Jeremy Rytky [Andrea Barber’s Ex-Husband] Bio, Net Worth, Second Wife

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Jeremy Rytky [Andrea Barber’s Ex-Husband] Bio, Net Worth, Second Wife
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Jeremy Rytky is a California-based attorney who is noteworthier as the ex-husband of actress Andrea Barber known for playing Kimmy Gibbler in the ABC sitcom Full House and its Netflix sequel, Fuller House. Jeremy’s ex-wife, Andrea was one of the main cast members in the ABC series, especially in its fifth season.

Barber is also mentionable for a few minor credits in films and other TVs like Do You Remember Love, Hollywood Darlings, The Talk, That Girl Lay Lay, and others. Rytky and the Full House actress were in a marital relationship for 12 years. With Jeremy, the Kimmy Gibbler actress reportedly went through some major changes in her off-the-screen and even some more. They, however, keep the details of their marriage and divorce off the records and have been doing so since the beginning.

Pick up a lengthened wiki of Barber’s former spouse, Jeremy Rytky in the writings below; browse through his profession, how he met Barber, their divorce, whether he is married now, his net worth and all.

Jeremy Rytky Is From Rockland, Maine

Rytky, fully, Jeremy James Rytky, who was born in Oct 1973, is a native of Rockland, Maine. Most of his parents and grandparents are from Rockland. His uncle, Sergeant Dennis R. Rytky was in the Marine Army National Guard, stationed in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Young Jeremy Rytky, a class action and litigations lawyer from Whittier, California.
Full House alum, Andrea Barber’s ex-husband and ex-marine, Jeremy.

Jeremy’s uncle, Dennis was an active member of the marine for more than 28 years. The son of James Rytky, Jeremy Rytky, too, was in the United States Marine Corps from 1997 to 2001. Jeremy’s LinkedIn profile says the ex-husband of Andrea Barber served in the Marines before meeting the Days Of Our Lives alum.

Though, Rytky would later pursue law.

Jeremy Rytky Is Now A Lawyer In California

Rytky got his law degree from Whittier Law School, California. He began his practice in the late 2000s by joining Jones and Mayer. Two years later, the Maine-born started working at WACSEP, an education management company at 8036 Ocean View Ave, Whittier, CA.

Through WACSEP, the now 48 years old Jeremy Rytky operates at Whittier Area Special Education Program Fund For Handicapped. He is still tied to the firm in addition to running his own, Law Office of Jeremy J. Rytky which he opened in Aug 2010.

Jeremy’s practices include litigation, general practice, class action, employee rights, civil rights, lawsuit and dispute, general practice, and labor law. The Rockland native is based in Whittier, California.

How Did Andrea Barber Meet Ex-Husband Jeremy?

Jeremy and the one-time Twilight Zone cameo actress, Andrea first met in Southern California in 2001. At the time, Rytky was stationed as a Marine at Camp Pendleton, CA. Barner and her now ex-husband encountered each other in the Irvine Spectrum, California when the Growing Pains actress randomly stumbled upon Jeremy.

The lawyer from Maine was then with his two male friends and it was a Friday night.

Ex-Marine, Jeremy Rytky with his ex-wife and Full House alum, Andrea Barber, and their kids, Felicity and Tate.
Rockland native attorney, Jeremy Rytky with his former spouse and Fuller House actress, Andrea Barber, and their children.

There apparently was an instant connection between the two and they paired up promptly. They went country line dancing not long after that. As per reports, that night formed three couples but only two went on to marry and have kids including Rytky and Andrea. The other pair reportedly after the marriage ended up having triplets.

The 46 years old, Andrea Barber says the night apparently was a very successful Friday date night. Andrea in May 2011 to Modern Mom said it was Jeremy’s then military look a 0 with a shaver that caught her attention.

It was probably a 0 with the shaver. He just had that military look. We went country line dancing soon after that, and after all these years…here we are,

said the Los Angeles-born actress remembering the first time she met the father of children. Jeremy allegedly admits he had no idea he would marry an actress. Rytky had seen Andrea on TV before meeting her. But when he met Barber in person, he didn’t know who she actually was.

