Who Is Manuel Garcia Rulfo Wife? Truth Of His Gay Rumors

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Who Is Manuel Garcia Rulfo Wife? Truth Of His Gay Rumors
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Manuel Garcia Rulfo’s wife is a mystery subject matter as he rarely talks about this in the media. Garcia Rulfo is a Mexican-born actor who plays the main role of Mickey Haller in the Netflix legal drama series, The Lincoln Lawyer. The writings below however will discuss the personal front of Garcia Rulfo; things like his love life and relationship.

Moreover, there is also an assumption that he is single and unmarried at present. Some names have emerged in the past as the possible love interests of Manuel Garcia Rulfo. Speaking of which several reports say he is the husband of Lee Min Jung, the actor’s costar from The Magnificent Seven.

On the other hand, the Mexican actor is also said to be having a relationship with either Becki Newton or Neve Campbell. Conversely, there are also speculations that he is gay and that the actor might be in a homosexual relationship. So what’s the truth; let’s separate it from the stories that are going around. Unravel in the headings beneath.

Who Is Manuel Garcia Rulfo Wife?

This has and might remain an elusive subject matter for a while. Garcia Rulfo as it turns out is quite secretive when it comes to his personal life. He henceforth hasn’t shared anything about his lifestyle and private matters. Regardless the two and two suggest the Mexico-born is currently single and is apparently not married to anyone who could be called as his wife.

Cake and Bless Me actor Manuel Garcia Rulfo.
The Magnificent Seven actor Manuel Garcia Rulfo. Getty.

On the other hand, there once were also rumors that say Manuel and Neve Campbell were couples. However, it has since been confirmed that they were never couples but just costars. Besides, Neve, since 2011, has been dating actor JJ Feild. The two furthermore have two children, a son named Caspian and Raynor.

So Is Lee Min Jung The Manuel Garcia Rulfo Wife?

A while ago, there were rumors stating that Rulfo was married to Lee Min Jung. Garcia Rulfo and Lee Min Jung, a South Korean actress were also co-actors in The Magnificent Seven. Some group of people even assumed that the alleged pair tied the knot in 2015. However, so far, there isn’t a single evidence of them actually being husband and wife.

Furthermore, neither of the stars has ever come close to addressing this hearsay. Regardless, the rumors went so far as to claim that they were living together.

Boys Over Flowers actress Lee Min Jung.
South Korean actress Lee Min Jung. My Drama List

But the fact of the matter is, Lee in reality is the wife of a fellow actor Lee Byung Hun. The real-life couple married in Aug 2013 at the Grand Hyatt Seoul. They began dating in 2006 but separated after a while before patching things up in 2012. Now the couple is also parents to a son named Lee Joon Hoo.

One other name that the tabloids have linked Manuel with is the Puerto Rican actress, Adria Arjona. People suspected these two of being in a serious relationship apparently starting in the year 2019. The speculations started when the media noted the two appearing quite close to each other in the premiere of 6 Underground. The two were getting really cozy with each other under the shed at Hudson Yard in New York.

It, yet again, never came to light (officially) whether the two were actually brewing something serious or not. Though for a while, some fans shipped the two quite enthusiastically.

Within the same spectrum also comes the name of Garcia Rulfo’s other costar, Becki Newton who also played Rulfo’s on-screen wife in the series Lincoln Lawyer. But as always, it was merely a theory or some fan’s wishes.

Was Manuel Garcia Rulfo Married Ever In The Past?

As we said earlier, he has never been married. The apparent bits and pieces refer that Manuel Garcia Rulfo is as single as one could be. He furthermore also doesn’t seem to be dating anyone at the time.

Jalisco Mexico born actor Manuel Garcia Rulfo.
A Man Called Otto star, Manuel Garcia Rulfo. Getty

Garcia Rulfo additionally doesn’t seem to be concerned much with his marital status. He rather seems to be focusing on his performing career. He furthermore keeps the discussion of his marriage at bay as much as possible.

Could Manuel Garcia Rulfo Be Gay?

So far, it seems undisputed that Garcia Rulfo is single and there isn’t much to say from his dating history either. However, the flip side of this is that some tabloids have now started to wonder if Manuel is straight at all.

The Lincoln Lawyer actor Manuel Garcia Rulfo.
Jalisco, Mexico born actor, Manuel Garcia Rulfo. Getty

Few have speculated that the six-foot-three inches tall star could be interested in men instead. Although he is yet to portray a non-straight character, his off persona doesn’t give much of a homosexual impression.

Yet again, this could just be a wild speculation purely on the basis of his ridiculously secret dating life.


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