Who Is Freddie Highmore’s Wife? His Secret Marriage, & Girlfriends

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Freddie Highmore’s wife has been a subject of interest among the media for quite some years now. While Highmore has been in the spotlight since he was a kid, the actor has always preferred to keep his personal life under the radar. He definitely is a man of few words when it comes to revealing his behind-the-scenes life. In fact many still consider him to be a single man.

But a couple of years ago, he stunned his fans when he announced that he’d married quite privately. However, the English actor has never added any further details since then. There also exists a few or two images of him and his wife together.

So who exactly is Mrs. Highmore? Read that in addition to other details including how the couple met, how was their wedding, when actually did they tie the knot, and others.

The First Time We Know About Freddie Highmore’s Wife

Highmore, for the first time, revealed the news of his marriage and wife during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in Sep 2021. Freddie responded to the question of his marital status after the host Kimmel pointed out the new ring the British actor was wearing.

London born actor Freddie Highmore as Shaun Murphy in the ABC show The Good Doctor
30 years old British actor from The Good Doctor Freddie Highmore

The Finding Neverland actor said he wed his wife over the summer of that year. Speaking of the big news, Highmore said,

Yes, it is a wedding ring. Yes I got married.

The Vault actor added,

It’s funny. Ever since I’ve been wearing this ring people have been asking me if I’m married, so I figured, I should clarify it.

While talking about the news, Highmore also threw shade and said that he wasn’t going to jump up and down on the couch on the talk show and express his excitement that way.

The comment was a little dig at the Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise’s infamous jumping on the couch moment during his interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2005. Cruise reacted so while talking about his own marriage to his then-wife, Katie Holmes.

He explained he is happy as a Brit can be and that he is the husband of a “very wonderful woman now, so yes I feel very happy.” Highmore additionally revealed just like him, his wife, too, is British. The actor then added he was finding it difficult to accept the terminology and vocab like ‘married man’ which to him sounds very old.

Freddie, the brother of Bertie, said he and his wife hadn’t really used that yet but whenever people ask them they would just show their rings.

How Did Freddie Highmore Meet His Wife?

While it’s been more than a year since Highmore announced the news of his marriage on Jimmy Kimmel, the actor still hesitates to speak publicly about his wife or tell the story of his relationship.

The former child actor clearly hasn’t shared much about his marital world. Even during his interview with Kimmel, the actor refrained from sharing any wedding details. The wedding pictures are, obviously, yet to emerge.

English actor from Finding Neverland Freddie Highmore with his wife and a web developer Klarissa Munz
British web developer Klarissa Munz and her actor husband Freddie Highmore. Getty

Highmore’s wife, nevertheless, does have a name and it is Klarissa Munz. Yet again, the London-born actor is yet to reveal how he met Munz. Also unknown is how old is Highmore’s wife or her age.

It anyway is reported that Munz is also in her late 20s to early 30s just like her actor husband and that she and Highmore met when the latter was filming A and E’s Bates Motel (sometime between 2012 and 2013). They apparently crossed paths at Cambridge University where the August Rush actor was studying at the time.

Freddie Highmore’s Wife Is A Graduate Of Cambridge And A Web Developer

Enstars.com reports Highmore’s spouse, Kunz studied theology and religious studies during her time at Cambridge. She now works as a web developer. The media first got to see Munz and Freddie together in 2018 at the Golden Globe Awards. They later also appeared together on the set of Bates Motel.

Freddie Highmore's wife Klarissa Munz with her husband Freddie Highmore
Cambridge graduates and real-life couple Klarissa Munz and Freddie Highmore

The other event where Klarissa and Highmore supposedly went as a couple is the Critics Choice Awards and in Rome when the latter was shooting the 2021 series, Leonardo.

Other Girls Freddie Highmore Dated Before His Wife

Before his current wife, Highmore was in the media attention for supposedly having dated the likes of Dakota Fanning and Abigail Breslin. The actor however never addressed that hearsay. Consequently many had assumed he was a single man for quite a long phase. Nevertheless, there are several names with whom he reportedly had relationships in the past.

Sarah Bolger

The Irish actress Bolger and Highmore were co-stars in the 2008 fantasy/family film, Spider Chronicles. They apparently met during the audition for the film.

Freddie Highmore with his alleged ex girlfriend Sarah Bolger in The Spider Chronicles
Sarah Bolger and her alleged ex-boyfriend Freddie Highmore. Shutterstock

The formerly alleged couple supposedly used to hang out with each other a lot after the shooting and allegedly were also girlfriend and boyfriend at one point. They however split in 2009, according to various sources.

Dakota Fanning

With the Coraline actress Fanning, it all started when the media spotted Highmore having a presumed dinner date in 2009. The pair later was also photographed leaving II Cielo in Los Angeles.

The Man On Fire actress Dakota Fanning
28 years old actress from Georgia Dakota Fanning. Shutterstock

The two however never confirmed whether anything was serious between them.

Emma Roberts

Roberts and Highmore played each other love interest in the 2011 rom-com movie, The Art Of Getting By. There were also reports stating that the two had become more than friends during the shooting of the film.

Freddie with actress Emma Roberts
The Scream actress Emma Roberts with Freddie Highmore. Shutterstock

Furthermore, in June 2011, Highmore told Teen Vogue that doing intimate scenes with Roberts was easier because of the close bond they had formed off the set.

Abigail Breslin

The Little Miss Sunshine actress, Breslin and Highmore’s relationship rumor was hot in 2016. But then again, neither the British star nor the New York-born actress ever addressed those buzzes out in the open.

The Little Miss Sunshine actress Abigail Breslin
26 years old actress from New York Abigail Breslin. Shutterstock

Breslin now is engaged to her longtime boyfriend Ira Kunyansky.


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