Who Is Ann Belsky? Untold Mystery About Her Death

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Ann Belsky is the late makeup artist and costume designer who is better known as the wife of actor Ann Belsky. Rick and Belsky were husband and wife for a mere couple of years; their courtship ended with Belsky’s death in the early ’90s. Though when together, they were parents to two children.
Belsky’s husband, Rick was one of the most notable faces in the 80s comedy. With the start of the 90s, Moranis, however, drained down into oblivion and almost became a has-been identity. The absence came in the aftermath of Rick’s wife, Ann’s untimely demise.
Read more about who exactly was Moranis’ late partner, Ann Belsky; how long were they together, how she died, Rick’s life after her passing, and further.

The Canadian, Ann Belsky Presumably Was A Jewish

Belsky is just another person akin to a famed Hollywoodian who has sod all off-the-screen narratives to her name. As far as the records go, Ann has only a few or two write-ups dedicated to her.

The indistinctness subsists to an extent where not even the odds and ends of her wedding or relationship with Rick Moranis are out in the open. It however is believed she was Jewish and her ancestry somehow dated back to Israel.

She, though, was Canadian-born.

Ann Belsky Apparently Was A Costume Designer

Much like her life prior to being the wife of Rick, the inside story of her usuals, during her adulthood, also has its seat in the tiresome haziness of whatevs. So far, Belsky, nevertheless, has been described as someone who used to be a costume designer.
Canadian actor from Ghostbusters 1984 fame, Rick Moranis, in the front, with his wife and makeup artist, Ann Belsky.
The late makeup artist and costume designer, Ann Belsky, behind her husband and Ghostbusters 1984 actor, Rick Moranis at the 1990 Oscars. Getty
Likewise, she apparently was also a painter and a makeup artist. It, however, to date, is open to question if she worked for any films or had had any credits in TVs for that matter.

Ann Belsky’s Relationship With Her Actor Husband Rick Moranis 

The Ghostbuster actor, Rick Moranis, and Belsky married in 1986 though the former couple’s early tales have never been made plain to see. When together, they became parents to two children, Rachel and Mitchell.

Ann Belsky And Rick Moranis Children

Both of Belsky’s children have now become full-grown adults. Grueling to news hounds, the celebrity kids, much like their late mother, are suitably sly, especially about their personal lives.
Both of Belsky’s children were born in Canada. Ann’s daughter though later moved to the states where she pursued her college education at Brown.
Harvard graduate and Ann Belsky's daughter Rachel Moranis Born With Husband Rick Moranis
Founder and CEO of Stardust and actor Rick Moranis’ daughter with his late wife, Ann Belsky, Rachel Moranis.
She graduated with a BA in History of Arts and Visual Arts. Belsky’s daughter, Rachel is also a former student of Harvard School of Design. Rachel now reportedly is an entrepreneur who is a partner at Rosedale Hospitality Partners, a New York-based private real estate investment firm and is also the founder and CEO of Stardust, a software development company.
Ann’s daughter, Rachel additionally is a sketch/line artist as well, says her Instagram. It, on the other hand, is a mystery what Belsky’s son, Mitchell, fully, Mitchell Derek Fredrick Moranis does.

The Cause Of Ann Belsky’s Death

As mentioned, Belsky died in Feb 1991 after battling breast cancer. Though some reports it was because of liver cancer. The costume designer/makeup artist was 35 years old at the time. Rick and Belsky were married for only five years by the time the latter died.
Late Ann Belsky's husband, Rick Moranis with their children, Rachel, right, and son, Mitchell.
The late makeup artist, Ann Belsky’s actor husband, Rick Moranis with their son, Mitchell, left, and daughter, Rachel, right. Shutterstock
After her death, Belsky’s parents along with Rick’s folks helped fund an art school after her name in Israel. The institution goes by the name, Ann Belsky Moranis School Of Arts and is part of the modern Orthodox Ohr Torah Stone high schools in Israel.
The art school in addition to providing students with an outlet to create, develop, and express themselves, also offers matriculation options equivalent to the Israeli academic curriculum standard.

Following Belsky Death, Her Husband Rick Moranis Vanished From Hollywood 

After Ann Belsky’s death, her widow and actor, Rick decided to take a break from acting and Hollywood. The apparent reason aside from his wife’s death was that he also wanted to take care of his children full time. Later in 2005 while talking to USA Today, Rick said,
I pulled out of making movies in about ’96 or ’97.
The Flinstones actor explained since he had become a single parent he just found it too difficult to manage his kids and also travel during the movie jobs.
Honey I Shrunk the kid actor, Rick Moranis during an interview with the Disney plus.
Rick Moranis in May 2020. Disney Plus
Rick said because of all this he decided to take a little break. The Toronto-born actor, however, admits the slight break turned into a longer one. Moranis though says he didn’t miss the acting work at all. One of his final works before taking a leap was the direct-to-video sequel, Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves.
Afterward, he would only make once-in-a-blue moon voice appearances. One such was the 2003 Disney animated feature, Brother Bear. Between his break, Belsky’s widow, Rick did get offers from Hollywood. The actor, however, refused to take any.

Ann Belsky’s Husband Returned To Movies

Moranis did return to showbiz. His first job however wasn’t in a movie or a TV; he instead appeared in a commercial video for Mint Mobile alongside the Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds.
Technically though, Moranis’ first film credit since his departure from Hollywood was his voice work in the 2001 animated film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys.
Reynolds even posted the ad on his Twitter to make the announcement. Belsky’s husband, Rick’s first interview since his comeback was in May 2020 on  Disney+ Prop Culture, a docuseries

Is The Sequel Of Honey I Shrunk The Kids Happening; Is Belsky’s Husband Returning?

Moranis has signed on to reprise his role as Wayne Szalinski in the Shrunk franchise. The disclosing first came in Feb 2020. The film would officially mark Belsky’s husband’s return to live-action films for Moranis after a hiatus of over 20 years.


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The confirmation came some months before he appeared alongside Reynolds for a Mint Mobile ad. As for the film itself, as yet only a few or two pieces of findings have been in the media, especially in regards to how Rick’s character, Wayne, would continue in the upcoming sequel.
Earlier confirmations state the Wedding Ringer actor Josh Gad is going to play, Rick’s on-screen son as a grown-up. In fact, Gad has been occasionally giving some updates on the film’s development.
For instance, Josh in early 2022 teased fans with an Instagram post featuring the late Belsky’s husband. As for the plot, it reportedly is going to add a twist to the original storyline. A bit different from the original movie, the follow-up movie as per insiders is going to start with Gad’s character accidentally shrinking his own children.

Ann Belsky Other Facts

  • The Father Of The Bride actor Steve Martin apparently wrote a piece of music as a tribute to Ann Belsky.


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