was busy building a career of his own, Basteri spent most of his childhood days with Dr. Octavio Fonterrada; otherwise known as the “El Doc”. He was a constant father figure in his life who took care of him as his own.

Additionally, El Doc was actually the one to discipline him and teach him the teachings of life. Later on, it was also confirmed that he confided in Dr. Octavio during his youthful days.

The Shocking Truth of Sergio’s Relationship with His Brother Luis

A simple clash between the brothers broke their relationship for a lifetime.

Back in the day, Basteri was studying law at Boston College. He was a bright student who aspired to study anthropology later at Harvard University. However, his brother wanted to send him off to England. According to El Doc, Miguel even planned on buying a house for his brother and Dr. Octavio to live in. He was also forcing him to look for colleges there.

Sergio Gallego is not in touch with his famous brother, Luis
Young Sergio Basteri pictured with his big bro

Upon his disagreement, the singer threatened to financially cut Sergio off; and he did. Following this, the relationship was severed and the 20-something-year-old left his home forever.

He further worked as a waiter in a bar to earn a living. Thankfully, beside him, he still had The Doc. With his help, he pursued a degree in photography in Guadalajara as well.

Is He Close To His Other Other Sibling, Alejandro Basteri?

Because Alejandro Basteri lies low, it is hard to figure out if he is closer to his older sibling. However, surely, their relationship is much stronger than that of Luis and Sergio. Many years back, he was pictured with his brother and nephew as well. By the looks of it, the two of them had met for dinner.

Basteri Was Excellent In His Studies Yet He Works A Mediocre Job Today

Believe it or not, the El Sol de Mexico‘s brother was an excellent student. He graduated with remarkable grades in high school and studied at the most prestigious, Boston College. Even more so, he continued to study photography afterward.

Sadly, life took a massive turn as he went on to live separately. Last we heard, he worked at a grocery store in Spain.

Miguel’s Brother Tried To Become A Musician In The Past

Back in 2008, Sergio wanted to launch his musical career. He had just released his debut song, Car Crash through a local radio station in Jalisco, Mexico. Unfortunately, people were not fond of his music as much.

Additionally, there was no way that he would’ve asked for his brother’s help. After all, the siblings weren’t in contact for very long. Thus, after years of trying to find some other record label to represent him, he gave up on his career before it even began.

He Made A Shocking Appearance After 17 Years in 2023

Fans were shocked to have caught him for the first time in public in 17 years.

The estranged Gallego-Basteri sibling pictured at the airport after 17 years
Fans caught him at the airport with El Doc in September 2023

In September 2023, he was seen at the Guadalajara International Airport with Dr. Fonterrada. It was indeed an unusual sight for the fans. Based on the pictures clicked by the paps, we can’t help but notice how similar he looks to his eldest brother, Luis Miguel. People were also relieved to see him still close to El Doc.

Sergio Gallego Is Married And Has A Kid

A source on the inner side revealed during an interview that Basteri has “become a father”. The said information was revealed with Ventaneando, a talk show about Mexican celebrities.

They further revealed that he lives in Spain with his family at present. Apart from this, however, any more information is unknown.

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