Who Is Cottrell Guidry? His Career, Relationship With Parents, Wife, & More

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Cottrell Guidry is an actor, Dj, and creative entrepreneur known for films like See You On the Other Side and Skyler. Further, she has also worked behind the scenes as a producer and writer. Apart from these, she is also known for formerly being in a relationship with actress, Kat Graham.

They were together from the late 2000s to the mid-2010s. Kat and Guidry for a while became fodders for relationship hunger tabloids. That, somehow, however, didn’t work, and now are living each of their lives separately.

While Kat has kept herself in touch with media — appearing in a few or two projects or interviews every now and again, her ex-boyfriend, Guidry’s extent the one that seems to have lessened. See what the actor’s been doing; also know about his love life. Has Cottrell Guidry moved on well after breaking up with Graham?

Cottrell Guidry Father Passed Away When He Was Young 

Guidry was born on June 4, 1985, in Long Beach, California. His full name is Cottrell Brandon Guidry Jr.

The actor/model also spent a part of his early life in a town called Seal Beach. Guidry says he and his brother grew up going to the beach, eating burritos, and freestyling. His brother is a Hip Hop Artist, who goes by MC IMPRINT. Cottrell also has an older sister who loved classical movies and musicals.

Cottrell Guidry was born in Long Beach, California.
Grimshaw actor, Cottrell Guidry revealed his father (in the image) had an addiction to illegal substances. His father died when he was young.

He studied at Golden West College graduating in Communications/Theatre Arts (2003 – 2005).

When he was a child, his father struggled with substance addiction. Through his Instagram, Cottrell once revealed his father passed away when he was young.

Cottrell Guidry Was Inspired By His Sister To Pursue Acting

In an interview, Cottrell said he’s always been drawn to anything that had to do with film and television, since childhood. The Californian actor admits it was his sister watching movies that led him to pursue performing arts.

A modeling scout found him at the age of 18 and not long after, he transitioned into taking theater in college. He later along with other friends began writing and producing content, like sketches, short films, and other creative projects. His genre includes drama to comedy.

He started acting in College first enrolling in the theater department. However, later that year, he quit school to pursue an acting career in LA on his own. The Long Beach-born star admits he did everything he could to get onto any set, from PA, castings, production, and even some minor camera operating. He says he is self-taught.

Cottrell Guidry Has Appeared In Numerous Movies & TV Series

In 2010, he portrayed Isaac in a short film, See You On The Other Side. He then played Brad in the series, The Wankers. The following year, Guidry starred in the film, Skyler. His other movies include The Audition (2013), Frakers (2020), and Venues As A Boy (2021).

Cottrell Guidry has also guest appeared in NBC's Powerless and CBS' Criminal Minds.
Actor, Cottrell Guidry is known for films like Skyler, See You On The Other Side, The Audition, and Frackers, among many others.

The sometimes working as a Dj man has also done some short films. His 2018 short feature, Grimshaw, took inspiration from his own relationship with his drug addict father. For Grimshaw, he won the best actor award in the TOP SHORTS Festival.

Guidry has also guest-starred on the television shows Powerless (NBC) and Criminal Minds (CBS).

As of 2021, three of his movies are under post-production, namely, Invite Only, LA Rush, and Coming Home.
He also directed one episode of the series, American Soul in 2019.

Cottrell’s Other Works

In addition to acting, Cottrell also works for nonprofits and mentors inner-city youth. He’s among the members of the board of directors for a mentor group, Engage the Vision, in South Central LA at Martin Luther King Elementary school. Additionally, he teaches workshops at the youth transitional living shelter called the Covenant House.

The Grimshaw star is also working with a group called Ambition. Through the organization, he teaches High Schoolers the skill set of being Entrepreneurs.

He also creates lesson plans for a mentor program, based in South Central Los Angeles.

Moreover, the co-founder of  Stay Cool Productions has done several commercials.

In 2014, Guidry created a nonscripted show for Maker’s Studios (Disney).

Currently, he is under contract with The Glick Agency, LLC. He has collaborated with organizations like Funny or Die, and the Aids Healthcare Foundation.

He also has profiles in Wilhelmina Denver, The Campbell Agency.

Cottrell Guidry Is Married To Wife Kimberly Steinberg 

Guidry is married to Kimberly Steinberg. He and Kimberly allegedly wed on July 28, 2019. In July 2020, celebrating the two years of their marriage, the model/actor posted a picture of him and his wife, Steinberg on his Instagram. Alongside the post, Guidry wrote,

“Happy anniversary, @misskimberly.s !!! 2 years of marriage to you has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me…❤️🙌🏽🙏🏽🔥💥🎉 #KimCottrell #Anniversary #Love #Appreciation #Gratitude.”

Cottrell Guidry and his wife Kimberly Steinberg married in July 2018.
Cottrell Guidry is married to California-based luxury items marketeer, Kimberly Steinberg. Source: Instagram

Cottrell’s wife, Steinberg is a founder at KSVP Strategic, a product development agency. She is also proficient in Marketing, Operations, Sales, Management, Advertising, Sales, Corporate Training, and Business Development specializing in luxury brands.

She is a graduate of McGill University and Bishop’s College School. Guidry’s wife also studied fashion marketing at College LaSalle Montreal.

Guidry and Steinberg reside in West Hollywood, California.

Guidry Was Previously Engaged To The Vampire Diaries Actress, Kat Graham 

Before Kimberly, Cottrell Guidry was notably in a relationship with actress Kat Graham. She is famously known for playing Bonnie Bennett on the CW series, The Vampire Diaries. 

They had even gotten engaged. Guidry proposed to Graham on October 28th, 2012 on a beach holiday. They had even planned an unconventional wedding.

Kat Graham was engaged to Cottrell from 2012 to 2014.
Cottrell Guidry was previously in a relationship with the Vampire Diaries actress, Kat Graham. Source: Getty

They, however, split in December 2014 due to work-related stress, suggest several reports. Guidry and Graham though remained close friends.

Sometime after the split, US Weekly said the couple managed to stay friendly with each other and that they were still friends.

The couple reportedly had begun dating in 2008. Though Kat once revealed she and Guidry were together for over half a decade. As such, during an interview, she said

“When you’ve been with someone for over half a decade, you feel married already. It’s not a rush. Right now the most important thing is to set up our life to be a good support system for each other.”

Is Cottrell Guidry A Millionaire?

Unlike other A-listers, Guidry’s net worth is yet to come across. The actor in recent times hasn’t sat up for many interviews except for red carpets, or some meet-ups. He, nonetheless, seems to be doing good in terms of money considering the cozy and sometimes moderately glittering lifestyle.

Although there are no specific figures as to how much he holds financially, he, in all probability, could be a millionaire celebrity.

Other Facts

For his role as Brandon in Grimshaw, Guidry also received an article in LA Confidential Magazine as “a young actor to watch out for.”


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