Who is Antonio Brown Wife? List Of His Girlfriends And Relationships

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Who is Antonio Brown Wife? List Of His Girlfriends And Relationships
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Antonio Brown is popular as a former NFL football wide receiver. In his 11-year-long career as an athlete, Brown has stumbled upon a number of controversies; both in his professional and personal lives. Although many of you might be aware of the NFL controversies, that of Antonio’s personal, typically his love life has been a mystery. Fans have wondered if Antonio does have a wife.

Therefore, to learn all known facts about his girlfriend and dating life, read the article below!

Antonio Brown’s Wife; Is He Married?

The ex-NFL footballer, Brown is not married and does not have a wife yet. It doesn’t mean that the former NFL star has never linked to anyone in the past. Throughout his life, Brown has had a fair share of girlfriends. Even so, the footballer could never find the girl with whom Brown would like to spend the rest of his life.

Further, so far, Brown who is 34 years old now has yet to come forward to reveal his plan to be settled down with his life partner. So, it is still a big mystery with whom Brown is going to spend his life as a married man.

Was Antonio Ever Married To His Girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss?

Fans have often seen the names of Antonio Brown and Kyriss together. Well, let us tell you that Kyriss was Antonio’s love interest in the past. In fact, the two have a long history of an on-again-off-again spark, however, they did not ever get married.

Chelsie Kyriss was never the wife of Antonio Brown
Chelsie Kyriss – the woman having an on-again-off-again relationship with ex-footballer Brown

Talking about his ex-gf, Chelsie is a former teacher. Presently, due to her relationship with Brown, Kyriss has become a social media star who also works as a real estate agent and designer. She also has earned a quite a good amount of wealth and her net worth is $3 million in 2023.

As per sources, Kyriss and her former love interest, Antonio started dating in 2012 after being introduced by a mutual friend. Although, in the initial days, both Brown and Chelsie thought they were made for each other, things went south as time went by. So, what went wrong?

The Fallout Of Brown And His Rumored Wife Kyriss Relationship

In 2019, after almost 7 years of being together, Chelsie and Antonio called it quits. Apparently, it was due to Brown’s unfaithfulness, as per his ex-partner. Not only this, but Chelsie also blamed him for being a lousy father and thoughtless partner. Apparently, around 2017, Antonio linked with Jena Frumes. This was problematic since Kyriss was pregnant with the pair’s 3rd child, Apollo. Thus, it led to a complete fallout between the two.

To a greater extent, the ex-pair even has some lawsuits concerning their kids between them. Antonio’s rumored partner, Kyriss filed a lawsuit claiming custody of all her kids after the breakup. Furthermore, Chelsie must have won it since the duo’s children live with Chelsie and not Antonio in the present day.

He even has to ask for permission to spend time with his own sons and daughter. Furthermore, despite the break-up, the former couple is believed to run toward each other. Although uncertain, sources claim that their recent link was in May 2021.

Kyriss And Brown Have 4 Kids Together Despite Not Being Tied In The Knot

In spite of not making Kyriss his better half, Brown was able to make her a mother. With that being said, the pair have a total of 3 kids together – 3 sons and a daughter. The pair’s eldest son, Autonomy Brown was born in April 2014. After a year of his arrival, Brown became a dad again to his second baby boy, Ali Brown in March 2015. This was followed by the birth of the couple’s 3rd son, Apollo Brown in August 2017.

Finally, in June 2020, Chelsie and Antonio became parents to a beautiful baby girl, Allure Brown. It has been reported that they welcomed their 4th kid secretly.

Furthermore, it is to be noted that it is Chelsie who lives with Antonio’s 4 children. After fighting a rigorous lawsuit, she got full custody of the pair’s kids, while Antonio often visits them time and again.

Were Antonio And Jena Frumes Married?

The answer to the above-mentioned question is a “no.” The ex-NFL footballer previously was dating Jena Frumes in 2017 when his girlfriend, Kyriss was pregnant with his 3rd son. Apparently, the ex-NFL star did so in order to piss Chelsie off but told Jena that he had already left his then-pregnant ex-partner.

Furthermore, digging deeper into his time with Frumes, we found that Antonio tried for some time to make his relationship work with her. Unfortunately, he could not succeed. On the other hand, as time went by, Brown even cleared all the misunderstandings between Chelsie and himself; he got back with his baby mama while breaking up with Jena. This breakup came out as a shock since Jena was planning on moving in with Antonio very soon.

Brown Was In A Relationship With Wiltrice Jackson; Was Wiltrice Antonio Brown’s Wife?

Talking about his relationship with Wiltrice Jackson, the details of their dating life is kept under wraps to this date. However, we do know that the former duo shares a daughter, Antanyiah Brown together.

Wiltrice Jackson was Brown's ex-girlfriend
Brown’s daughter, Antanyiah with his eldest son, AB Jr.

Furthermore, just like any other girl that came his way, Antonio also did not marry Wiltrice as well. Although, in the beginning, Jackson and Brown were mature enough to make their daughter a priority and co-parent her, things started to fall.

According to Wiltrice, her former partner was dragging her down to the ground. Keeping this in mind, in January 2019, she demanded money from Antonio. Additionally, after a series of allegations and denials, the former footballer was granted full custody of his daughter with Wiltrice, Antanyiah.

Brown Also Has A Son With Shameika Brailsford; Was Shameika His Spouse?

Antonio and Shameika are believed to have linked around the early 2000s. With her, Brown became a dad for the first time but the ex-pair did not vow to spend the rest of their lives together. Furthermore, they have a son, Antonio Brown Jr. together who was born in 2007. Unfortunately, Brailsford and Brown separated in 2012 without being a husband and wife.

Antonio Brown does not have a wife
The 5 out of 6 kids of Brown pictured together

Just like with Chelsie, Antonio also faced a long legal battle with the mother of his first kid. Eventually, he was ordered to pay her $5,000/month for the upbringing of AB Jr.

Antonio Brown’s Girlfriend in 2023

Furthermore, more recently, Brown was rumored to have been dating Instagram model, Cydney Moreau. Although the two are yet to claim this rumor, their relationship began around December 2021. Moreover, it is also unknown if Brown and Moreau are still together in 2023.

In the meantime, may report that Brown isn’t dating a gf right now.

Does 34-Year-Old Antonio Ever Plans To Get Married In The Years To Come?

34-year-old former football star, Brown is a man in his prime. Having had a list of his long yet dreadful relationships with his exes, the player is more careful in the present day while choosing a partner. Thus, we cannot say for certain if Brown will get married soon.

Antonio Brown used to have a football career
An old picture of Antonio – a father of 6 kids in the present day

Until and unless he declares to the world about “the one,” his fans will have to be patient.

Here is the list of Antonio Brown’s Girlfriends So Far

  1. Chelsie Kyriss
  2. Jena Frumes
  3. Wiltrice Jackson
  4. Shameika Brailsford
  5. Cydney Moreau

However, Brown never married any of them and doesn’t even have a wife right now. 


Is Antonio Brown married?

No, he is not married yet.

Is AB still together with Chelsie?

AB and Chelsie Kyriss are not together in 2023. However, the ex-pair share 4 kids, 3 sons and a daughter with each other.

How many kids does Brown have?

The former NFL player is a father of 6 children.

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