Meet Chris Long’s Wife Megan O’Malley; What Does She Do?

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Meet Chris Long’s Wife Megan O’Malley; What Does She Do?
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Megan O’Malley is widely known as the long-term wife of the former NFL footballer Chris Long. Her husband, Long, was one of the best defensive end players the NFL had ever encountered – he retired after having a successful career in 2019. Furthermore, he and his lovely spouse are the “athletic duo” of America. In 2023, this couple will celebrate a decade of being tied in the knot.

So, who is Megan? And why did we call her and her husband the “athletic duo”? Well, you might not know this, but just like her partner, O’Malley is an athlete. Although her career in sports was short-lived, in this article, we bring you all that we know about her life before marrying the footballer, Chris. Where did she grow up and how did she come across this football star? Have patience, because you’ll find all the answers soon.

Therefore, to know more about the Philadelphia Eagles player, Chris Long’s wife, dig into the article below!

Chris Long’s Wife Megan O’Malley Grew Up With Her Sports-Enthusiast Family In Virginia

Megan was born on 28th March 1986 in Fairfax, Virginia. In the March of 2023, she celebrated her 37th birthday. As a young girl, she graduated high school from Moorestown High School in 2004.

Mrs. Long with her son - Megan was raised in a family of sports lovers and so will her kids
Mrs. Long with her son – Megan was raised in a family of sports lovers and so will her kids

Talking about O’Malley’s family, she comes from an athletic background. Sources have confirmed that 36-year-old Megan’s father, Joe O’Malley previously had a brief career in basketball – he once was the star player of the team, Atlanta Braves.

Similarly, even her siblings share a great interest in sports. For instance, Long’s sister-in-law, aka Megan’s sister, Katie O’Malley also played basketball in college. Likewise, her brother, Joe O’Malley Jr. was into baseball at some point in his life. Not only this, but Megan’s uncle, Tim O’Malley was also a baseball player during the ’70s.

Looking at her family history, it seems Megan was actually born with a great passion for sports herself – this would, of course, come in handy, later in life.

Facts On Megan O’Malley

Date of Birth28th March 1986
Place of BirthFairfax, Virginia
Age36 years old
EducationMoorestown High School and the University of Virginia
FatherJoe O’Malley
MotherNot known
SiblingsKatie O’Malley and Joe O’Malley Jr.
CareerFormer lacrosse player, and presently, philanthropist
SpouseChris Long
ChildrenWayon James Long and Luke Redding Long

Long’s Wife Megan O’Malley Short-Lived Athletic Career

Being born and raised in a sports-oriented family really helped foster Megan’s interest in athletism. After graduating high school, O’Malley enrolled herself at the University of Virginia for her further studies – this is where she actually explored her great sportsmanship.

Former NFL player, Long
The athletic duo – Chris with his lovely wife, Megan

Moreover, Long’s better half is a former lacrosse player. Since the earlier days, Megan was very keen on playing lacrosse. Even more so, she always dreamed of being in her school’s team while she passed their practice on her way home from playing softball. And let us tell you, her hard work and dedication to being on the team really paid it off! Following her membership in the lacrosse team, Megan went on to be a part of the United States Lacrosse All-American Team from 2003 to 2004.

Her career does not end here – as she joined college, Megan became a member of her college’s women’s lacrosse team. Not only this but in 2006, she was named a member of the United States National Development Team as well.

Megan O’Malley’s Husband Chris Long Is An Ex-NFL Player 

O’Malley found the perfect partner in Chris- the athletic duo shares a massive interest in sports. So, why is her husband so famous? Long is a former defensive end player who was a part of the NFL for 11 seasons before retiring on 18th May 2019.

Just like his lovely spouse, Chris also comes from a family of great athletes. He is the son of the Hall of Fame defensive end, Howie Long, and is the older brother of NFL guard, Kyle Long. Furthermore, Long’s career in football took a big hit when he was in college.

