All About Mallory Edens Boyfriend & Net Worth

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All About Mallory Edens Boyfriend & Net Worth
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One of the recent relationship rumors that have been getting its share of attention is that of Mallory Edens, a model, activist, and business executive. She more precisely has been among the headlines for being the new love interest of the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
Read with whom Mallory may have had romantic affiliations so far. Know all about Mallory Edens boyfriends and relationships. Does she have someone new special in the present? Edens is the daughter of one of the Milwaukee Bucks’ primary owners, Wes Edens. Along with her relationships, we will also discuss Mallory Edens’ net worth and her financial status.

Who is Mallory Edens boyfriend? Is It Aaron Rodgers?

The relationship rumors between Rodgers and Mallory have been cooking up for some time now. This particular hearsay kicked off with the emergence of Aaron and Mallory’s picture of them attending a Bucks game in early Dec 2022.

This however wasn’t the first time the billionaire’s daughter and the six-foot-two-inches tall QB attended a Bucks game sitting next to each other.

Aaron Rodgers with his alleged new girlfriend Mallory Edens.
Rumored Mallory Edens boyfriend Aaron Rodgers attending a Milwaukee Bucks game together. Getty

Edens, whose parents are billionaire couple, Wes and Lynn Edens, first shared a picture of herself and the quarterback witnessing a Bucks game together in 2019 on Instagram.

Rodgers and Mallory’s relationship rumors got the breakthrough fire when a source revealed that Edens had her eye on Rodgers for a long time. Apparently she also always wanted to be in the public eye.

Mallory has also attended the Packers game while wearing Rodgers’s no-12 jersey. The other thing that strongly suggested their relationship was a video of the two sharing candy courtside in Dec 2022. That same month, the Chico, California born also bought a Christmas tree for Edens a few days ago.

Even TMZ has claimed that Rodgers and Mallory are dating.

Aaron Rodgers with his supposed new girlfriend and billionaire daughter Mallory Edens.
Mallory Edens with her supposedly new boyfriend and NFL QB Aaron Rodgers.

People likewise have said that the two are more than friends but it’s casual and nothing serious at all. The magazine has also stated that Rodgers isn’t looking to rush into anything and that it’s low-key for the time being.

Sports Gossip was the first to report the news of Rodgers and Mallory. Aaron formerly was in a relationship with names like Shailene Woodley, Danica Patrick, and Olivia Munn.

Mallory Edens Relationship

While Mallory may have had a series of relationships in the past prior to the chapter of Rodgers, it is unclear who her ex-boyfriends are. Although the 26 years old is quite lively on Instagram and other likewise handles, she has hardly let out any details regarding her current or past relationships.

English footballer Jack Grealish liked series of Instagram pictures of Mallory Edens.
Manchester City footballer Jack Grealish was reportedly linked with Mallory Edens.

Though a while ago, some names did manage to get in the same headlines as Edens. For instance, back in Dec 2021, the English and Manchester City footballer Jack Grealish was noted liking a string of Instagram pictures of Edens. However, at the time Grealish herself had entangled himself in a love triangle between his girlfriend Sasha Attwood and Emily Attack. However, nothing conclusive came out of this and now this is nothing more than a futile hunch.

Former MLB pitcher Matt Harvey.
Matt Harvey played as a pitcher for MLB New York Mets.

Another name that showed similar kind of gestures was the former New York Mets pitcher, Matt Harvey. It however was before Grealish in Nov 2020. Harvey also liked a series of Instagram pictures of Mallory Edens. Though hitting the heart emoji ended in nothing.

Mallory Edens Net Worth Is $1.2 Million

Edens’ current net worth is around $1.2 million as of 2023. Professionally she is a model and it understandably is something that brings her the most money. She furthermore is also a business executive with the Bucks.

Wes Edens' daughter Mallory Edens
Mallory Edens is the daughter of billionaire businessman Wes Edens, the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Elephant in the room, one way or the other way, Edens is also destined to receive at least some portion of her family’s opulent wealth. It’s pretty much given Mallory has had some advantages all her life being the daughter of a Milwaukee Bucks owner. Her father not to mention is also a billionaire. While his current net worth is a mystery, in 2008 his wealth was $1.2 billion.

Speaking of her father, Mallory once said she would like to follow in her father’s footsteps. She additionally has also admitted to wanting to own an NBA team.


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