Who Is Bhad Bhabie’s Boyfriend? Her Love Affairs

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Who Is Bhad Bhabie’s Boyfriend? Her Love Affairs
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Bhad Bhabie – her real name, Danielle Bregoli – is a 19-year-old rapper from the USA. Her famed rapping career was fired up by her presence on the show, Dr. Phil in 2016. Back then, she became an Internet sensation because of her famous catchphrase, “Cash me outside, how bout dah?”.

To add, it then just took her a year to be recognized as the youngest female rapper in history. Her debut single, These Heaux appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2017. But we aren’t here to discuss this young rapper’s career. As far as her fans can remember, Bhabie has been very open about her love life. She isn’t too shy to admit who her current man is and flaunt him all over her social media. We’re here to dig up some facts on that today!

So, how many love affairs did Bhabie have in the past? Is she currently dating anyone or is single? Let’s find out in the article below!

Bhad Bhabie Boyfriend: Did She Date Trippie Redd?

In 2019, fans speculated that Bhabie was in a romantic affair with the American rapper, Trippie Redd. However, this was just a rumor, and the two rappers did not in fact, date.

Bhabie was reported to be in a relationship with Redd in 2019
23-year-old American rapper, Trippie Redd

So, what started everything? Prior to this, many believed that Bregoli was dating the 23-year-old rapper. In an interview with DJ Akademiks, she admitted to having kissed Redd. Unfortunately, after some time, Trippie denied this and admitted to never having a sexual relationship with the 19-year-old rapper.

Following this, Bhabie posted screenshots of the Love Scars singer texting her in a flirtatious way. The texts clearly showed how Trippie was interested in Danielle. She was just 16 years old at the time and the then-20-year-old rapper was asking her to “come over” and “come alone”. To add, Bhabie even captioned the post with a sassy quote. She wrote,

“Oh but 69 the one who likes lil girls. “

Although the post has already been deleted from Danielle’s personal account, Redd cannot deny the fact that he was never into her.

Bhabie Tattooed YoungBoy NBA’s Name On Her Hand; Detail On Yet Another Secret Relationship Of Hers

After Trippie, a rumor broke out of Bhabie being in a secret relationship with YoungBoy Never Broke Again, aka, Kayden Gaulden in 2019. This gossip was fueled by the rapper herself after fans spotted a new tattoo on her hand. What was it about, you ask? She had a tattoo of YoungBoy’s actual name, “Kentrell” at the side of her hand.

However, when fans pointed it out, Bregoli denied having such a tattoo. She even went live on Instagram to address and clear up the rumors. She said,

“This is my body. These are my tattoos. I do my own shit for my own reasons. Y’all don’t know behind the scenes. Stop telling me he how has a girlfriend. I did not get this tattoo to be with him or because I’m with him. Like, c’mon, Stop. Seriously. Stop the bullshit. Stop. Y’all sound crazy.”

No one was actually satisfied with this answer, of course.

In 2018, Bhabie snapped a video where YoungBoy was lying next to her in bed
YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Bhabie’s rumored bf in 2019.

Moreover, everyone’s suspicion became more real when Danielle posted a photo of her with NBA YoungBoy in one of her stories with a long caption. She mentioned how he was “the most talented person with an amazing heart”. In addition, she also mentioned that the tattoo she had on her hand had its own personal meaning to both of them. Bhabie then also cleared up the confusion that they were not actually together but have been an important part of each other’s lives.

Similarly, before this mess started, in 2018, Bhad Bhabie snapped a video of a man laying next to her in bed. She, of course, hid his face but fans immediately pointed out that it was none other than YoungBoy in that video.

Did She Date The Rapper, Young Bans?

In 2020, a new controversy broke out! Ira Peskowitz‘s daughter Bhabie was now rumored to be in a romantic relationship with the rapper, Yung Bans. Even more so, this affair seems to be quite similar to that with YoungBoy. The 19-year-old rapper again tattooed her “rumored” man’s name on the back of her leg.

Yung dated Bhabie for a short time in 2020
Yung Bans – Danielle’s short-term ex-boyfriend

In addition to all this, she yet again helped fuel this rumor by posting a video on Instagram. There, people could clearly spot Yung Bans lying in her bed in the background.

Not only this, but Bhabie even defended her romance with him when it was needed. She was 3 years younger than Bans i.e., when the rumor broke out, the rapper was 20 years old while Bhabie was just 17. This caused a lot of tension as people were backlashing her man for having an “illegal” relationship with a minor. Thus, Danielle had to clear everything out by talking in his defense.

Sadly, their relationship did not last and they decided to walk on separate paths.

Bregoli Went On Instagram To Post About Her New Man; Who Is He?

Following her breakup from Yung Bans, Danielle Bregoli posted a lovey-dovey picture with another man on her Instagram in October of 2020. It kept all her fans wondering who the man actually is; Bhabie had not tagged him in the photo as well.

Bhabie's recent love interest
This man, @oca800 is reported to have been in a relationship with Bhad in Oct. 2020

As clever as her fans can be, they finally found the guy’s Instagram handle. Apparently, he had commented on one of Bhabie’s posts. Her new man went by the handle, @oca800. After a lot of digging, we found that he also is in the rapping industry. Not only this, but he also seems to be closer to the famed rapper, Lil Candy Paint.

Furthermore, Bhabie seemed head over heels for this new guy. She often posted pictures with him on her IG with lengthy and heartfelt captions. The fans even believed that he was the one for her after she ended one of her posts by mentioning how she looks “forward to spending forever” with him.

Unfortunately, if we are to stalk Bhabie’s IG, we cannot find a single photo of him. Maybe they broke up, or maybe they are trying to lay low on the relationship.

Does Bhad Bhabie Have A Boyfriend In 2023?

By now, we have talked about all the possible relationships Bhad has been in. However, we do not know for sure if she is single or taken in 2023.

The last time, she posted a lovely snap with a man was in 2020. Since then, those posts have been deleted from her account as well. So, it is very hard to determine whether this young rapper in her late teens is in a love affair or not.

Hopefully, when she is actually with someone, her fans will know. Till then, we have to wait and stay patient.

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