Who Is Brooke Jenkins Husband? Her Married Life & Net Worth

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Brooke Jenkins is currently serving as the 30th District Attorney of San Francisco. Since July 2022, she has been in the eye of the media and the popular interest of people around her.

The world is always curious about personal life, especially the married life of a popular figure in their country. Similar is the case with the beautiful lawyer, Brooke. So, who is Jenkins’ husband? Is she married? Here in this article, we will learn about her private relationships, partner, love life, and also her net worth as of 2023.

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Who Is Brooke Jenkins’ Husband? Her Married Life

The beautiful and well-known attorney has been married for years to her husband Daniel. Her hubby Daniel works as a warehouse manager at a meal kit company, HelloFresh.

A picture of Brooke with her husband.
Brooke Jenkins is married to her husband Daniel.

He was also married previously and has a daughter from it. The outer world has no idea where the couple met and got married. But Daniel has proven to be a supportive husband to his talented wife. Both the couple are around their mid-40s and are living a lavish and happy married life.

Brooke Jenkins Love Life & Relationships

We have no reported information about Jenkins’ past love life and relationships. There is not a single hint about her romantic partners or boyfriends other than her current life partner.

Being a Law Student, Brooke might have been very busy with her studies in her early days. She had several professional involvements in different law firms and has gathered much experience in the field. This might be the main reason for her not being seen involved in any sort of extra relationships. Today she is a loyal wife and mother of three children.

Read further to know about the Attorney’s children.

Jenkins Is the Mother of Three Children

Even though Brooke has tried very hard to keep her family out of the media, we know a few personal things about her motherhood. Along with a very responsible position in her professional life, Jenkin is also a loving mother of two biological children, a daughter and a son, whom she gave birth to in 2016 and 2020 respectively.

During a tragic period, she had to lose one of her children in 2018. Jenkins lost a prematurely born baby which caused a huge trauma to her and her whole family. She named her late baby Justice in honor of her profession.

Brooke Jenkins with her husband and children
Brooke with her husband and two of her children.

Along with her two children, she is also providing motherly love and care to her stepdaughter from her husband’s previous relationship.

The family of five currently resides in Mission Bay. They are rarely captured by the media hanging out and do not share their pictures by themselves too.

What is Brooke’s Net Worth? Her Career

Jenkins was appointed as the 30th District Attorney of San Francisco on July 8, 2022, and today has a net worth of nearly $5 million. At present, she is receiving an annual salary of more than $202,084 being in the position of District Attorney.

Previously, Brooke worked for, Neighbors, a non-profit organization working for Better San Francisco where she was paid a six-figure salary. She was once accused to have been failing to register as a campaign consultant for which she was paid $153,000. Jenkins worked as a consultant for the organization and made about $172,000 before benefits as a prosecutor according to Transparent California.

A picture of 30th District Attorney of San Francisco.
Jenkins has a net worth of $5 million.

Brooke holds a very powerful and wealthy position as the Attorney of San Francisco. Along with it, she is also a demanded hate crime lawyer. Hence, Jenkins is currently living a very prosperous yet happy private life one always only wishes for.