While on the university’s football team, he received unanimous All-American honors. Following that, Megan O’Malley’s husband Long was selected by the St. Louis Rams in the 2008 NFL Draft. With his first NFL team, Long spent a total of 8 years before moving on to the New England Patriots for the next season. Likewise, he then was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles for further 2 seasons. He is an extremely talented player who has been able to win the prestigious Super Bowl title.

The Husband-Wife Duo Is Into Philanthropy As Well

In addition to being a sporty couple together, Megan and Chris work for the betterment of the lives of other people as well. They stepped into philanthropy in 2015 by establishing their organization, The Chris Long Foundation.

As a couple who come from privileged backgrounds, Mr. and Mrs. Long have been working together to help raise money for the “Waterboys” through their organization. Their major efforts are dedicated to building wells for communities in East Africa and providing millions of people with safe drinking water.

How Did Megan Meet The Love Of Her Life, Chris?

As we have already mentioned, both Mr. and Mrs. Long are athletes. So, where did they meet? Sources confirm that Megan and Chris have been head over heels for each other since college. Apparently, the couple studied at the same university, in Virginia, and that’s where their lovely journey together began!

Megan O'Malley is married to footballer, Chris Long
Love birds – Chris and Megan pictured together!

According to O’Malley herself, she felt an instant “mutual connection” with her current hubby when she encountered him for the first time. Their first meeting was brief and it took place in the university’s training room before starting college as freshmen.

In the beginning, she was confused if Long was actually in her batch or was a senior. As per her, he was “big” and she thought that he was “about to graduate.” Luckily, they both were freshmen and hit it off quite nicely from the very beginning.

About her first conversation with Chris, Megan expressed,

“We started talking — I will say he came up to me first to talk. It was a great conversation. We connected right away.”

Therefore, it was definitely love at first glance for both of these love birds. In addition, their mutual and shared interest in sports also helped foster their bond. Thus, they became inseparable!

All Known Megan O’Malley and Chris Long Wedding; Are They Still Married?

On 22nd June 2013, Megan and Chris decided to vow and spend the rest of their lives together. During the time of their wedding, the sporty couple had been dating for almost 9 years. Thus, it was about time they moved their relationship to the next level.

The Long-O’Malley wedding was an intimate event. It took place in the couple’s hometown, Charlottesville, Virginia. Many of their well-wishers, including their close family and friends, were invited to witness their happily ever after.

Furthermore, in 2023, the couple has already celebrated a decade of being bonded in the holy union. Even after 9 years of dating and a further 10 years of being married, O’Malley and her partner Long still seem to be crazy in love with each other.

Mr. And Mrs. Long Are Parents To 2 Kids

During the decade-long course of their marriage, Megan and Chris have been gifted with two children – this has made their bond and love grow stronger with time!

O'Malley is the mother of 2 kids
Wayon and Luke with their dad, Chris; their mother is Megan

The athletic duo welcomed their first son, Wayon James Long on 2nd March 2016. Likewise, their younger son, Luke Redding Long was born almost two years later on 26th November 2018. In 2023, they are a lovely family of 4. Furthermore, Chris never misses an opportunity to flaunt his kids and wife on his social media accounts; they truly are the center of his world!

What Is Megan O’Malley’s Net Worth?

After having a short yet successful career in lacrosse and being married to one of the talented NFL footballers, we’re sure you can guess Megan O’Malley has a massive net worth. Although her exact worth has not been declared yet, we believe that she shares a massive net worth of $40 million dollars with her hubby, Chris Long.


Who is NFL player, Chris’s wife?

Long is married to his college sweetheart, Megan O’Malley since 22nd June 2013.

Where did Megan O’Malley meet her future husband, Long?

Megan O’Malley and Chris Long first encountered each other in college. They studied together at the University of Virginia.

Are Megan and Long still together?

Yes, Megan and her spouse Long are still together.

How many children does Chris have?

Ex-NFL player, Long, has 2 kids.

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