Jeremy Rytky And His Wife Andrea Married In The Early 2000s

Jeremy and the University of York graduate, Andrea married in 2002. Two years later, they welcomed their first child, a son, Tate James Rytky.

Then in 2007, the ex-marine and the Funny Or Die actress had their second child, a daughter, who they later named Felicity Ruth Rytky. Rytky and the actress/author, however, would end their marriage in 2014.

Barber Says Her Split With Jeremy Was The Hardest

Barber has mentioned her relationship with her ex-husband, Rytky, their split, and her life afterward in her memoir, Full Circle: From Hollywood to Real Life and Back Again, November 2019 published. Andrea admits, for her, the divorce chapter was the hardest to write and she postponed the writing for as long as possible.

The mother of two to US Magazine in late 2019 said she simply dreaded and avoided recollecting her relationship with Jeremy in her book.

Jeremy with his and Andrea Barber's children, Tate and Felicity.
Rytky with his daughter, Felicity, and son, Tate.

Barber added when she finally geared up to pen her and Jeremy’s story, she had to go back to old diary entries which she said were extremely painful for her. Of that, she told US Weekly,

I constantly questioned, ‘How much do I want to share? I want to be honest, but I want to respect the privacy of my ex-husband and my kids.

The ex-wife of the Californian lawyer further said how she didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus. She though added things have since become pleasant between the two and she really didn’t have negative things to say about her former partner. Barber claims she and Jeremy have turned into great friends.

Jeremy Rytky’s Ex-Wife Went To Depression After The Divorce 

While Barber now states things are pretty cool between Rytky and her, in her book, she also points after the divorce, it was hard for her to get back into a happy mood. The mother of Tate and Felicity says she really went through depression.

Although the blonde actress in her book confesses her depression peaked amidst her divorce from her ex-husband, it actually started after she birthed her second child, Felicity.

Barber writes, that she, in any case, made it back to her normal frame of mind thanks to her family, friends, and therapist. The Talk actress says a specific concert from the Dorchester boy band, New Kids On The Block also helped her a lot in battling her melancholy.

Jeremy Former Spouse, Andrea Now Has A New Boyfriend, Michael Hawley  

Rytky’s ex-wife, Andrea Barber is currently dating her boyfriend, Michael Hawley. Andrea and her current partner reportedly started their relationship a couple of years after the former’s divorce from Rytky.

Jeremy Rytky's Ex-Wife Andrea Barber With Her New Partner, Michael Hawley
Andrea Barber, an actress who played Kimmy Gibbler in Full House, with her partner, Michael Hawley in Sep 2018. Twitter

Jeremy’s former spouse in Jan 2016 to People revealed she met her existing partner, Michael through running. Andrea had a passion for running, way before she joined Fuller House. Barber, in 2016, also said she and Michael connected through a mutual interest in running.

Michael and Jeremy’s ex, Andrea often make appearances on each other’s social media feeds. Andrea’s boyfriend last posted a picture of the Young Artist Award winner on his Instagram in Jan 2020.

Jeremy Rytky Married His Second Wife

Rytky too is currently married to another woman whose name though is yet to be out in the open.

Andrea Barber's ex-husband, Jeremy Rytky with his current wife.
Litigations and civil rights lawyer, Jeremy Rytky with his wife in Aug 2015. Facebook

The couple apparently wed in Aug 2015 a year after Jeremy’s divorce from the Teen Choice Nominee. Further, Rytky and his now wife are also parents to an almost 6 years old girl.

Is Jeremy As Wealthy As His Actress Ex-Wife, Andrea; What Are Their Net Worths?

Considering the disparities between Jeremy and his ex-wife, Andrea’s professional domains, the former couple having synonymous financial standings looks fairly unconvincing.

In contrast to his ex-wife’s line of profession, Rytky’s career doesn’t deal much with the glare of publicity and media attention. Nor he is within the spectrum of being in the business that easily guarantees you six figures if one is to make it to the league of series regular and a few movies every now and then.

Having said that, it might be a bit of an overstatement to assume Jeremy’s net worth is anywhere of a kind to Andrea Barber’s. Barber for all the TV appearances she has been making since Full House and its other franchises, is an obvious millionaire with her net worth reportedly looming over $2 million or so.


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