Who Is Jim Burrow’s Wife? Or Is He Dating A Girlfriend? His Love Life, Children, & More

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Who Is Jim Burrow’s Wife? Or Is He Dating A Girlfriend? His Love Life, Children, & More
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Jim Burrow is a former professional footballer and the father of the NFL quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals Joe Burrow. The six-foot-four Iowa-born Joe said his father, Jim is his main inspiration for becoming a professional football player.

Joe’s father Jim was a collegiate footballer at the University Of Nebraska-Lincoln and later also played NFL games starting in 1976. Jim, however, spent most of his playing career in the Canadian Football League. Some of the teams for which Joe’s father played football are the Green Bay Packers, the Montreal Alouettes, the Calgary Stampeders, and the Ottawa Rough Riders.

The article down below will, however, look more into the marital aspects of Jim including Jim Burrow’s wife and past relationships or girlfriends. In addition, the piece will also unfold some unheard details relating to Jim’s sons and what each of their life looks like including their careers and others.

Jim Burrow’s Wife Robin Burrow; How Did They Meet?

Jim, the ex-Ohio University football coach, is the husband of Robin Burrow. It is unclear when and how the now 69 years old, Jim met his spouse Robin, but according to Union Bulletin, it was sometime between the late 80s to early 90s.

As such, in 1987 Burrow followed the then-Washington State coach Jim Walden to Iowa State and stayed in Ames after the resignation of Walden in 1994. And it was somewhere during this period that, the player-turned-football coach, Jim met Robin in Ames.

Ex Canadian Football League player Jim Burrow and his wife and Eastern Elementary School principal Robin Burrow
NFL quarterback Joe Burrow’s parents, Robin and Jim. Columbus Dispatch

It yet again is undisclosed when Jim and Robin tied the knot. The Cincinnati Bengals no 9, Joe Burrow is the only son of the ex-Ohio University football coach and his wife Robin. Jim, age 69, and Robin raised their now NFL star son in Southeastern Ohio and encouraged him to follow his passion for the sport.

Former NFL Player and college football coach Jim Burrow with his son, Joe and wife Robin
Ex-college football coach Jim Burrow with his son, Joe, and wife Robin

The Burrow couple has attended almost every game of their son.

Jim Burrow Has Two More Sons From His Past Relationship

Jim additionally has two oldest sons, Jamie and Dan Burrow (Daniel) from his first marriage with Carol Crawford, a former Teaching assistant at Ames Public School.

Carol, who now lives in Omaha Nebraska, is also a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln but it is unclear if the former couple met while studying at the same college.

Jim in the middle with his sons, Jamie, Daniel, Joe and his wife Robin
Former Ohio University defensive coordinator Jim Burrow with his sons, Jamie, Daniel, Joe, and wife Robin Burrow. Facebook

It is also unknown when did they marry and why they separated. Daniel, one of Jim’s sons from his past marriage, is a territory sales manager at Stryker Corporation. Similar to his father, he also studied at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Daniel apparently lives in Houston Texas with his wife and children. On the other hand, Jim’s other son, Jamie lives in Omaha, Nebraska, and is married to Codie Burrow with three kids.

Jim Burrow’s Wife, Robin Is A School Principal

Jim Burrow’s wife and Joe’s mother, Robin is the principal of Eastern Elementary School in Appalachian Meigs County, Ohio. At the school, Robin’s NFL player-son is quite famous.

Robin also serves as a board member of the Appalachian Children’s Coalition. The organization advocates for the local children’s health and well-being.

Ex LSU coordinator Jim Burrow with his son and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow and his wife and principal Robin Burrow
Ex-defensive coordinator for Ohio University Jim Burrow with his son Joe and wife Robin

Robin now also works with her husband and son in the latter’s eponymous foundation. The charity organization aims to reduce food insecurity and support children’s mental and behavioral health in Ohio and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Robin is the foundation’s secretary and treasurer, her husband’s a vice president and her son Joe is the president.

Before stepping into education, Jim Burrow’s wife, Robin worked in the fashion industry for about 12 years. Mrs. Burrow later quit it because the job demanded she traveled a lot and couldn’t give time to her husband and son which apparently wasn’t very conducive to her family.

Robin’s Husband, Jim Burrow’s Career As A Player And A Coach

As mentioned, Jim was a college football player as well as an NFL athlete. Jim was first at Ole Miss, the University Of Mississippi before starting to play for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Jim Burrow during his football days with The Green Bay Packers
5 foot 11 inches tall football cornerback Jim Burrow as The Green Bay Packers player

His NFL career began in the 1976 draft when the Green Bay Packers selected him in the eighth round. He however only played three games for the Packers as their cornerback.

Joe’s father then spent five years in the Canadian Football League.

Hampton Virginia born former NFL cornerback Jim Burrow
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow’s father Jim Burrow

Jim, the Lincoln Nebraska graduate, also was a college football coach from 2005 to 2018 serving as a defensive coordinator for Ohio University. He likewise also coached at colleges including Washington State, Iowa State, Ames High School, Nebraska, and North Dakota State.

Jim’s last span as a coach would be at Ohio University as a defensive coordinator which was also during his son’s final college football year at LSU.


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