Logan Valentini; Life Of Karla Homolka’s Sister: Where is She Today?

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Logan Valentini is the younger sister of Canada’s infamous lady-killer, Karla Homolka. She’s the middle child among 3 sisters. One of the Homolka sisters Tammy Homolka, however, was killed by her own sister Karla and her ex-husband Paul Bernard in 1990.

So, wasn’t the relationship between the remaining two sisters ruined? Maybe, maybe not. But many sources confirm that Logan changed her name after 3 years of her sister’s arrest to avoid the spotlight. Then, what is her original name?

Well, the following article is all about Valentini. So, is it true that Valentini was a suspect in another murder case as well? And, where is Logan today? Sit tight, because we’ll have the answers soon. Let’s get started!

Logan Valentini Was Born With A Different Name

Valentini, originally known as Lori Homolka, is the middle child of Karel Homolka and Dorothy Homolka. She was born in 1971 in a small town in Ontario, Canada. Her parents had well-paying jobs in the past. Karel Homolka was a traveling salesman, while his wife, Dorothy was a Czechoslovakian immigrant working at a geriatric clinic.

Lori is the second child of her parents.
Karel Homolka and Dorothy with their second daughter, Lori Homolka. 

Furthermore, Lori is her parents’ second child. She grew up in a well-adjusted house in St. Catharines with two sisters – Karla and Tammy Homolka. Karla is the oldest of them all and Tammy was the youngest. Moreover, Lori is a year younger than Karla and 3 years older than her late sista Tammy.

She went to the Sir Winston Churchill School, located near her home. It was also where Karla and Tammy used to study.

What Led Lori To Change Her Name? The Whole Story Behind Her Younger Sister’s Murder and Older’s Arrest

“Logan” isn’t the second Homolka sister’s original name. As mentioned above, her parents named her Lori Homolka, which the girl later changed after the controversy with her sister, Karla. So, what actually happened?

Karla killed her own sister in 1990
Tammy Homolka – the young sister of Lori (Logan)

Karla is the killer of her own sister, Tammy. The 15-year-old young girl was raped and “accidentally” killed at the hands of her dear older sister and her so-called ex-husband. It was indeed the most horrifying case in the history of Canadian murders.

The Killer Couple of Canada
The Ken and Barbie Killers of Ontario, Canada

Furthermore, things went south for the Homolka family after Paul Bernardo entered their lives. He was the husband of Homolka and her literal partner-in-crime. The killer couple, together killed the youngest member of Karla’s family, Tammy, on Christmas Eve, 1990.

Young Tammy Was Killed While Her Sister, Lori Slept Peacefully

Since the beginning of Karla and Paul’s relationship, Valentini’s notorious sister noticed him being more drawn toward her younger sister. As well as that, her then-partner Paul would make her pretend to be Tammy during intimacy. Despite that, Karla submitted to all of his wishes and just a week before her sister’s birthday, sacrificed her life just for the sake of her lover’s happiness.

On the night of Christmas Eve, the eldest Homolka sister spiked Tammy’s food with strong sedatives which she stole from her workplace. After she became unconscious and when everyone in the family was asleep, she took her baby sister to the basement. There, Bernardo was waiting to rape the young girl. The couple even videotaped the whole act.

Poor Tammy died in a very bad way – she choked on her own vomit and passed away a few moments later. After failed attempts to revive her, Karla and Paul called 911 and cleared up all the evidence. Sadly, the case was ruled out to be “accidental” and was closed initially.

The “Ken And Barbie Killers” Had 2 Other Victims Besides Tammy

“Ken and Barbie Killers” was the name given to the twisted lovers, Karla and Paul. Tammy’s death in 1990 was only the beginning of their killing spree, which lasted for almost 2 years. The couple together abducted, raped, and killed 14-year-old Leslie Mahaffy and 15-year-old Kristien French.

Similarly, there was another young girl too. Jane Doe (her original name is not known) literally escaped from the mouth of death after being raped by “Ken and Barbie” twice.

Logan Valentini Changed Her Name After Her Sister Karla Homolka’s Arrest

Besides being guilty of the rape and murder of 3 young girls, Karla was sent to jail for only 12 years. Why? She was offered a “plea deal” by the prosecution. As it turns out, she surrendered herself to the police when Bernardo became out of control and started being abusive.

Karla was sentenced to 12 years in prison
The convicted killer of Tammy Homolka

Because of this, “The Witch of Ontario” was given two options to choose from; either to testify against her ex and face a lower sentence, or face complete charges. Karla obviously chose the first one and stayed at Kingston’s Prison for Women until 2005.

Following the arrest of her older sister, Logan was embarrassed and wanted to stay out of the radar. She didn’t like the negative attention that her family was receiving and also wanted to steer clear of that. Therefore, in 1996, she changed her name from “Lori” to “Logan.” This allowed her to protect her true identity and live a normal life.

Was Karla’s Sister Logan Valentini Also Involved In The Murder Of Jun Lin?

Jun Lin was a 34-year-old Chinese woman, studying in Canada, who was killed in 2012 by Luka Magnotta. The killer dismembered her whole body and sent her body parts by mail to various schools and federal political party offices. So, how was Logan involved in this, you may ask?

She was one of the suspects in this case. As it stands, her name and address were written in one of the packages that Luka sent to British Columbia. The most shocking part is, she did not even know this man. She was utterly confused when police came up to her doorstep in 2012.

Lori Homolka during her elder sister's court trials
Logan Valentini – the sister of a convicted killer

After several interrogation rounds, the police found out that Lori was actually innocent. Luka used the names of random people on the packages that he sent away. Even more so, the son of Canada’s former PM also fell under this conspiracy.

This was the time when Logan or Lori made her first public appearance after the conviction of her sister. In the court, she revealed about being related to Karla and where she was living at the moment.

Logan Valentini Is Happily Married To Her Husband: Their Children

Despite all the hurdles Logan went through throughout her life, it looks like she is now living a happy married life. Yes, Logan Valentini, Karla’s sister is married to her husband Dominic Valentini (aka Dom Valentini) for a long time now.

Although the two didn’t reveal much about their marriage, they are too committed to each other. Along with her years-long marital relationship, Logan and her hubby, Dom are also proud parents of three children Lucas, Jenna, and Caden.

Logan Valentini's family
Logan’s spouse and children.

Even, her life partner Dom has mentioned himself on his Twitter bio as the “Dad of Lucas, Jenna, and Caden and hubby of Logan.”

Talking more about her spouse, he currently works for Niagara Region. He went to Aura Secord Secondary School and then studied at Brock University.

Like her, her older sister, Karla is also married to her lawyer’s brother, Thierry Bordelais. She is the mother of 2 sons and a daughter and lives a pretty normal life in Quebec, Canada. She also often volunteers at her children’s school.

Where Is Lori Homolka Today?

Today, as mentioned earlier, Lori lives a new life under a different name, Logan Valentini. In fact, she currently lives a normal and happy life in St. Catharines, a city in Ontario, Canada with her husband and kids.

Her husband often shares her kids’ photos on his social media handles like Facebook.

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