Who Is Lou Dobbs’ Wife Debi Lee Segura? His Married Life & Other Romantic Relationships

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Who Is Lou Dobbs’ Wife Debi Lee Segura? His Married Life & Other Romantic Relationships
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Lou Dobbs is a famous American political commentator, author, and TV host. Roughly from 1980 to 2009, Dobbs had an on-again-off-again relationship with the prestigious TV network, CNN. There, he was the host of his very own program, Lou Dobbs Tonight, which later also aired on the Fox Business Network. Apart from this, Mr. Dobbs is known for his most controversial views regarding US politics. 

Now, keeping his HUGE success in politics and TV aside, Lou is a one-woman-man. That’s right, this 77-year-old former TV host is a married man. So, who is his wife Debi Lee Roth-Segura? 

Well, to know more about Lou’s married life, dig in the article below. Let’s find out!

Lou Dobbs’ Wife Debi Lee Segura Was Born In 1953

Louis’ wife, Debi Lee Segura was born on 29th September 1953 with the name, Debi Lee Roth-Segura. By birth, she comes from a Mexican-American background. She is the daughter of the late Henry “Hank” Segura and her mother Lee Flores Segura. Growing up, her dad was a building inspector-cum-cabinetmaker, while Segura’s mom was a homemaker.

Furthermore, young Debi grew up with 3 siblings in Lake Oswego. Bill Segura, Tim Segura, and Elan James Segura are her brothers.

As we have already mentioned, Mrs. Dobbs is a former TV anchor. She used to work with CNN as a sports anchor before being known as the wife of the Lou Dobbs Tonight host. Sadly, not much information is known about her career in TV. Many believe that Debi Lee left her job at CNN to take care of her hubby and children. Moreover, we believe that she must have been an exquisite anchor in her time.

Debi Lee And Lou Dobbs’ Wedding

In the year 1982, Debi and Lou decided to spend eternity together. Although details of their first encounter or when they actually started dating are not known, however, we can guess that the couple met while working together on CNN.

Louis Dobbs is a political commentator
The “Lou Dobbs Tonight” host with his darling partner

Regardless of his great stature, Louis has always been good at keeping his private affairs a secret. Thus, intimate details of his relationship with his present partner are very hard to dig up. What we do know is that the pair have been in each other’s lives for over 4 decades in 2023, yet the love is still very strong. Debi Lee is still Lou’s biggest supporter and the love of his life.

The Commentator Became A Dad Of 4 Children With His Wife Segura

The love between Mr. and Mrs. Dobbs grew as they became parents. Together, the duo shares a total of 4 children. Hillary Dobbs and Heather Dobbs are Debi’s daughters, while Chance Dobbs and Jason Dobbs are her two sons. Together, the family of 6 has a wonderful life.

Mr. Dobbs Was Married Once Before Marrying Debi Lee Segura: Divorce Reason

Before settling down for Segura, the political commentator was married to another woman. Previously, Dobbs was tied to the knot with his first wife Kathy Wheeler. Sources have confirmed that he and Wheeler knew each other from school. In fact, many believe that she was his high school sweetheart.

Furthermore, the former TV host married Kathy in 1967. The pair had a long marriage of 14 years which ended in 1981. Although uncertain, we believe that the reason for Dobbs’ separation from his first spouse was his busy schedule. At that time, he was at the top of his work and must not have had enough time for ex-Mrs. Dobbs. In addition, there is also a rumor of him getting a divorce because he was smitten with Debi Lee. However, this rumor was never proven to be true.

Does The Former CNN TV Show Host Have Kids With His Previous Partner As Well?

In addition to the 4 children he shares with his present partner, Dobbs has 2 more with his ex-wife. Buffle Dobbs and Michelle Dobbs are Kathy and Lou’s children. After the separation, which parent got custody is still unknown. Unlike his and Debi’s children, Louis’ kids with Wheeler live a life off the radar. Thus, nothing much is known about them or their relationship with their daddy, step-mom, and their half-siblings.

Lou Dobbs And His Partner Have A Huge Age Gap

During the time of his marriage, the news of the age gap between Dobbs and his partner broke the Internet.

The ex-TV host was born in the year 1945 and is 77 years old. On the other hand, as mentioned, Lee Segura was born in 1953 and is 69 years old. By calculation, the pair have a difference of 8 years. So now, the question is, does this gap interfere with their marriage? The answer is, no. Despite sharing a huge gap, Lou and Debi seem to get along very well. They understand and support one another, no matter what.

Debi Lee Segura’s Husband Dobbs Is Her Greatest Supporter!

Mrs. Dobbs was arrested in 2003. Apparently, the woman had an unlicensed and fully-loaded pistol in her possession at the Newark Airport, while boarding a flight to Florida with her daughters.

She was stopped by a baggage screener when they found the gun in Debi’s handbag. Thus, she was arrested by port authority cops. Her arrest only lasted for about 2 hours – Debi Lee was soon released without bail after being charged with the criminal possession of a weapon.

Mr. Dobbs
Lou Dobbs – a man with controversial political views

This was a piece of breaking news at the time. The wife of the former vice president and host of CNN had been taken in by the authorities – this was bound to invite chaos. As a consequence of his partner’s actions, Loius had to answer many questions for the media. Moreover, during an interview, when he was asked to talk about this event, Dobbs explained how his partner needed the gun for her own safety. In his own words, he said,

“She had the gun in her purse because she had traveled to Vermont last fall. She picked up the purse, threw things in, and completely forgot about it.”

Looks like Dobbs is the kind of man who can very well support his partner and talk in her defense when needed.

Did This Pair Ever Think Of Divorce? The Truth About The Separation Rumors

Some time back, a rumor broke – this rumor talked around the town about how Segura kept her true identity hidden from Dobbs before marrying him. She is a Mexican-American, while her hubby had great anti-immigration views. Thus, people assumed that she kept him in delusion and got him to marry her without revealing who she actually is. Furthermore, everyone then believed that this would be the reason for the fallout in the Dobbs-Segura relationship.

On the contrary, the pair never thought about getting a divorce. Lou has accepted his wife regardless of the views he believes in. Hence, they are a happy couple.

Are Debi Lee Segura And Her Husband Lou Still Together In 2023?

As we have mentioned already, Lou and Debi Lee have known each other for over 4 decades. In 2023, the couple will be celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary. Therefore, they are still happily married and together in 2023. Apart from the divorce rumors, Dobbs and Segura have always had a great time with each other. They are the greater supporters of one another and have raised 4 perfect children.

Mr. and Mrs. Dobbs
The couple who has spent 4 decades together – Lou and Debi Dobbs

Moreover, in the present day, Dobbs and the love of his life spend a wonderfully lavish life together on his 300-acre horse farm in Wantage Township, New Jersey. They are happier than they could ever be!


Who is the wife of Lou Dobbs?

Lou’s wife is Debi Lee Segura.

When Did Lou Marry His Spouse, Debi?

Lou and Debi Dobbs tied the knot in the year 1982

Are Debi Segura and Dobbs still married?

Lou and Debi Segura are still married. As of 2023, the old couple will celebrate 41 years of their marriage.

Was Lou previously married?

Yes, he was in a marital bond with Kathy Wheeler before marrying Debi Lee.

How many kids does Dobbs have?

Lou has 6 kids in total. Buffle Dobbs and Michelle Dobbs are his children with Kathy Wheeler, while Hillary Dobbs, Heather Dobbs, Chance Dobbs, and Jason Dobbs are his kids with Debi Segura.

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